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10 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in the UK in 2024

Without taking proper yoga teacher training courses, you risk giving improper techniques, increasing student injuries, and lacking credibility as an instructor. After years of teaching yoga courses, I’m sharing the ultimate list of the best yoga training classes in the UK to develop the right skills and qualifications.

Unlocking a Teaching Yoga Career in the United Kingdom: Yoga Teacher Training UK

Among the top yoga teacher training courses in the UK are Merchant City Yoga, Yoga Hero, and LKY Yoga. These programs provide extensive training on alignment, anatomy, assisting, philosophy, and sequencing. Their experienced teachers, convenient locations, and Yoga Alliance certification make them ideal for you to become a qualified, knowledgeable yoga instructor.

There are plenty of reasons to consider doing yoga instructor training in the United Kingdom. Different diploma levels in teaching yoga breathe new life into your career.

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  • The 10 best yoga teacher training in UK

    1. Merchant City Yoga

    merchant city yoga teacher training

    Set in the heart of Glasgow city centre, Merchant City Yoga is one of the most established and well-respected studios, specializing in Ashtanga-Vinyasa yoga. Their 200hr training covers the usual basics of anatomy, history, philosophy, physical activity, and asanas. The yoga course also covers quite unusual and interesting topics such as self-reflection and understanding (including Myers-Briggs personality testing), NLP, mindfulness, and nutrition. These skills provide you with genuinely holistic training to help you stand out from the crowd.

    There is also a 6-hour emergency first aid course (not included in the fee), plus a ‘business of yoga’ module, covering marketing, insurance and accounting – extremely helpful if you are looking to make teaching your career.

    The course is non-residential and takes place over a year (September to August), with classes held one weekend a month (Friday night and all-day Saturday). This is a great option if you don’t have the time to attend a month-long intensive training, and allows you to incorporate the teachings into your practice gradually, as you go along.

    Pros: Small class sizes; central London location
    Cons: Expensive; limited schedule
    Location: Glasgow, Scotland
    Price: from £2820
    Style: 200-hour Ashtanga-Vinyasa
    Format: Non-residential, September to August, sessions being held one weekend a month (Friday night and all-day Saturday)

    2. Yoga Hero

    yoga hero teacher training

    Yoga Hero has been gaining recognition as one of the leading schools in the North of England, with a variety of training on offer, such as short advanced anatomy, meditation, 50-hour yin yoga, and more. Their 200-hour Vinyasa training places heavy importance on safety, both in terms of alignment and adjustments.

    There’s also a lot of emphasis placed on teaching methodology and giving you a face-to-face experience of teaching from the beginning, with the option of assisting in their ‘pay as you feel’ community sessions.

    Considering that many traditional yoga schools (particularly in India) tend to focus on theory and philosophy at the expense of teaching practice and methodology, this is a truly invaluable and rare opportunity.

    The course is semi-intensive, taking place over 3 months – Thursday to Sunday (all day) plus one whole week (Saturday to Saturday). It requires a greater commitment, and that you can take this amount of time off work, etc. Alternatively, they offer an entirely online version of the same training, which also takes place over 3 months but in the evenings (3 days a week) and every weekend (all day).

    Pros: Variety of program lengths; affordable prices
    Cons: Less personalized; new studio
    Location: Leeds, England (or online)
    Price: £2750
    Style: 200-hour Vinyasa Flow
    Format: Semi-intensive, taking place over three months – Thursday to Sunday (all day) plus one whole week (Saturday to Saturday).

    3. LKY Yoga

    lky yoga teacher training

    One of the most reasonably priced 200-hour trainings on offer, the yoga course at LKY Yoga covers the basic knowledge you would expect. There are also unusual modules, such as Ayurveda and Tantra.

    The school also offers a wealth of other highly unusual training for those who wish to continue their studies, including astrology for yoga teachers, teen yoga training, mental health training, mythology, physical activity, and so on. There is also a mentorship program for teachers who wish to continue receiving support after the training.

    Pros: Beautiful studio; Yoga Alliance certified
    Cons: Limited dates; far from London center
    Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
    Price: from £2000
    Style: 200-hour or 300-hour
    Format: 200-hour is held monthly (2-3 days), over 9 months; online version (£1300)

    4. TriYoga

    triyoga teacher training

    TriYoga attracts some of the best and most renowned teachers from around the world, providing the perfect introduction to teaching yoga. They offer two foundational trainings: a 200-hour training with Bridget Woods Kramer and a 220-hour TriYoga training. Both courses are extremely in-depth, covering the basic foundations such as anatomy, history, philosophy, adjustments, and so on.

    The 200hr training takes place over 9 months – one full weekend a month, plus a nine-day intensive. The 220hr training takes place over 18 months and is aimed at those who want to continue working full-time alongside the training. Both courses require a serious commitment to one’s own practice, and emphasize that certification is not a given; it must be earned (including passing an assessment).

    Women’s Qigong & Yoga Specialist Wenlin Tan, has attended TriYoga in the past and personally recommends it:

    TriYoga is a highly reputable London brand of Yoga studios and academy that often hosts international teacher trainings and workshops. Having been there myself, I can recommend it. Indaba is also a rather established and well-known within London that has been the home for many reputable yoga teachers across various lineages.

    Pros: Mentoring included; internationally recognised
    Cons: Niche style is not for everyone; limited UK locations
    Location: London
    Price: £3000-4250
    Style: 200-hour
    Format: 200-hour (over 9 months), 220-hour training (18 months)

    5. Classical Yoga School

    classical yoga school teacher training

    Starting as the Chi Yoga School in Scotland in 2003, CYS has become known as a “Centre of Excellence” in the United Kingdom. Under the leadership of June Mitchell, the school expanded into the South of England (Surrey), providing Yoga Alliance-accredited trainings that focus on Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.

    There are also face-to-face modules in Sivananda Hatha, Iyengar, and Flow. It is the same as that offered at Merchant City Yoga in Glasgow (since Judi Farrell, the owner of MCY, is also the leader instructor for CYS), allowing those in the South of England to take this highly accredited training.

    Pros: Traditional style; flexible schedule
    Cons: Smaller organization; newer studio
    Location: Scotland and Surrey
    Price: from £2370
    Style: 200-hour
    Format: 10 to 12 months

    6. Sivananda

    sivananda yoga teacher training

    If lineage is important to you, the training at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in London is the same course that was originally developed and taught by Swami Vishnudevananda – the “first yoga master in the West” in 1969, now taught by his senior disciplines around the world.

    This strong sense of tradition and heritage makes the training authentic and deeply steeped in yogic culture and history. Besides the usual core modules, there are invaluable teachings on nutrition, fitness, ayurveda, kriya (yogic cleansing practices), and kirtan (devotional chanting).

    One of the few intensive and residential trainings in the UK, the course is 4 weeks, with accommodation and food provided at the centre, making it a great alternative for anyone who would have liked to undertake a traditional intensive training in India but can’t due to covid restrictions (or just to save money on flights, visas, quarantine, vaccinations, and so on).

    Pros: Established institution; vegetarian diet
    Cons: Intense schedule; rigid style
    Location: London
    Price: £2620
    Style: 200-hour
    Format: Four weeks

    7. Indaba Yoga

    indaba yoga teacher training

    Another of London’s most famous institutions is Indaba Yoga, based in the centre of the city. Like TriYoga, Indaba offers a 200-hour training that stands out due to its teaching staff and the experience they bring to the training.

    The face-to-face course equips you with the qualifications to teach Hatha Raja and Vinyasa. Meanwhile, the lead instructor – Ambra Vallo – is trained in Dharma yoga, Rocket, Forest, and Ashtanga, giving you insight into these disciplines as part of the training.

    Taking place over 3 months, the course is semi-intensive and non-residential, involving two long weekends, and two week-long intensives (one at the start and one at the end).

    Pros: Africa yoga retreat option; accredited
    Cons: Bristol location; trainers can vary in experience
    Location: London
    Price: £3300
    Style: 200-hour Hatha & Vinyasa
    Format: Three months (two long weekends and two week-long intensives)

    8. CAMYOGA

    cam yoga teacher training

    Set in the traditional market town of Cambridge, CAMYOGA offers a 200-hour training that emphasizes the practical aspects of teaching, including a six-week ‘teaching beginners’ module. This gives you the skills and confidence to go out and start teaching immediately upon graduation.

    The course is offered either in a 10-month format (one weekend per month approx.), or as an intensive 3-month training. However, options are non-residential and don’t include the 20-hour online anatomy module (led by world-class yoga instructor Leslie Kaminoff). The institution expects you to study this in your own time.

    Pros: Cambridge location; flexible scheduling
    Cons: Smaller organization; limited teachers
    Location: Cambridge, England
    Price: £3650
    Style: 200-hour
    Format: 10-month format (one weekend per month), intensive three-month format

    9. Waking Minds Yoga

    waking minds yoga teacher training

    Waking Minds Yoga provides a residential, intensive yoga course in beautiful remote settings. It only accepts six residential students on a course, meaning that you will receive a huge amount of face-to-face contact and get to know the other students and teachers intimately.

    The trainings take place over around 2 weeks, but you are also required to do homework and assignments after the training (you have 3 months to complete these). The Scottish program includes accommodation, while the Cotswold training requires finding your own local accommodation. There is also a 300-hour training and pre/postnatal training for those who wish to continue their journey with Waking Minds.

    Pros: Mental health focus; small class size
    Cons: Separate fees for accommodation; homework outside of the program
    Location: Scotland and Cotswolds (England)
    Price: £2350 (not including accommodation)
    Style: 200-hour or 300hr
    Format: Two weeks (additional three months to complete homework and assignments)

    10. Himalayan Yoga Institute

    himalayan yoga institute teacher training

    The Birmingham training at the Himalayan Yoga Institute may be just what you need for a semi-intensive course and something different from the standard Hatha/Vinyasa teachings. The school only accepts four students per training, making this a truly personalized and intimate experience.

    The style is based predominantly on Tantra yoga, including unusual modules such as Bio-psychology, balancing the endocrine system, nutrition and Ayurveda, Karma and reincarnation, Kundalini, fitness, and so much more. The course is also extremely detailed and comprehensive (learning over 66 basic postures!), as well as providing you with 10 teaching templates upon graduation to help you get started teaching right away.

    Set in the countryside outside Birmingham, the training takes place over 3 months, beginning with a seven-day intensive course (for which accommodation and vegan food is provided at an extra cost), followed by weekend sessions.

    Pros: Residential retreat setting; internationally-recognized teachers
    Cons: Rigorous schedule; remote location
    Location: Birmingham (England)
    Price: £2100 (not including accommodation or food)
    Style: 200-hour
    Format: Three months (including a seven-day intensive course and weekend session)

    What to Look for in UK Yoga Teacher Trainings

    yoga teacher training UK

    Selecting the right yoga teacher training in the United Kingdom will help you identify high-quality, comprehensive courses that set you up for successful employment opportunities.

    One piece of advice Wenlin shares is that it’s crucial to think about where you’re going to practice post-graduation:

    A key consideration is where you plan to practice after you graduate. In the UK, the British Wheel of Yoga is a reputable governing body that offers credibility. Thus, if I were looking to teach Yoga in the UK, I would look for a reputable school offering YTTs accredited with the British Wheel of Yoga, as they meet the standards required.

    Here are some additional points to consider:

    Yoga Alliance Certification Skilled Instructors

    The instructor leading the training should have extensive experience and recognized qualifications in yoga techniques, anatomy, philosophies, adjustments, and teaching methodology. This provides well-rounded learning from qualified experts.

    Seek out instructors registered with Yoga Alliance, the internationally recognized organization that sets standards for proper training. You may also consider certifications awarded by YMCA Awards or endorsed by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity to ensure you get quality instruction to be an effective instructor.

    Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Curriculum

    Check for yoga courses recognized by the Yoga Alliance or the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity. Likewise, opt for in-depth curriculums from a professional body that educates on asanas, intelligent sequencing, human anatomy, meditation, history and lineages, and practical teaching skills.

    Training Format: Standard or Intensive

    The start date of standard training spreads learning over weeks or months, allowing time for absorption and practice teaching. On the other hand, intensive formats condense material into a rigorous four-week immersive retreat model. Choose the pace fitting for you.


    Expect expenses between £2,000-£3,500 for reputable certification. Check if lodging, meals, props/materials are included. Some trainings offer scholarships to offset costs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Become a Qualified Yoga Instructor in the UK?

    To become a certified yoga instructor in the UK, you must complete a minimum 200-hour training program registered with Yoga Alliance. Quality programs teach you proper techniques, history, anatomy, assisting skills, and business practices to prepare you to teach safe, engaging sessions. After completing training, you can register as a RYT-200 yoga instructor.

    How Much Do Yoga Teacher Classes Cost in the UK?

    In the United Kingdom, 200-hour yoga teacher programs typically cost between £2,000-£3,500. More affordable online programs are £1,000-£2,000, while intensive training at premium studios can exceed £5,000. The cost varies based on the program length, location, and extras included, like accommodation.

    How Long Are Yoga Teacher Training Courses?

    The duration of teaching sessions varies, although 200-hour certifications generally run between four to eight weeks. Intensive trainings are four weeks, while part-time programs spread over several months are around eight weeks. Some are condensed weekend trainings over multiple months.


    It is essential to complete accredited programs from a professional body that provides extensive education in techniques, philosophy, anatomy, assisting, and practical teaching skills. With a comprehensive background in every facet of yoga, you can confidently share life-enriching skills with others as a qualified instructor in the United Kingdom.

    About Charlie

    Charlotte is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Women’s Life Coach, yoga teacher, Thai Yoga Massage therapist, and Researcher. She is passionate about women’s hormonal health, plant-based nutrition, sustainability, movement, mindfulness, and travelling. She offers online coaching through her website, and currently offers massage and yoga classes in Glasgow, Scotland.

    Find out more about her journey at or connect with her on Instagram @drcharlottehay.

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