10 Best Yoga Teacher Training in 2023 Worldwide

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As 2023 draws to a close, you might be starting to think about your New Year’s Resolutions, and what goals and plans you have for the coming year. Whether your goals are to deepen your yoga practice, to learn how to handstand, or maybe even to quit that job you hate and start living in alignment with who you truly are, getting your yoga teacher training certificate will change your life in so many ways, it should be your No.1 Resolution! But which training should you choose, and where? We’ve done the research for you, and narrowed it down to the 10 best yoga teacher training worldwide.

So whether you’d like to do some travelling at the same time, or if you want to stay closer to home, read on to discover the best on offer in 2023…

1. All Yoga Bali

All yoga teacher training in Bali

Since 2009, All Yoga has trained more than 2300 graduates worldwide through their thorough and comprehensive yoga training programme, based on the Ashtanga-Vinyasa tradition. Escape the Bali tourists to the beautiful, quiet island of Nusa Lembongan, where you will have the chance to deepen and explore your own physical practice, with daily led and Mysore-style practice, as well as daily lectures on important topics such as functional anatomy, yoga history and philosophy, meditation, pranayama, and more. You will also have the opportunity to explore other yoga styles such as Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Rocket Yoga, and learn how to creatively sequence your own classes.

All Yoga emphasizes teaching skills, with students practicing teaching right from the start! Plus you will also learn the business and ethics of teaching yoga, as well as coming away with a set sequence (the modified primary sequence), so that you feel confident enough to begin teaching as soon as you graduate.

They also offer Yin/Yang courses in Thailand if Bali doesn’t appeal!

School: All Yoga Bali
Style: 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa
Price: from USD3150 (with early bird discount)

2. UK

triyoga teacher training

One of the most famous yoga schools in London, TriYoga boasts a world-renowned and top class teaching faculty across their 5 locations. There are two 200hr trainings (as well as advanced and specialist trainings): a 200-hour training with Bridget Woods Kramer, and a 220-hour TriYoga training. Both courses are extremely in-depth, covering the basic foundations such as anatomy, history, philosophy, adjustments, and so on.

The 200hr training takes place over 9 months – one full weekend a month, plus a nine-day intensive. The 220hr training takes place over 18 months and is aimed at those who want to continue working full-time alongside the training. Both courses however require a serious commitment to one’s own practice, and emphasise that certification is not a given; it must be earned (including passing an assessment).

School: TriYoga (London)
Style: 200hr mixed
Price: £3000-4250

3. US

kripalu yoga teacher training

One of the most famous yoga (and Ayurveda) schools in the US and world-wide, Kripalu offers 200hr, 300hr and 1000hr trainings at its remote and peaceful setting in the Berkshire Mountains. The teaching at Kripalu draws heavily on the Vedanta, Sankhya, Tantra, and Tantric Hatha Yoga traditions, as well as safety, mindfulness and self-awareness. They are offering in-person trainings for 2022, taking place over 3 weeks, as well as online trainings. You can either choose to stay at the center during the in-person training, or find your own accommodation nearby.

School: Kripalu (Massachusetts)
Style: 200hr Hatha
Price: $2700 (not including accommodation and meals)

4. Panama

circasana yoga teacher training

Panama lies to the South of Costa Rica, bridging the gap between Central and South America. Arguably not as touristy as Costa Rica or neighbouring countries, there is still a lot to discover in Panama, especially its many outlying islands, stunning beaches, and rainforest trails. There are now quite a few places to do yoga in Panama, particularly at eco-style-retreat centres, but the 200hr teacher training offered by Circasana is unique in its blending of AcroYoga, aerial yoga and creative sequencing. Since covid, they are currently offering a blended approach, with 2 weeks of in-person training, and 4 weeks of online learning, which might be perfect if you can’t take 3 weeks off work (as most other 200hr trainings are 3 weeks minimum). Plus, they promise a daily sloth appearance – what’s not to love!

School: Circasana
Style: 200hr Acro, Aerial, Vinyasa
Price: $3450

5. Hawaii

soma yoga teacher training

With its idyllic beaches, world-class surfing, and chilled out vibes, Hawaii has become something of a mecca for yoga, eco-communities, and healthy living. Easily accessible from the US and Australia, Hawaii might be the perfect place if you want to combine your yoga training with surfing, volcano hiking… or just relaxing on the beach! Given Hawaii’s reputation for healthy eco living, it should come as no surprise that there are countless yoga schools to choose from, but Soma Yoga Institute stands out amongst the crowd. Led by experienced and highly esteemed teachers (lead teacher Liz Heffernan is also a mentor-faculty member for the esteemed Kripalu school in the US), the training gives you a strong foundation in classical Hatha yoga, with plenty of teaching opportunities and support to build your confidence as a teacher.

School: Soma Yoga Institute
Style: 200hr Hatha and therapeutic yoga
Price: $2497 (tuition only)

6. Costa Rica

luminous heart yoga teacher training

Costa Rica developed a reputation as one of the safer destinations to visit in Central America; as such, it is now a popular tourist destination as well as a hotspot for yoga, wellness and ecotourism, in particular. With incredible wildlife, good surfing, and beautiful beaches, doing your training in Costa Rica might be the ultimate adventure package! In particular, the training offered by Luminous Heart Institute offers you a more unique training, with modules in deities and mystical symbolism, alongside more practical skills such as how to manage group dynamics, holding space, and prenatal yoga.

School: Luminous Heart Institute (Santa Teresa)
Style: 200hr mixed (plus meditation)
Price: $4500

7. Nepal

nepal yoga teacher training

If mountains are your thing, why not combine your teacher training with a stroll up Mount Everest or hiking in the Himalayas? Mountains are not the only thing Nepal has to offer, however. For the adventurous, there’s also river rafting, paragliding, kayaking, bungee jumping and mountain biking, or, towards the South, plenty of national parks for wildlife spotting. If you prefer to keep two feet firmly on dry land, there is also the history and culture to be admired, not to mention Nepal is the perfect place to learn more about Buddhism. Though teacher trainings are not as abundant as in other destinations, you can still find several good accredited courses such as the one offered by Nepal Yoga Home, which is a lot cheaper than elsewhere (even cheaper than India on average!) but still covers all the foundational knowledge and skills required to start teaching on graduation. In addition, there is an added emphasis on meditation (learning over 10 different meditation techniques), mantras, mudras, yoga nidra, and yogic detoxification.

School: Nepal Yoga Home (Kathmandu)
Style: 200hr mixed
Price: $1400

8. Sri Lanka

stefan camillieri yoga teacher training

Instead of following the crowds and heading to India for your yoga training, why not ditch the yoga tourists and sail south, to India‘s charming and mysterious little sister, Sri Lanka? Often overlooked by yogis and tourists alike in favour of its larger neighbour, Sri Lanka has many of the same charms as India – gorgeous beaches, amazing cuisine, temples – but with a slightly slower-paced, more chilled out vibe. Impressive temples and fortresses stand majestic in front of rainforested hills and tea plantations, while national parks house colossal elephants and leopards, and surfers chill out on the white sandy beaches; Sri Lanka has it all. Though there aren’t quite the plethora of yoga schools that you find in India, there are still plenty of great trainings available, in particular the 200hr course offered by Stefan Camilleri Yoga.

Set in a stunning beach-side location, this training gives you a solid foundation in Alignment Synergy Vinyasa (a modern blend of Vinyasa, Iyengar, and ‘Yoga Synergy’). Smaller class sizes mean you get a more personalised and intimate training, and the online learning portal means you can start your learning at home, before you’ve even boarded the plane!

School: Stefan Camilleri Yoga
Style: 200hr Alignment synergy vinyasa
Price: €2700

9. India

trimurti yoga teacher training

As the birthplace of yoga, India is often the first country people tend to think of when considering an immersive yoga training abroad, plus courses here are often much cheaper than elsewhere. But given its rich yogic tradition, there are so many yoga schools to choose from that it can seem overwhelming. Of all the courses, Trimurti stands out for offering the best of both worlds: blending a traditional approach (based on Hatha, predominantly) with “modern styles and approaches”, including those all-important teaching skills. Their approach focuses on “people’s bio-individualities and diversity” – something is especially important in these days of the ‘Insta Yogi’ – showing that yoga is for every body! Trimurti has options to study in Goa or Dharamsala (which is in the North – the centre of Tibetan culture in India) for the yoga alliance certified 200hr course, and also to choose a multi-style course (Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa) or to specialise in Vinyasa or Yin.

School: Trimurti (Goa or Dharamsala)
Style: 200hr mixed
Price: €1400-2100

10. Italy

love evolve awaken yoga teacher training

Love Evolve Awaken’s 200hr teacher training is not like most other ytts; for this reason their website states right away that their trainings “are not for everyone”! There is much more focus on the spiritual and philosophical side to yoga, which would therefore appeal to anyone who was looking to go on a journey of self-discovery, rather than only looking to gain a qualification. While the course still covers the usual asana and anatomy modules, there are also opportunities to try new and unusual practices such as tantra (no nudity involved!), a weekly cacao kirtan ceremony, the use of a steam room and sauna, and weekend trips to nearby places such as Pisa. There is also an additional 4 day module included in the price, which changes according to the dates chosen; you can choose from Ayurveda, Bhakti, or a silent retreat. The teachers and founders of the school really ‘walk the walk’, and have a wealth of experience in meditation, tantra and bhakti yoga. If you want a life-changing experience, this is the training to choose. While the course is more expensive than most other 200hr trainings, it does comprise 33 days (while other 200hr trainings tend to be only around 21 days).

School: Love Evolve Awaken (Tuscany)
Style: 200hr Tantrik
Price: from €3333

Please check covid restrictions before you travel.

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