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All Yoga Teacher Training Thailand – An Interview with us!

What makes our Yoga Teacher Training unique? Why should I choose yours over others?

Our Yoga Teacher Training is a very unique yoga instructor certification program and we are a leading school of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga today. We put together the teacher training as a course for students to advance in the yoga practice and become yoga teachers in a relatively intense short period of time. There’s no limit for how long you need to have practiced yoga prior to the course.

Most important is that you are fully devoted to the course, do your best and believe in yourself. The teachers will support you along the way and adjust it to your experience. More than 1000 instructors since 2009 have attended the course so far with an ever growing interest. Due to the popularity of the courses, make sure to sign up in advance and plan ahead. All Yoga is an established and well-known name all over the world and yoga communities.

Will you offer support after the Yoga Teacher Training? If so, how?

We will offer you all the support you need after finishing the yoga teacher training course. Our teachers are more than happy to share their knowledge, whether it comes to opening your own yoga studio or need ideas and tips of where to work. You will learn everything you need to know to be better prepared for the reality of teaching and sharing what you’ve learned.

All Yoga is a big global community today and there are many studios all over the world. All Yoga studios are places where people can practice yoga and always know the high standards that they can expect when entering the studio. If you’re interested in opening your own studio, we will do everything we can to assist you and give you our expertise, tips and mentorship.

Is your program more focused on students looking to deepen their own personal practice as an “immersion”? Or does your program focus on helping students launch a career and become a yoga teacher?

Students have attended the yoga teacher trainings over the last couple of years due to a variety of reasons and personal goals. Our graduates are ready and fully prepared to teach beginners Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga after completing the yoga teacher training course. Throughout the years, we had many traveling to us from all over the globe to practice yoga with us and deepen their practice, learn more about yoga (both the practical and the philosophical part) and practice in an inspiring environment in Asia with very experienced yoga teachers. You don’t need to be aiming to become a teacher after this course unless those are your intentions. Everyone is welcome regardless of what your plans are after the course.

What can a student expect from your school should they decide to study with you?

So many amazing things are happening to the individual and you learn so much about yourself by attending the yoga teacher training. Yoga is the first step to awakening and when you start practicing intensively and continuously you will notice a lot of new changes in your body and mind. Yoga is about the inner journey and awakening something within you.

You will find your own inner teacher and most students find it much easier to practice on their own in a more natural way after the end of the yoga course. You will learn to become your own teacher, not only on the mat but also in life. When you go through all this amazing changes you will feel stronger and more responsible over your life. We focus on practicing yoga asanas as a way to self-realization and spiritual growth. When you cross barriers and learn things on the mat that you could only dream of before, you start applying this methods and ways in real life. Like Larry Schultz and Pattabi Jois used to say “Practice yoga and all is coming”. We have all experience from how truly right he was. We are blessed and grateful over what yoga brings us and how we feel during and after the practice

Every day, we see how much the students learn and how they advance and develop their personal yoga practice. Year after year, students get certified from the yoga course and leave us talented and secure in their practice and in the teaching style. We encourage our students to find their own yoga style and personality that will become a part of the way they teach. Most important, you will develop a teaching voice, to be humble, sensitive and a great role models for your students while you are doing what you love.

What is the overall tone of the program? Is it serious and intense? Or is it playful and light?

All Yoga is known for being very open and welcoming for all people. You do not need to be very experienced to practice with us, but we rather welcome students who are willing to learn and take yoga seriously as a way of life. We are very liberal but want the students to think for themselves and find a balance between practice and free time. Students might sometime be on different levels, it’s very important to show respect to everyone. We will do our best to put the level of the training on a suitable level for everyone.

All Yoga is a very fun and interesting program and even though it’s very intense sometimes, you feel that you learn a lot in a very short time. You choose yourself how intense or light you want it to be. You are never forced but rather encouraged by the teachers. Apart from yoga as a practical form, you will also be introduced to chanting, meditation techniques, lifestyle changes, finding your own inner voice and we will go through Patanjalis eight limbs of yoga. We also encourage our students to engage in spiritual discussions.

The All Yoga group is like a family and we all help and support each other. We are sure that you will have a great and hopefully life-changing experience with us.

What are the student’s background and requirements?

We welcome students from every country and religion. Through the years, we had students from all the continents and backgrounds. The age can really differ and we had everything from young students to elderly. We prefer when it’s mixed and believe we all can learn from each other. It’s also very educational for our teachers to work with so many different individuals with different needs. Many teacher trainings have special rules for their students but most important for us is to take personal responsibility.

You are allowed to drink a glass of wine in the evenings and you do not have to follow a strict vegetarian diet. We have a daily buffet with healthy, hearty veg and non-veg options so you can select based on your own preferences. You will be staying in a beautiful resort facing the sea and spare time is often used for swimming in the ocean, relax on the beach and we also have fun weekend activities going in to the city for the ones who want to. We will do our best to meet individual requirements such as diet needs etc. We promise to do what we can to give you a comfortable and hassle-free stay.

About David Lertsin

David is the founder and meditation teacher at All Yoga Training.

Being a meditator for more than 30 years, he not only practices yoga for the healing aspect but also as a moving meditation reaching higher stage of Inner Silence and insight.

His Rocket Yoga classes are dynamic and grounded in a natural flow, helping students to grow in their practice and building in them more confidence, strength, and mindfulness on and off the mat.

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