Too busy? 7 Quick Easy Meditation Techniques

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Too busy to meditate?

With our busy western lifestyle it is often difficult to find time to wind down and relax; not to mention setting aside an entire hour for meditation. 
But like with many things in life, it’s all about quality, not quantity and a little goes a long way.

By taking a quick timeout we manage to achieve restitution, reset our brains and improve concentration. So make space for yourself and try these 7 short meditation techniques from this article I wrote for dailymeditate.


About Johanna Dyngeland

Avatar Johanna Dyngeland is an All Yoga graduate, and has a 200 Hr YTT registration with Yoga Alliance.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, she combines healthy food, yoga and meditation to help people reach their best version of themselves every day.

Johanna believes in everyone’s ability to improve their own health and her company offers support through food courses, coaching, workshops, yoga classes and retreats.
 "Clean water, natural food, yoga and meditation should be prescribed to everyone struggling with either their physical or mental health; we got all the tools, we just need to use them."

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