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10 Best Yoga Teacher Training in the US in 2024

Without doubt, the US is home to some of the most famous, world-renowned yoga teachers, with years of experience under their belts, meaning that you can find some of the best yoga course in the world here. Covering both intensive (residential) and non-residential, urban and rural, and a wide variety of yoga styles on offer, there’s really something for everyone. But, with so many options to choose from, where do you even start?

We’ve rounded up the 10 best 200 hrs yoga yoga teacher training in the USA for you, based on their reputation, unique-ness, ‘wow-factor’, and variety of styles taught. Let’s dive in!
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  • The 10 Best Yoga Teacher Training in US

    1. Kripalu – Best Yoga Teacher Training USA

    kripalu yoga teacher training USA

    Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training USA overview

    One of the most famous yoga (and Ayurveda) schools in the US and world-wide, Kripalu offers 200hr, 300hr and 1000hr trainings at its remote and peaceful setting in the Berkshire Mountains. The teaching at Kripalu draws heavily on the Vedanta, Sankhya, Tantra, and Tantric Hatha Yoga traditions, as well as safety, mindfulness and self-awareness. They are offering in-person trainings for 2022, taking place over 3 weeks, as well as online yoga teacher training. You can either choose to stay at the center during the in-person training, or find your own accommodation nearby.

    Location: Massachusetts
    Price: $2700 (not including accommodation and meals)
    Style: 200hr

    2. Dharma Yoga Center – Yoga Teacher Training USA 2024

    dharma yoga center teacher training USA

    Dharma yoga is a unique, gentle style of yoga, based on the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra. If you’ve ever wanted to study this style of yoga, and would like to teach it, there is really only one place to do so in the whole world, and that is at Sri Dharma Mittra’s center in New York. The program is currently only being offered online, although this might change in 2024. As an online yoga program, it takes places over 14 8-hour days, although extra work is required. You are also required to have at least 50 hours’ worth of experience in Dharma Yoga (through studying with a certified teacher) before being accepted on to the training. Pre-covid this was more difficult to achieve as there aren’t a huge number of Dharma Yoga teachers around (meaning you’d have a niche market potentially!), but now this requirement includes attending online classes with Sri Dharma Mittra though platforms such as OM Stars.

    Location: New York
    Price: $4145
    Style: 200hr Dharma Yoga

    3. Miami Life Center – Yoga Teacher Training USA

    miami life center yoga teacher training

    Founded by world-renowned Yoga teachers , Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann, the Miami Life Center offers a truly authentic and intensive Ashtanga yoga teacher training. without having to venture all the way to Mysore, India! This course is not for the faint-hearted, you are required to participate from 7am to 6pm every day during the month-long immersive experience, and you’ll be diving deep into everything Ashtanga (counting, Sanskrit, deepening your practice, and so on). Given that both Kino and Tim have been certified to teach by Sharath (the grandson of Pattabi Jois), this is an incredible opportunity to learn from some of the world’s very best. They take this responsibility very seriously, asking you to submit a reference (from your yoga teacher) with your application.

    Location: Miami
    Price: $4350
    Style: 200hr Ashtanga-Vinyasa

    4. Commune Yoga

    commune yoga teacher training

    Commune Yoga is the Seattle-based studio owned and founded by yoga influencers Patrick Beach and Carling Harps. Famous on Instagram for their warm, welcoming and inclusive yoga approach, Commune Yoga has risen rapidly as one the best-known yoga studios world-wide. Patrick and Carling created a 200hr yoga teacher training based on their unique style of yoga, named the ‘Awakening Yoga Solar sequence’. Based on traditional Vinyasa yoga, but with a strong emphasis on creative sequencing and accessibility, the training provides you with a sequence that you can then take away and immediately begin teaching upon graduation. This is a truly modern approach to yoga training, with additional modules in teaching public classes and social media for yoga teachers.

    The current online version of the training can take between 8 weeks and 6 months depending on how fast (or slow) you want to get through it.

    Location: Seattle (currently online)
    Price: $2000
    Style: 200hr Awakening Yoga (Hatha Vinyasa)

    5. Yoga Works

    yoga works teacher training

    Yoga Teacher Training USA course overview

    Yoga Works is one of the most famous yoga training school in the world, with locations in LA, Atlanta, Boston, Houston, and more. Not only do they have over 30 years’ experience in leading trainings, they attract some of the most world-renowned teachers and experts. They also offer a flexible approach to training, with the option to either study weekdays (taking 6 weeks in total), weekends (for 3-6 months), or a four-week long intensive course. Currently many of their trainings are online or in hybrid format. They also offer yoga teacher training in Bali.

    Location: LA and all across US
    Price: $3150
    Style: 200hr Vinyasa

    6. Strala Yoga

    strala yoga teacher training

    Strala Yoga is the brain-child of Tara Stiles, a world-renowned yoga teacher, and Traditional Chinese Medicine expert. The school is unique in its incorporation of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine into the traditional yoga teachings, as well as its involvement in scientific research and enquiry into the benefits of yoga and mindfulness, earning it a glowing recommendation from Deepak Chopra, and Harvard Professor of Neurology and Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr Rudolph Tanzi. As such, the training at Strala is unique in its blend of disciplines and its particular focus on physical touch and energy work. The 200hr yoga training is currently being held online, and is self-paced, meaning you choose how and when you want to study.

    Location: New York and online
    Price: from $1295
    Style: 200hr

    7. Ishta Yoga

    ishta training

    Ishta is a unique and world-famous school of yoga, founded by Alan Finger, with branches in both South Africa and New York. ISHTA stands for “Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda”, but ishta is also a Sanskrit word meaning “that which resonates with the individual spirit,” implying the journey of personal development that the school encourages. Given this unique heritage, the training at Ishta might be perfect for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd, or to teach something a bit more unusual (although you will also be qualified to teach Vinyasa yoga at the end of the training).

    The course is currently being offered online, over the course of four months (approx. one intensive weekend a month), with plans for in-person trainings to be offered in 2022, restrictions permitting.

    Location: New York
    Price: $2100
    Style: 200hr Ishta

    8. Yandara Yoga Institute

    yandara yoga institute teacher training

    If you’re looking for an intensive residential training, and are craving some sunshine, then Yandara’s 200hr training in Hawaii is the perfect option! Set in a stunning tropical location, just 10 minutes’ walk from a secluded beach, the center offers the perfect balance of tranquility and intensive daily practice (from 7am to 9pm daily). The training offers a solid foundation in the traditions of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin and Restorative Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, as well as more unusual practices such as Qi Gong. There is also emphasis placed on creating confident teachers, by getting you to teach from day 2 of the training, and providing you with a couple of set sequences to take away upon graduation.

    Location: Kauai, Hawaii
    Price: $3250 (all inclusive)
    Style: 200hr

    9. 7 Centers Yoga

    7 centers yoga training

    If you’re looking for a training focussed on Kundalini yoga, then the 7 Centers Yoga school offers an in-depth intensive training made up of two modules: a week-long Chakra yoga intensive (65 hours), plus a 3-week long Kundalini Yoga immersion (135 hours). While the school used to offer several other styles of yoga trainings pre-covid, it appears they are now focussing solely on Kundalini, which makes sense given that their teaching staff have over 30 years’ experience in this discipline. The course also includes teachings in Ayurveda and Vedic astrology, and access to an Ayurvedic kitchen throughout the training. Accommodation at the school is not provided, although they do have a list of local rooms available (for an extra fee) or you can find your own accommodation locally.

    Location: Sedona, Arizona
    Price: $3250 (not including accommodation)
    Style: 200hr Kundalini

    10. Maui Yoga Shala

    maui yoga shala course

    One of the most established yoga studios in Hawaii, Maui Yoga Shala has over 25 years’ experience in delivering excellence to its students through its highly experienced teaching staff. Their 200hr training provides an incredibly extensive and detailed foundation in everything you would expect from a training, including teachings on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. In addition, the school draws on its unique and dreamy location with modules in traditional Hawaiian spirit chants and incorporating the spirit of ‘aloha’ into your yoga teaching. The training is offered either in a 3-week intensive format, or a weekend format over the course of 3 months (7 weekends total, bi-weekly).

    Location: Maui, Hawaii
    Price: from $3400 (not including accommodation or food)
    Style: 200hr Hatha & Vinyasa

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    Find out more about her journey at or connect with her on Instagram @drcharlottehay.

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