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The 8 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in USA

Are you dreaming of becoming a certified yoga instructor and deepening your practice? Finding the right yoga teacher training is a crucial step on this transformative journey. In this blog, we’re diving into the eight best USA yoga teacher trainings. These programs are designed to help you earn your yoga certification, enhance your teaching skills, and immerse yourself in the world of yoga.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive yoga course or a teacher training course that blends advanced techniques with holistic wellness, there’s something here for everyone. Let’s explore these top-notch programs and find the perfect fit for your yoga path.

We have gathered below the 8 best yoga teacher training programs in the USA. Upon completion of any of these teacher training programs, students will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance.

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  • The 8 Best Yoga Teacher Training in USA

    1. Kootenay Yoga School – Joshua Tree, CA Yoga Teacher Training

    yoga teacher training usa

    Have you ever dreamt of taking your Yoga Teacher Training in the healing, ancient desert of Joshua Tree? The Kootenay Yoga School offers yogis the opportunity to take their 200-hour yoga teacher training in the beautiful national park in California that is known for stony terrain, unusual trees, and an energy that emanates from the ground below.

    Kootenay Yoga School is the embodiment of holistic living. They are a dedicated team of yogis that aim to spread a holistic approach to well-being, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. Their yoga certification program will be led by Sara Martinuik and Elizabeth Jane, who both have years of experience in leading international yoga trainings.

    Students can expect the course to incorporate yoga and meditation practice on a daily basis, asana and pranayama labs, and workshops designed to help yogis gain the knowledge and confidence to lead their own classes.

    Price: From $3,475
    Includes: Shared accommodation, daily meals
    Location: Joshua Tree
    Duration: 15 Days

    2. Pure Yoga – Oregon Yoga Teacher Training

    yoga teacher training usa

    Pure Yoga holds their 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in the lush Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon. The property offers a stunning view of snow capped Mount Hood, which is a dormant volcano that provides more serenity than calamity to nearby towns. From rock climbing, fishing, to wildlife watching – this location is the perfect spot for adventurous yogis looking to take their Yoga Teacher Training in the great outdoors.

    The Pure Yoga Teacher Training will be led by Shannon Red Cloud and Amie Digennaro. They bring with them over 10 years of experience teaching different yoga styles, including hot yoga, SUP yoga, and vinyasa yoga. With only 8 students accepted per training class, each training offers an intimate, hands-on experience that ensures everyone gets the mentoring they need. Intended as a 4-in-1 program by the team, their Yoga Teacher Training will teach the ins and outs of vinyasa, power, chair, and yin yoga.

    Price: From $3,499
    Includes: Shared quadruple room, daily meals, transportation
    Location: Oregon
    Duration: 17 Days

    3. DiviniTree Yoga – Maui Yoga Teacher Training

    yoga teacher training usa

    Maui is every yogi’s dream location, and DiviniTree Yoga is here to offer their Yoga Teacher Training in a remote area of the beautiful island. Nearby, all the wonders that Maui has to offer can be explored such as black sand beaches, national parks, and picturesque waterfalls. The beauty of this private farm location is that students get to enjoy the serene side of the popular Maui, away from the crowded tourist attractions. This is perfect when taking your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course.

    Ann Averbach leads the Yoga Teacher Training in Maui. She is the founder of DiviniTree Yoga Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara, and has extensive experience teaching yoga and leading training programs. With over 20 years under her belt, she has led hundreds of yoga teachers through their own journey to becoming certified yoga instructors.

    The DiviniTree Yoga Teacher Training specializes in vinyasa and hatha yoga, and students will be introduced to a variety of yoga styles such as kundalini, yin, restorative, tantric, and ashtanga yoga. Ann loves creatively sequencing her classes, and students can expect lessons on intelligently weaving styles of yoga together to form a well-designed class.

    Price: From $4,600
    Includes: Dorm accommodation, breakfast, select activities/excursions, transportation
    Location: Maui
    Duration: 22 Days

    4. Seven Springs – Maryville, TN Yoga Teacher Training

    yoga teacher training usa

    The Great Smoky Mountains can be found at the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. It is America’s most visited national park and the location of Seven Springs’ Yoga Teacher Training. Students will spend 2 weeks at a yoga center on the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountain, waking up to the famous “blue smoke” that this ancient mountain range gets its name from.

    The Seven Springs Holistic Retreat Center hosts their yoga teacher training program on 126 acres of private land that features seven natural springs. Jessi Luna leads the training, with 15 years experience training yoga teachers. The course requires an online segment that includes completion of pre-course material and live calls. By the time students start their in-person classes in Tennessee, they will be able to focus on peer teaching and hands-on assists.

    Price: From $4,795
    Includes: Shared Yurt (2/3 people), daily meals, select activities/excursions
    Location: Tennessee
    Duration: 16 Days

    5. Pure Yoga (Hot 26)

    yoga teacher training usa

    Pure Yoga also holds a 10 day 50 hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training in the same property as their 200-hour Teacher Training. The private property that is just nestled against Mount Hood has Yurts and facilities that students will train in daily, all the while overlooking the calm scenery it is surrounded by. Hot 26 is a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises that you practice in a heated room. This Hot 26 Yoga Teacher Training is perfect for those dedicated hot yogis out there who want to deepen their practice and learn how to lead 60/75/90 minute hot yoga classes that many are addicted to.

    Price: From $2,400
    Includes: Shared quadruple room, transportation, specialized workshops
    Location: Oregon
    Duration: 10 Days

    6. Sewall House Yoga Retreat – Maine Yoga Teacher Training

    yoga teacher training usa

    Sewall House Yoga Retreat offers an intimate 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in a small New England Town in Maine. If you are looking to detach from the outside world, away from all the bells and whistles that daily life comes with – this is the place for you to get your yoga certification. This no frills location is within walking distance from necessities like the bank and grocery store. Nature is just a step away with June and September being the best times to see Maine.

    Sewall House Yoga Retreat has been offering personalized retreats for over 25 years. Their Yoga Teacher Training program is led by Donna Davidge, who has been teaching yoga since the 80’s. Her specialties include Kundalini, Iyengar, and Dharma Influenced Yoga. Students can expect their 10-hour training days to be filled with 2 yoga classes, lectures and workshops on asana, anatomy, and yoga philosophy. By the end of the training, students will have taught 3 full classes, and be confident in leading Kundalini and Hatha style yoga classes.

    Price: From $5,150
    Includes: Private Room
    Location: Maine
    Duration: 22 Days

    7. Ananda Yoga – CA Yoga Teacher Training

    The Sierra Nevada mountain range is a gorgeous sight to behold. On the foothills you will find towns that boast nearby rivers, lakes, and hiking trails that are every explorer’s dream. Ananda Village is found on these foothills, just outside Nevada City, California.

    The Ananda Yoga Teacher Training is hosted by Expanding Light Retreat, which is a non-profit organization in Ananda Village. The village is a yoga community dedicated to the teachings of Pramhansa Yogananda, and is home to about 250 residents. It is a beautiful sanctuary for those looking to learn more about Yogananda’s teachings and ways in which to integrate them into their daily lives.

    The program at Ananda Yoga seeks to instill more spiritual practices into their students’ daily lives. Aside from learning to become a yoga instructor, there is a focus on inner energy, and students should expect more classical yoga stretches and affirmations. They will go through daily meditation and meditation techniques, and will help students deepen their understanding of their inner selves and gain self-awareness.

    Price: From $4,173
    Includes: Tent/RV space, daily meals, select activities/excursions
    Location: California
    Duration: 30 Days

    8. Yogi Hari’s Ashram – Florida Yoga Teacher Training

    yoga teacher training usa

    Take your 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training in a 13 acre organic farm in the beautiful tropics of Florida. Yogi Hari’s Ashram is the perfect place to immerse yourself in training as you complete your advanced studies in yoga. Surrounded by farmland and trees as far as the eye can see, this oasis offers students a spiritual community to grow and learn from.

    The 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training will be led by Shri Yogi Hari himself. Yogi Hari has dedicated his life to yoga, spending 7 years in the Sivananda Ashram and another 14 years studying Nada Yoga. He practices and teaches Sampoorna Yoga, which is the culmination of everything he has learned. It is the integration of the 6 main branches of yoga (Hatha, Raja, Karma, Bhakti, Jnana, and Nada).

    This advanced training course is open to those that have completed their 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. It will build on existing foundations and knowledge taught in the previous course, and will be done under close guidance of Yogi Hari. Students taking the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training should be prepared to dive deep into the 6 aforementioned branches of yoga during their 3 weeks at the Ashram.

    Price: From $3,500
    Includes: Shared twin room, 2 meals a day
    Location: Florida
    Duration: 22 Days

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