Oliver lives in Perth Western Australia, where he teaches yoga for a living. After getting a taste of yoga during his time at university, he found it more compelling a pursuit than anything else, and spent several months in India sampling different teachers of diverse styles and after a dedicated period of personal practice he decided to pursue teaching as well. When he’s not teaching he spends his time writing, reading, and practicing yoga.

Posts by Oliver :

6 Tips For Getting Your Personal Practice Up And Running Yoga Practice

If you're looking to get your personal practice going then you need to be prepared to adopt a new attitude and for yoga to take on a different significance in your life. That might not be what you want to hear, but if you're coming from mostly guided classes and want to form your own personal practice, it's something you need to acknowledge. The appeal of going to a yoga class is to zone out. You go to a class and have a teacher tell you what to do, down to the smallest detail, and you're led b

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