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7 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings In Europe

So you’ve decided you want to continue your yoga journey by undertaking a yoga teacher training in Europe ? First off, you’ve made the right choice! Whether you want to teach or not, doing a yoga course in Europe will not only improve your own yoga practice, but also it will give you invaluable tools to radically transform your health and life (and the lives of those around you), and you will be guaranteed to make friends for life.

Traditionally most people immediately think of India or South East Asia when considering a YTT – and of course these places have their advantages (and disadvantages!) – but maybe you didn’t know that there are great yoga schools right on your doorstep, here in Europe, that offer yoga trainings in traditional yoga styles, but with all the Western comforts and amenities. While these courses might not be any cheaper than in Asia (in fact, they tend to be more expensive than India), bear in mind that you will save money on airfare and visas (if you currently live in Europe), and you don’t need to worry about things like vaccinations. If you are not that used to solo travel, or not as comfortable with venturing further afield, this could be a great option for you.

But how to sift through all the options out there? We have narrowed down the search for you, with our handpicked list of the best yoga teacher training courses in Europe.

  • Still not sure about joining a YTT in Europe? Come to Bali or Thailand instead!

    For the same budget or even cheaper, take a trip of a lifetime and fly to Bali or Thailand! These are great destinations for a yoga course and to immerse yourself fully in a yoga lifestyle!

    • FREE accommodations 23 nights
    • Beach front venue
    • Most Comprehensive yoga programs
    • International faculty
    • Intimate class of 22 students max.
  • The 7 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Europe

    1. Soma Yoga Institute

    samvid yoga teacher training

    Embark on a transformative journey in the picturesque Province of Grosseto, Tuscany, with this 20-day, 200-hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Certification. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, this course, rooted in yoga history and philosophy, offers a well-structured program led by seasoned instructors. Embrace the present, immerse in nature, and deepen your practice across various styles, including Yin, Vinyasa, and Hatha Yoga. With a focus on anatomy, teaching methodology, and practicum, this retreat promises personal growth and a path to becoming a certified yoga teacher eligible to register with Yoga Alliance. Enjoy the blend of learning and relaxation in a peaceful setting, enhanced by top-notch guest speakers and a focus on Eastern practices like pranayama and yoga nidra.

    • Comprehensive styles: Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha.
    • Focus on anatomy and teaching methodology.
    • Serene location in Tuscany, Italy.
    • Intensive schedule might be challenging.
    • Limited free time due to the packed program.

    Location: Greece
    Style: Multi (Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, restorative, Tibetan yoga)
    Offers: 200hr
    Price: $4827

    2. Holivestic Yoga Garden

    anapnoe yoga teacher training

    Located in the heart of Arcadia, Greece, this 16-day, 200-hour Vinyasa, Hatha, and Restorative Teacher Training Course offers an unparalleled opportunity to deepen your yoga practice and teaching skills. Accredited by Yoga Alliance USA, this journey welcomes those eager to pursue their dream of becoming a certified yoga instructor. The comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of styles and skills, ensuring participants are well-prepared to design their own classes and foster their knowledge and practice for the future. Experience a significant development in your practice and teaching confidence, all while immersing yourself in a peaceful location ideal for learning and growth.

    • Diverse styles: Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative.
    • Accredited by Yoga Alliance USA.
    • Peaceful location in Greece.
    • Intensity of the curriculum can be demanding.
    • Might require prior yoga experience for best outcomes.

    Location: Italy
    Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin/Vinyasa Krama
    Offers: 200hr
    Price: $2391

    3. Yoga & More

    love evolve awaken yoga teacher training

    Discover the essence of yoga with this transformational 13-day, 200-hour teacher training in Mallorca. Offering an in-depth exploration of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Ayurveda yoga, this course is perfect for those looking to deepen their practice or step into the role of instructor. Set against the backdrop of one of Spain’s most beautiful islands, participants will engage in daily yoga classes, anatomy sessions, and philosophy discussions. The program is meticulously designed to balance theory with practice, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of yoga’s history, styles, and benefits. This retreat promises not only a certification but a profound journey of self-discovery and connection.

    • Wide range of yoga styles and Ayurveda.
    • Set in beautiful Mallorca, Spain.
    • Comprehensive understanding of yoga’s history.
    • Short duration might rush certain topics.
    • Travel logistics for international students.

    Location: Greece
    Style: Tantrik yoga, Hatha, Kundalini
    Offers: 200hr
    Price: $1630

    4. Ashram Om

    gayatri yoga teacher training

    Embark on a personal and professional transformation with this 24-day, 200-hour Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training in the serene Aljezur, Portugal. Designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners, this course dives deep into Hatha, Kundalini, Tantra, and Vinyasa yoga. With a strong emphasis on philosophy, anatomy, and the chakra system, students will gain a holistic understanding of yoga and its healing powers. The training is set in an eco-friendly retreat, offering a unique blend of comfort and sustainability, just minutes away from Europe’s stunning beaches. This immersive experience not only prepares you to become a certified yoga teacher but also promotes profound personal growth.

    • Includes Hatha, Kundalini, Tantra, and Vinyasa.
    • Eco-friendly retreat setting.
    • Close to Europe’s beautiful beaches.
    • Long duration might not fit all schedules.
    • Focus on multiple styles could overwhelm beginners.

    Location: Spain
    Style: Hatha, Vinyasa
    Offers: 200hr
    Price: $2054

    5. Ancestral Retreats

    durga tiger school yoga teacher training

    This unique, hands-on 31-day, 200-hour Yoga Alliance-accredited teacher training in Barcelona offers an exceptional opportunity to deepen your yoga practice and teaching skills in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. The program covers a wide range of styles, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Hatha Yoga, and is designed to provide foundational skills and confidence for aspiring teachers. With a curriculum adhering to the Yoga Alliance standards, participants will explore asana, philosophy, anatomy, and teaching methodology, among other areas. The training also includes a special focus on the business aspects of yoga, preparing graduates to thrive in their yoga teaching careers.

    • Urban retreat in vibrant Barcelona.
    • Hands-on teaching practice from week 1.
    • Includes a business module for yoga teachers.
    • Urban setting might lack tranquility.
    • Long course duration requires a significant time commitment.

    Style: Kaula Tantra yoga, Expressive Arts, Shamanism
    Offers: 200hr
    Price: $3042

    6. Yoga Weeks

    fit yoga teacher training

    This innovative 4-day, 200-hour Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training in the beautiful Algarve, Portugal, is designed for those looking to advance their Vinyasa teaching skills and deepen their practice. The hybrid format combines online learning with an immersive retreat experience, covering yoga philosophy, advanced pranayama, sound healing, and Usui Reiki healing sessions. Accredited by Yoga Alliance, the program includes comprehensive studies on anatomy, mudras, and meditation, offering a holistic approach to yoga teaching. Participants will enjoy breathwork journeys, sound healing sessions, and the opportunity to learn Ayurveda therapy massage, all while being surrounded by the serene beauty of the Algarve sea.

    • Hybrid format offers flexibility.
    • Focuses on advanced practices like sound healing.
    • Includes Ayurveda therapy massage training.
    • Short onsite duration might limit in-person learning.
    • Hybrid format requires self-discipline for online components.

    Location: Spain
    Style: Vinyasa
    Offers: 200hr
    Price: $2488

    7. Bend it Like Buddha Yoga

    frog lotus yoga international teacher training

    This training offers a unique blend of traditional and modern yoga practices in one of Portugal’s most stunning coastal regions. Participants will dive deep into Vinyasa, pranayama, meditation, and other yogic disciplines with a hybrid format that combines online learning with an immersive onsite experience. This training stands out for its comprehensive approach to teaching skills, sound healing, and Usui Reiki healing sessions, alongside the opportunity to learn Ayurveda therapy massage and trauma-informed yoga principles. Daily vegetarian meals provide nourishment, ensuring participants are well-fed with healthy, organic food. This retreat guarantees a transformational experience, enhanced by the beauty and tranquility of the Algarve, making it perfect for those looking to deepen their practice and teaching capabilities.

    • Combines the flexibility of online learning with the immersive experience of onsite training in Portugal, offering a comprehensive understanding of yoga practices.
    • Covers a wide range of topics including Vinyasa, pranayama, meditation, sound healing, Ayurveda therapy massage, and trauma-informed yoga principles, providing a holistic education.
    • Set in the stunning Algarve region, offering a serene and inspiring environment conducive to learning and personal growth.
    • The hybrid format, while flexible, requires a significant time commitment to both online and onsite components, which may be challenging for some participants to manage.
    • While the hybrid model offers onsite training, the shorter duration of in-person interaction compared to traditional, fully onsite training might limit the depth of personal connections and hands-on learning experiences.

    Location: Portugal
    Style: Vinyasa
    Offers: 200hr/
    Price: $949

    I hope this has shown you that you don’t need to travel far for a life-changing experience, and that there are some really great options closer to home. Having weighed up all the factors such as cost and how long you have to spend on a training, choose the training that resonates most with you, trust your gut feeling, and know that, whichever training you choose, it will be a valuable, if not life-changing, experience that will help you shape you as a teacher and student of yoga.


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