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19 Best Yoga Teacher Training in New York [2024 Review]

After trying countless yoga studios in New York City, I’ve seen the risk of enrolling in a program misaligned with your goals, style, or budget. Whether you’re an aspiring yogi or ready to take the leap into teaching, here is a list of the best yoga teacher training NYC.

Yoga Teacher Training NYC: The Finest Yoga Training Studios in the Heart of New York City

With renowned yoga studios like Sivananda Yoga Ranch, Dharma Yoga Center, Wild & Rooted, Sky Ting, and Yogamaya, NYC offers aspiring yogis a wide range of respected teacher training programs in various styles. From immersive month-long intensives to part-time programs, New York City provides a comprehensive curriculum in alignment with Yoga Alliance standards.

Teacher training New York has an exceptional yoga community, making it an ideal location to embark on the transformative path of yoga teacher training. With approval from Yoga Alliance, here are my top picks for a teacher training program in New York to build your own practice and yoga style.

yoga teacher training new york

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Wenlin Tan, a women’s Qigong & Yoga Specialist who has over 15 years of experience, shares which programs stand out to her:

The Abhaya Yoga Teacher Training and Shine Yoga Teacher Training stand out in terms of its post-training support, which is typically lacking for many Yoga schools. This powerful and crucial differentiating factor helps graduates feel supported and gain access to employment opportunities and further growth.

Graduates of The Abhaya Yoga Teacher Training program are invited to teach community classes and participate in our non-profit foundation programs. Support and mentorship are cornerstones of Shine’s approach, with support structures in place for students before and after graduation. Opportunities to teach at the studio, attend weekly book clubs, and participate in community gatherings are just some of the ways Shine fosters a strong Yoga Teacher Community.

The Y7 Yoga Teacher Training and The Three Sisters Yoga Teacher Training in NY stand out because they offer a flexible format, allowing you to complete it fully online from anywhere or in a hybrid format in-person. This may be a good option for you if you’re a mom or caregiver and are managing other projects or commitments.

1. Sivananda Yoga Ranch

The course at Sivananda Yoga Ranch is super hands-on, helping you deepen your own practice and teach yoga to guide others. Aside from mastering yoga poses, you’ll also explore pranayama (breathing exercises), relaxation, and nutrition for modern lifestyles. Additionally, you’ll gain experience in meditation, mantras, Kriyas (cleansing practices), anatomy, physiology, yogic philosophy, and Kirtan (chanting).

But it gets even better. This course connects you to a long-standing yoga tradition, passed down by masters. And when you’re through, you’ll bag an internationally recognized certification that ticks the Yoga Alliance’s 200-hour standard requirement for Registered Yoga Schools (RYS).

yoga teacher training New York sivananda

Perfect for: Living the yogi life to the full with things like Karma Yoga (selfless service), a veggie diet, and daily spiritual practices
2024 dates: June 16-July 13
Class size: Around 30 students

2. Dharma Yoga Center

Sri Dharma Mittra from the Dharma Yoga Center provides an intensive 200-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training program in New York City, providing you with Yoga Alliance-registered certification in teaching yoga. The comprehensive program from Dharma Yoga immerses you in philosophy, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, hands-on adjustments, teaching methodology, and the art of sequencing.

Perfect for: Strong technical and theoretical foundation along with the confidence to lead transformative classes as skilled Ashtanga yoga instructors like Sri Dharma Mittra
2024 dates: January 26-February 24, June 21-30
Class size: Around 25 students

3. Wild & Rooted Yoga Teacher Training in New York

In contrast to Dharma Yoga, the Wild & Rooted 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in New York, presented by Rainbow Body Yoga, is a nature-based yoga and energy healing program. Led by Cleo Post, an E-RYT 500 and owner of Rainbow Body Yoga, you will learn about yoga philosophy, postures, and alignment to develop skills to become the best yoga teacher.

Wild Rooted YTT new york

Perfect for: Individuals looking for Reiki certification, herbalism, plant communication, and shamanic healing techniques
2024 dates: May 18-June 2, August 31-September 15
Class size: 25 students

4. Sky Ting Yoga

Sky Ting Yoga’s New York studio offers a 200-hour Yoga Alliance-registered certification program covering intelligent sequencing tailored to students’ needs, hands-on assistance and adjustments, ancient teachings, philosophy, subtle anatomy, energy body, and safe inversions. Graduates emerge prepared to share yoga’s gifts as knowledgeable instructors grounded in alignments, adjustments, and mindfulness.

Perfect for: Living yoga as a lifestyle, not just practicing poses on a mat, incorporating yoga’s mental, spiritual, and philosophical elements
2024 dates: February 2-April 21
Class size: 25 students

5. YogaMaya – New York Yoga teacher Training

Yogamaya offers one of the best yoga teacher training programs in New York City. Imagine digging deep into 40 yoga postures, exploring ancient yogic techniques, studying sacred texts, and getting hands-on with yoga practice teaching. In terms of asana, you’ll dive into alignment, sequencing, and embodied anatomy for modern lifestyles.

YogaMaya teacher training New York

Perfect for: Providing a nurturing and interactive space where you can learn, express yourself, and make some personal discoveries
2024 dates: February 9-May 19, July 8-August 4, September 20-June 1 (2025)
Class size: 30 students

6. Ishta Yoga Teacher Training

Ishta Yoga offers a personalized 200-hour yoga journey focused on safely and effectively guiding students, including special populations like prenatal students or those with injuries and limitations. The training provides a well-rounded foundation through a Tantric lens, diving deep into alignment, intelligent sequencing, hands-on adjustments, yoga anatomy, and philosophy you can integrate into your daily life.

Perfect for: Developing an authentic voice and yoga style as an accredited yoga teacher
2024 dates: March 12-June 16
Class size: 30 students

7. Three Sisters Yoga

The TSY (Three Sisters Yoga) offers a 200-hour YTT program in New York to create thoughtful, open-minded, and inclusive yoga teachers. The vibrant and creative classes cover various topics such as history, philosophy, postures, anatomy, and subtle physiology from a yogic perspective.

3 sisters yoga teacher training NY

Perfect for: Trainees who want to develop a personal practice, bring unique perspectives to a yoga style, teach private clients, and build a business
2024 dates: January 22-May 8, January 20-March 24, January 22-February 21
Class size: 25 students

8. Kula Yoga

Kula Yoga’s 200-hour registered yoga teacher training focuses on providing students with solid fundamental teaching skills and the ability to transform lives rather than merely execute poses of a yoga style. The yoga practice training emphasizes hands-on work, adjustments, real-world teaching experience, mentorship, and a supportive community for teaching yoga.

Perfect for: Teaching adaptive, empowering classes with alignment cues, learning thoughtful sequencing, and mastering breathing techniques
2024 dates: January 13-May 5
Class size: 25 students

9. Bhakti Center

Bhakti Center’s 200-hour Yoga Alliance-Certified training covers everything, including yoga asana, meditation, anatomy, the art of sequencing classes, understanding mantras, philosophy, pranayama, nidra, restorative, Ayurveda, and so much more. Once you graduate, you can confidently lead classes, offer modifications, clarify contraindications, and design progressive classes.

Bhakti Center Yoga Teacher Training New York

Perfect for: Transformative journey into yoga philosophy, lifestyle, culture, meditation practice, holistic health, and wellness
2024 dates: January 14-April 21
Class size: 30 students

10. Integral Yoga Institute – New York

Integral Yoga Institute of New York offers a 200-hour Yoga Alliance-registered teacher training combining traditional yogic philosophy and practices with therapeutic techniques in an accessible, trauma-sensitive program. The course provides a comprehensive exploration of pranayama, meditation, ethics, anatomy, and physiology from a yogic viewpoint and practical teaching skills.

Perfect for: Focusing on self-development and safely, compassionately sharing yoga rather than achieving advanced postures
2024 dates: January 26-March 10, March 20-June 16, July 8-August 23
Class size: 25 students

11. Abhaya Yoga Teacher Training

Introducing the 200-Hour Teacher Training New York by Abhaya Yoga, this teaching practice takes pride in training each student with care and an individualized approach in a yoga style. The school ensures you grasp yoga’s full spectrum, from the foundational physical aspects to the subtle and spiritual elements.

 Yoga Teacher Training New York

Perfect for: Empowering aspiring teachers means nurturing their curiosity and creativity to shine through their instruction
2024 dates: March 3-June 30
Class size: 25 students

12. Atmananda Yoga Teacher Training

Atmananda Yoga offers a 200-hour YTT focused on cultivating confident teachers who can lead transformative vinyasa flow classes in New York City. The yoga style training provides a heart-centered program emphasizing proper alignment, hands-on adjustments, sequencing fundamentals, and philosophy, letting you practice yoga in a judgment-free space.

Perfect for: Emphasis on building consistent personal practices with guidance on incorporating yoga’s teachings into everyday life
2024 dates: January-March
Class size: 20 students

13. Y7 Studio

Join Y7’s RYT-200 yoga teacher training and become part of a community-centered program that embraces diversity and community building in any yoga style. Aside from yoga asana, you’ll also learn restorative and yin yoga, self-assists and adjustments, prenatal, private class instruction, trauma-informed, and an introduction to Ayurveda.

 Yoga Certification New York

Perfect for: When looking for a flexible format, you can complete it fully online from anywhere or in a hybrid format in NYC
2024 dates: January 16-March 20
Class size: 25 students

14. Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga offers cutting-edge, 200-hour registered yoga teacher training in New York City, providing renowned instruction in an Equinox luxury fitness setting. The training from Pure Yoga includes an in-depth study of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, sequencing flows, adjustments, hands-on assistance, philosophy, and lifestyle. Distinguished training exceeds Yoga Alliance standards to produce exceptionally skilled, professional yoga instructors.

Perfect for: Integrating modern methodology and choreography with timeless yogic wisdom and sciences to produce influential instructors
2024 dates: April 6-June 16
Class size: 25 students

15. Shine Yoga Center

Shine’s Yoga Teacher Certification Training offers a comprehensive and unique program designed to provide a deep understanding of yoga, from body mechanics to yoga philosophy. Trainees at Shine Yoga can expect to learn various styles, including hatha, vinyasa, restorative, and kundalini, integrating different elements of yoga through a theme.

 Yoga Course New York

Perfect for: Mentorship and teaching opportunities at the studio, with support structures in place for students before and after graduation
2024 dates: September 24-June 22 (2025)
Class size: 20 students

16. Sonic Yoga

Sonic Yoga’s 200-hour registered teacher training goes beyond just the technical execution of asanas to make yoga spiritually enriching, mentally stimulating, and relatable to share yoga’s gifts with the world as a professional yoga instructor. The course thoroughly covers sequencing, adjustments, modifications, anatomy, philosophy, and practicum teaching classes with feedback.

Perfect for: Focusing on safely guiding students’ transformational processes through mindfulness and compassion
2024 dates: January 27-February 26
Class size: 25 students

17. The Yoga Common

The Yoga Common’s 200-Hour Teacher Training program, backed by over a decade of experience, offers an intimate and comprehensive Yoga Alliance-registered teacher certification program. The program is a transformative experience, providing an in-depth understanding of various aspects, such as asana, philosophy, ethics, anatomy, mantra, meditation, subtle body, pranayama, and sequencing.

 YTT New York

Perfect for: Trainees looking for unlimited classes, in-studio sessions, a four-day retreat, one-on-one mentorship, weekly classes, and independent study recordings
2024 dates: February 11-April 28
Class size: 15 students

18. Himalayan Institute

The New York City Center of Himalayan Institute offers intensive, 200-hour registered yoga teacher training focused on living yoga’s tantric philosophy. Their transformational training explores asana, anatomy, subtle body energies, pranayama, Ayurvedic principles, meditation, and tantric philosophy. Students are immersed in a supportive environment, allowing authentic self-inquiry.

Perfect for: Deeper levels of health, clarity, and inner freedom by tapping into yoga’s vast living tradition and science of transformation
2024 dates: April 16-May 18, July 23-August 24
Class size: 25 students

19. YogaWorks

YogaWorks offers one of the most comprehensive and established yoga teacher training programs in New York City. Founded in 1987, the program is registered with the Yoga Alliance and focuses on teaching aspiring yoga teachers proper alignment, sequencing, assisting, and modifying poses. The curriculum covers yoga’s history, philosophy, anatomy, and teaching methodology.

Perfect for: Trainees who want to develop vibrant, well-rounded classes to bring yoga to a broader audience
2024 dates: January 24-February 23, February 23-May 19, June 14-July 6, July 1-July 26, September 1-April 27 (2025)
Class size: 12-22 students

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Related Questions

How Much Is a Yoga Teacher Training Program in NYC?

Teacher training programs in New York City range from about $2,800 to $4,000 for a 200-hour registered program. Most high-quality immersive programs cost $3,000 to $3,500.

How Do I Become a Yoga Teacher in New York?

To become a yoga teacher in New York, you must complete a 200-hour or longer registered YTT program and receive a certification that meets Yoga Alliance standards for registering as an RYT-200 teacher.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Qualified Yoga Teacher?

It typically takes four to eight weeks of full-time study and practice to complete a 200-hour registered YTT program. You must also meet the qualifications to register as a yoga instructor to teach private clients and classes.

Is It Worth Doing Yoga Teacher Training Programs?

Yes, yoga teacher training is incredibly worthwhile for deepening your personal practice and gaining knowledge of yoga’s history and philosophy. You’ll also improve your teaching knowledge and expand your career opportunities as a yoga instructor.

Can I Teach Yoga in California After Completing My Training in New York?

Absolutely! Most yoga certifications are nationally and often internationally recognized. However, it’s always a good idea to confirm with your training provider that their accreditation is accepted in the state or country where you intend to teach.

What Are Some Important Considerations When Selecting a Yoga Teacher Training Program?

When choosing a yoga teacher training program, consider factors such as the reputation of the school, the experience and teaching philosophy of the instructors, the style of yoga taught, the comprehensiveness of the curriculum, the location, and the cost. Also, pay attention to what feels right for you and aligns with your aspirations as a yoga teacher.


Though we’ve shone a spotlight on the best that the Big Apple has to offer, remember that exceptional yoga teacher training can be found nationwide and beyond. California, with its laid-back vibe and picturesque landscapes, is also home to some renowned yoga training programs worth exploring.

Becoming a yoga teacher is about more than just gaining a certificate—it’s about self-discovery, deepening your practice, and cultivating the ability to guide others on their yoga journey. Whether you choose the high-paced energy of New York or the sunny serenity of California, remember that it’s the personal growth and learning you acquire that truly matters.

About David Lertsin

David is the founder and meditation teacher at All Yoga Training.

Being a meditator for more than 30 years, he not only practices yoga for the healing aspect but also as a moving meditation reaching higher stage of Inner Silence and insight.

His Rocket Yoga classes are dynamic and grounded in a natural flow, helping students to grow in their practice and building in them more confidence, strength, and mindfulness on and off the mat.

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