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7 Reasons to join a Yoga Course in 2023 Yoga Lifestyle

Whether you are crypto traders who buy bitcoin, an environmentalists, a yoga lover, or a social media influencer, taking a yoga course would improve your life, no matter what career path you've chosen thus far. Yoga classes or training can help you broaden your social, psychological, and philosophical horizons. Yoga certificate courses allow you to increase your number of certificates, which adds to the excitement. What else can we expect? Take a look at the list below. Extending Relationshi

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7 Reasons to Make Yoga a Part of the School Curriculum Yoga Lifestyle

Many studies claim that Yoga classes in schools can help students feel better, physically and mentally, and improve their academic performance. So, at Edmunds Elementary in Des Moines, Iowa, Yoga is part of the daily schedule. Students practice Yoga Each class begins the morning with a discussion on topics such as gratitude, responsible citizenship, peacemaking, and healthy sleep. This is followed by a Yoga practice that includes breath work, postures, and meditation. All of this helps

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Most Popular Yoga Styles in 2023 Yoga Practice

Have you ever found yourself confused about all the various styles of yoga out there? With so many names, schools, lineages... it can be overwhelming and you're wondering where to even begin!  After all, perhaps you're simply looking to start doing some 'yoga' and see where it takes you.  Or maybe you've been practicing yoga for years, yet now there's way more styles than you recall when you first started. We've compiled this quick infographic to the 15 popular styles that you'l

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