Lindsay De Aguila

Lindsay is a Yoga Teacher, a Black Belt in Hapkido, a Self-Empowerment Mentor, a National Gymnastics Champion and a Martial Arts Champion in Self Defense.

In her earlier years, when she wasn’t training for tournaments or teaching youth gymnastics and karate, she was finding time to study at Quinnipiac University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and Marketing. After graduation, Lindsay spent the following years pursuing her career as an Associate Producer for the Home Shopping Network and a Marketing Tour Manager for GMR, one of the world’s largest experiential firms.

However, despite her success, something was still missing and through her love of worldwide travel and meeting inspiring people, she followed her roots and rediscovered her burning passion for health arts and sciences. When she recognized that health and wellbeing never left her heart, she wanted to refocus and dedicate her life to helping individuals on their voyage to self-discovery.

Posts by Lindsay De Aguila:

My Precious: The Miracle Travel Item Yoga Teacher Training Tips

My Precious: The Miracle Traveling Item You’re packing before a trip and the dilemma happens every time - what to bring, what not to bring and is it still going to fit into that tiny rucksack over there? From personal experience, I can lighten your load with this helpful tip that reduces seven items into one. I’ve been to 25 different countries and this all-in-one goodness be used as: favorite moisturizer with the best hydrating qualities mosquito repellent lip balm shav

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