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The Best 2023 Rocket Yoga Teachers

Rocket yoga is a popular and fast-paced and Dynamic style of yoga, that appeals to many – it’s certainly one of our favorite! Looking to try a Rocket Yoga class? We hand picked the best rocket yoga teachers in 2023!

The founder of Rocket Yoga , Larry Schultz, was a student of Pattabhi Jois for 7 years and then went onto pass his passion for rocket onto many teachers around the globe. Teachers who were initially qualified in Rocket yoga had to have trained with Larry himself, now those teachers have gone onto pave the Rocket path for many more students interested in firing up their personal practice and teaching skills.This sparks the question after the linage has developed and progressed who are the best Rocket yoga teachers out there?

Keep reading below to find out who we rate the best!

Important Note:
We chose the Rocket Yoga teachers listed below based on our personal experience with them and/or positive feedback from our community.

1. David Adame – Rocket Yoga Teacher in Bali

rocket yoga teacher david

Our very own David Adame, David has a background in contemporary dance and his style of teaching focuses on awareness of movement and connection between body and mind. As many do, David started with Ashtanga Vinyasa in 2014 when he was living in Asia and since then has a profound love and deep sense of connection to the practice. So much so that David is now our lead teacher on the 200hour Ashtanga Vinyasa course in Bali – we couldn’t have found a more perfect fit if we had tried! David then founded Rocket in 2015 and has never looked back, he completed his online Rocket Yoga training with Carl Calhoun in 2020.

In his teachings, David successfully integrates his own personal experiences with the traditions of yoga, the modern day approach to movement and factual evidential based science research. This helps every individual student in the room reach their own potential and sparks commitment and excitement in his teachings. David’s classes are no doubt challenging (- don’t forget your towel!), however he has the ability to balance this with a light heartedness and focus on exploration and transformation. David effortlessly shares vitality, happiness and passion with his students the same way he cultivates his own relationship with yoga every time he steps on the mat.

David has a passion for passing on what inspires him to others and he certainly creates ignitions of inspiration within his students. David runs the Rocket Yoga module on the 300hour course for All Yoga, which has been widely popular, so much so that the course opens with this module to really engage our students from the get go. David’s strong foundational understanding and personal practise of Ashtanga supports and aids his passion for Rocket – that’s why he makes it look so effortless…

No joke, you can always find David doing one of the most challenging poses there is in the series, with a huge smile on his face and that’s why we love him!

2. Marcus Veda – Rocket Yoga Teacher in London

rocket yoga teacher marcus

Marcus Veda is a well known and renowned Rocket Yoga practitioner and teacher, similar to many Marcus first was attracted to the practise for the physical fix and then he noticed the magic within the practise as it deepened. He studied a Philosophy degree and then went onto be in a band for the majority of his 20’s, however his passion for union of the mind and body sparked when Marcus got into the world of Ninjutsu and Brazilian Jui Jitsu. Marcus then came onto find yoga after suffering with multiple injuries and like many others never looked back! He was hooked….

Instantly Marcus had an urge to fly and practise inversions, which naturally took him straight to the Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga system. This then started to ingrain in his day-day life and took over as a way of life rather than a way of movement and exercise. Marcus’s spiritual connection to the practise deepened and he could relate a lot of his martial arts philosophy into his practise, Marcus mentions “it’s about trying to observe the mind stuff, whilst gravity, balance and constant distractions get in your way.”

Marcus trained with The Yoga People, which is where is passion for Rocket Yoga was ignited. Then went onto many advanced trainings with David Swenson, David Kyle and Jason Crandell and is now a Yoga Alliance ERYT 500. Marcus is based in London and you can find him teaching regularly at Triyoga and on his own retreats and yoga teacher training courses.

3. Carson Calhoun – Rocket Yoga Teacher in the US

rocket yoga teacher carson

Carson is a self – described “Handstand-Up-Comedian”. Carson has a passion for being upside down and combines his love for this with his natural ability to make people laugh and bring a smile to their faces. Carson has a light hearted approach and always encourages his students to push their limits, explore their edge and full range of motion whilst maintaining a playful attitude which is incredibly refreshing in the practise of yoga.

Carson has been practising yoga for over 10 years, he started in 2010 and took his first yoga teacher training in 2011 at Little River Yoga. Since he has studied Ashtanga Yoga with David B. Neil and Rocket Yoga with David C. Kyle.

At any given moment, Carsons students can be sure that they’ll break a sweat, learn something new and leave with a smile on their face. Our own David Adame trained with Carson in 2022 and couldn’t recommend him more if you are looking to get into the practise. Carson being a movement enthusiast, he integrates a mix of disciplines into his classes which have a strong focus on building a resilient mind and body. You can find Carson on YouTube and he now runs his very own Rocket Yoga teacher trainings.

4. Amber Jean – Rocket Yoga Teacher in the US

rocket teacher amber

Amber Jean aka. The Rocket Girl…

Amber Jean has facilitated Rocket Yoga teacher trainings since 2000 and owns her own YTT centre called the Rocket Yoga Academy. She is the most senior Rocket Yoga teacher in our list. She trained with Larry Schultz himself in San Francisco and she mentions that he had an amazing quality to bring people together and lightened up the atmosphere. Amber despite being based in Ohio, has taught in many city’s across the world and facilitated yoga teacher trainings also, she ran the 1st and 2nd ever approved training that was not run by Larry himself in 2018 which was fully facilitated by Amber – which is kind of a big deal if we don’t say so ourselves!

Her trainings have been in cities globally such as London, Vancouver, New Mexico, Costa Rica, The Netherlands and Nicaragua. If you decide to learn with Amber, she will help you with Rocket 1 and sequencing and deepening your practise of Rocket 2 and 3, helping guide yogis more safely through Rocket routines. Her traditional dedication to the practise and student teacher connection she had with Larry, shines through in her teaching and approach to Rocket yoga.

You can follow and find Amber on Instagram

5. Leon London

rocket yoga leon

Leon London’s yoga story roughly first started around 20 years ago when he undertook his first practice with Billy Doyle which like many sparked a lifelong passion for practising yoga. He is a popular rocket yoga teacher based near london. Leon’s martial arts background had already encouraged a curiousness for the possibilities and potential of the body – which led him to study forms of physiology such as boxing and sports massage. After learning about the body and as his practise deepened Leon went onto study Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Ashtanga, Rocket Yoga, Hot and Dharma yoga.

Leon has trained with many yoga super stars such as Kino McGregor, David Swenson, David. Kyle, Miguel Santana and Danny Paradise. He studied the primary and second series with David Swenson and then took an advanced Rocket / Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa 300hr with David C Kyle. Leon will be leading Rocket Yoga Teacher trainings in 2023 in Amsterdam, London and Jerusalem.

About Holly Evans


Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Holly first started practising yoga when she was living in Brisbane, Australia whilst studying. From this point onwards she was hooked and saw a different way of life, integrating the mindfulness of yoga off the mat and finding a new space for personal exploration. After seeing how she could turn her passion into work, Holly went onto work for London's largest YTT school after completing her first training with them. She then graduated with All Yoga Training Bali in 2022 and is now sharing her passion of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga with others. You can find her teaching in London and assisting on Yoga Teacher Trainings.

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