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House of Om Bali Review 2024

Hey there, fellow yogis! If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering taking the plunge into the world of yoga teacher training in Bali, and you’ve probably come across “House of Om Bali” Yoga Teacher Training School as a potential option. We know how crucial it is to choose the right yoga program. To help you with your research, we’ve put together this House of Om Bali review to find out if it’s teacher training is a good fit for you.

In this House of Om Bali’s review, we’ll give you a clear overview of House of Om’s teacher training program, diving into the details and sharing an honest evaluation based on a set of objective criteria and online graduate’s reviews.

From the number of students per training, to the specific styles offered, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also highlight the strengths and weaknesses of House of Om Bali’s program, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it aligns with your goals.

So, grab a cup of tea, get comfy, and let’s explore what House of Om Teacher Training has to offer!

House of Om Bali Yoga Training Overview

What is House of Om Bali Yoga school?

House of Om Bali is a new yoga training school which became very popular through their social media content and strategy. It was founded by Wissam Barakeh in 2019 who moved to Bali to explore a Tantric lifestyle and related practices. He saw an opportunity to run an affordable Yoga Training using his guru persona and his prior experience creating a small spiritually oriented community while he was living in Dubai.

This review will focus on House of Om’s yoga school, held at two different locations in Bali: The Mansion Resort in Ubud and Amertham Resort near Gianyar.

The Mansion Resort is a boutique hotel and yoga teacher training center in Ubud, while Amertham Resort is a more remote location with fewer amenities nearby. While Amertham Resort offers a more rustic and nature-centered experience, it also comes with some drawbacks, such as vermin and facilities that are more run-down than those at The Mansion Resort.

Regardless of the location, House of Om Bali’s training program provides a foundation for beginners in the yoga field with a multi-style approach, including Hatha, Ashtanga-Vinyasa, and Vinyasa yoga, and cover a broad range of topics such as yoga philosophy, asana practice, and anatomy.

House of Om’s online reviews

Important Note:
Although positive online reviews for training courses can initially seem informative and reassuring, they often provide limited value when it comes to selecting the right program. This is primarily because, for most participants, it is their first time attending such a course, leaving them without a basis for comparison. As a result, these glowing reviews may inadvertently offer a skewed perspective on the quality of the training.

To gain a more objective understanding, it is advisable to focus more on constructive reviews, as they tend to highlight specific areas of improvement or concern. By considering these critical evaluations, prospective students can make a better-informed decision when selecting the yoga school that best aligns with their needs and expectations.

house of om review house of om review house of om review
house of om review house of om review
house of om review house of om review house of om review

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Evaluation Criteria and Scoring

house of Om Bali
Important note
In order to provide an impartial and fair assessment of different yoga courses, we have designed a set of strict evaluation criteria, with the potential for each course to earn one point per criterion.

These criteria cover the most important factors to consider when choosing a yoga school, such as class size, accommodation, teacher experience, and more. By using these guidelines, we can effectively compare and evaluate yoga teacher training on a same objective model.

All Yoga Criterias

House of Om’s Total Score = 3.5/10

Out of a the 15 criterias, House of Om passed 5 of them, bringing their overall score to 3.5 out of 10.

House of Om’s Score details

1. Number of Students

Class size is a key consideration when choosing a yoga training. Smaller class sizes allow for more individual attention and feedback while bigger group present more challenge for group dynamics and teaching delivery. A good group size range is 16-22 students.

Based on the pictures available online, House of Om’s training has an average of 30-35 students per training. Several House of Om Google’s review also highlight the issue of large class sizes with up to 50 students.

Score = 0

2. Duration of Training

The length of a training program is a key factor in determining the depth and breadth of the education that participants receive. A longer training program provides more time for in-depth study and practical experience while a short duration will pack many hours of teaching in a single day making the learning process very challenging.

House of Om Bali’s 200-hour training program is only 20 days long, which is shorter than our recommended minimum of 22 days. Therefore, House of Om does not receive a point in this category.

Score = 0

3. Minimum Requirements for Course Admission

A minimum requirement for prior yoga experience is necessary to ensure that participants have a basic understanding of yoga poses and are physically able to handle the intensity of a 200-hour residential training program.

House of Om Bali’s 200-hour training program has no minimum requirements for admission, which means that they do not receive a point in this category.

Score = 0

4. Comprehensive Curriculum

A comprehensive curriculum should cover essential topics such as anatomy, meditation, pranayama, asana practice, and other key areas. Additionally, it should include topics such as the ethics of teaching, business of yoga, and setting oneself up as a yoga teacher.

While House of Om’s training program covers many key areas, it does not include education on the business of yoga, ethics of teaching, or how to set oneself up as a yoga teacher.

Score = 0

5. Does the training focus on teaching skills?

Learning the art and skill of teaching, as well as having ample opportunities for practice teaching, are essential elements of a comprehensive yoga course.

House of Om acknowledges the importance of learning to teach and places emphasis on this within the curriculum, earning them a point.

Score = 1

6. Emphasis on Self-practice

A good yoga certification program not only teaches participants to teach yoga but also provides them with the tools necessary to develop their own self-practice.

House of Om’s multi-style training program does not include a set, memorized yoga sequence, or the opportunity to develop a Mysore-style self-practice, which means that they do not receive a point in this category.

Score = 0

7. School Experience

The experience of a yoga school in leading Yoga Alliance accredited yoga trainings is a crucial factor when choosing a program.

house of om

House of Om’s yoga school got registered with Yoga Alliance in 2019. Considering that no school could do in person training for 2 years due to the covid restriction (2020,2021), House of Om has actually less than 3 years experience running yoga courses.Therefore, House of Om does not receive a point in this category.

Score = 0

8. Lead Trainer experience

Having highly qualified and experienced teachers is essential when selecting a yoga course. In order to train others to teach yoga effectively, it’s important that the lead trainer has over 5 years of experience teaching yoga classes, and has also taught yoga to a western audience.

lead trainer experience lead trainer experience

The information regarding the Lead Trainers at House of Om is unclear from their website and course brochure. The founder of House of Om was only registered with Yoga Alliance in 2019, and the other main teacher cannot be found in the Yoga Alliance registry. However, we were able to learn through his YouTube channel that he graduated as a new yoga teacher in 2017. This raises concerns that they may not have had enough time to build sufficient experience to lead professional yoga training.

The House of Om Bali’s yoga teacher training also show a high turnover of yoga trainers changing their teaching team every few months or so. This lack of a stable team can disrupts the quality of the course, preventing instructors from gaining the necessary experience to refine their teaching methods and improve the program. Consequently, students will encounter a disjointed learning experience, unable to fully benefit from a well structured program which has been refined over time. The absence of a consistent team impacts the overall quality and consistency of instruction, hindering the program’s success.

Score = 0

9. Dedicated teachers for different topics

It is essential for reputable yoga school to have dedicated teachers for each topic rather than a single teacher attempting to cover all aspects. This specialization ensures that trainees receive in-depth and expert guidance in each discipline, from anatomy and physiology to yoga philosophy and meditation. Having dedicated experts not only enriches the learning experience but also fosters a strong foundation in various aspects of yoga. Ultimately, this empowers aspiring yoga instructors to confidently and effectively teach their future students, enhancing the overall quality of yoga education and practice.

House of Om have dedicated teachers for each topics of their program like anatomy, yoga philosophy, etc…

Score = 1

10. Is the faculty clear from the website?

It is important to have a clear understanding of the teaching faculty before signing up for a teacher training, including who the Lead Trainer and guest teachers are, what modules they will lead, and who the support staff and teachers are.

House of Om’s website and brochure do not provide information on who will lead the 200hr training(s) in Bali, nor does it specify the guest teachers and modules they will teach, or the support and additional teaching staff. This lack of clarity has led to negative reviews from students who have found the training to be disorganized.

Score = 0

11. Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance serves as a global benchmark for evaluating yoga schools. Although not a perfect source for assessing the quality of a yoga course, the information provided remains valuable. A reputable yoga school should ideally have a rating of at least 4.6 or higher and have a minimum of 100 reviews, reflecting a consistent track record of student satisfaction.

yoga alliance rating

House of Om’s has a current rating of 4.64 with over 300 reviews.

Score = 1

12. Does the school have a good student-teacher ratio?

A smaller number of students per training translates to more personalized attention from teachers and assistant teachers. You will receive better assistance during the asana practice with good student/teacher ration.

House of Om does not mention how many teachers are available per training, and therefore, they do not receive a point in this category.

Score = 0

13. Does the accommodation appear comfortable, clean, and suitable for the duration of the training?

Accommodation plays a vital role in the overall experience of a residential yoga training.

While House of Om’s website portrays a luxurious stay at The Mansion Resort in Bali, student reviews indicate that the rooms and yoga shalas are not as advertised, with limited availability of the rooms presented in photos. Moreover, reviews of the Amertham location suggest that the rooms are not well-maintained and may have issues like rats and mold, which are not suitable for the duration of the training. Therefore, the school does not receive a point in this category.

Score = 0

14.Training value

The price of House of Om’s 200-hour training program in Bali is competitive compared to other yoga school in Bali, especially since it includes accommodation and meals.

The Amertham training may not provide good value for money based on feedback from several Google reviews indicating that the facilities are subpar. However, the Mansion training location has received better reviews overall, and in addition to the inclusion of accommodation and meals, graduates receive lifelong access to the online 200-hour training for free. This added value makes the Mansion training a worthwhile investment.

Score = 1


The success of a 200-hour’s training hinges on a school’s ability to provide an adequate support system for its students. Based on student reviews, House of Om’s staff is supportive and available for students when needed, whether in-person or via email.

Networking opportunities and a sense of community are important considerations when choosing a yoga school’s program. House of Om seems to foster a strong sense of community among students and alumni, with access to the online 200-hour yoga teacher training after graduation and a robust Facebook community.

Score = 1

House of Om Bali Strengths and Weaknesses

House of Om’s yoga school gained points for its credibility, reasonable price point (including the free access to their online 200-hour training), and emphasis on teaching methodology. Additionally, several student reviews mentioned the friendliness of the teachers and staff, as well as the quality of food provided.

However, the training did not score well in some crucial categories, such as class size, duration, and a lack of focus on a specific yoga style. The curriculum was also noted to be lacking in certain aspects, such as the business of yoga, and several students commented on inconsistent teaching quality among the faculty. Finally, negative reviews of the Amertham facilities and accommodation suggest that only the Mansion resort meets expectations.

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Very affordable
  • Healthy food selection
  • Big Group size
  • Short duration
  • Lack of structure
  • No consistent teaching team


In summary, House of Om Bali’s 200-hour residential trainings offer a great starting point for those new to yoga at a reasonable price. You will have a life changing experience while meeting many friends and immersing yourself in the Balinese culture.

However, for those seeking more in-depth knowledge or advanced self-practice, or for those pursuing a career in yoga, House of Om might not be the most suitable yoga school. The large class sizes and lack of organization mentioned in student reviews suggest that the training may be a better fit for those with a more laid-back attitude.

We would recommend choosing the Mansion location over Amertham due to the numerous negative comments regarding facilities and accommodation. Overall, House of Om’s training has its strengths and weaknesses, and it is important for potential students to carefully consider their goals and needs before deciding if it is the right choice for them.


Is house of Om Bali yoga teacher training legit?

When considering the legitimacy of any yoga teacher training program, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and gather information from multiple sources. You can explore House of Om’s website, read reviews, and reach out to current or past students to get a better understanding of their experiences. This will help you make an informed decision about whether House of Om is the right fit for your yoga teacher training journey.

But based on our own research, if you are an experienced yoga practitioner and looking to become a yoga teacher though a high quality yoga course, we will recommend those 9 popular yoga training schools in Bali.

Also please take into consideration that several online reviewers mentioned that what you see on their social medias are staged and does not represent the actual experience of the House of Om’s yoga course.

Is House of Om Bali yoga teacher training good for beginners?

Yes, House of Om Yoga Teacher Training is perfect for beginners who are interested in learning more about yoga. The program provide a good foundation in yoga practice, philosophy, and teaching methodology, making it accessible and beneficial for new yoga practitioners.

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