200hr Loka Yoga
Yoga teacher training


Refine and deepen your practice and find your unique yoga voice.

Loka Yoga teacher training offers a unique chance to learn and practice yoga in a environment that differentiates itself by offering not only yogic practices but also by providing the correct knowledge and meaning of yoga, asana and philosophy.

We have a strong focus on combining the ancient knowledge of the East with the modern understandings and research coming out of the West.

Our team is made up of teachers completely dedicated to our fields of expertise. By committing our lives to our yoga practice and growth, we can aid others take their next step on their journey.

Location: Canggu
Price: $2100 USD
Duration: 26 days
Style: Hatha, Vinyasa
2022 dates: March, April, July, August, November

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Course Curriculum

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Daily Training Schedule

Meet the lead trainers​

Taryn Weggelaar


Since 2008, Taryn has devoted herself to the practice of yoga. In 2013, she became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and is currently an E-RYT 500 Yoga trainer. She specializes in teaching in various yoga studios, corporate yoga and sports teams (including some of the Australian Olympic teams). Teaching in Australia, India, Indonesia and internationally for 8 years, as well as leading yoga teacher training courses in India and Bali, she has over 10,000 hours of teaching experience with Yoga Alliance.

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Yann Cadic

Co Director – Anatomy Trainer

Yann is an anatomy and physiology expert. His diverse and extensive medical background, complimented with a keen desire to share his knowledge and expertise, allows students to learn everything they need to know about yoga anatomy and beyond.

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Yoga Alliance Certification

The Yoga Teacher Trainings offered by Loka Yoga School include the 200-hour hatha vinyasa yoga teacher training program. Whether you have knowledge of this ancient practice or you are just a beginner; here at Loka Yoga School you will be able to develop your understanding of yoga to such an extent that you will in turn be able to teach yoga professionally. Our graduates can register with Yoga Alliance as registered yoga teachers RYT 200 as per their qualification.

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As part of your path to becoming a yoga teacher, we invite you to explore the beauty and magic of Bali. A yogic paradise. Canggu, a laid-back, serene yet vibrant and trendy beach town perched on the southwest coast of Bali. Nestled in between beautiful green terraced rice paddies and black sand beaches Canggu is the bohemian home away from home for yogis, surfers, spiritual seekers, conscious hipsters and healthy foodies. Canggu is the perfect balance of Balinese culture, authenticity and cool comfort. Canggu feels more like a state of mind than an actual place.

Yoga Bali


Our venue is an elegant 7 bedroom retreat villa-style accommodation beautifully placed within extensive landscaped gardens right by the famous Canggu beach. Surrounded by emerald green rice paddies in a peaceful location, this is the ultimate hideaway to kick back and relax. Canggu still shows the true essence of Bali… un-spoilt vistas, the natural beauty of its ancient temples and the friendly locals not to forget the best surfing spot from the West Coast on Echo Beach, located just down the road.

On spot, enjoy the stunning swimming pool, garden areas, exquisite yoga shala and gazebo with the most incredible views and blissful areas for meditation. We will have the venue to ourselves to allow a safe space to dive deeper into self-knowledge.

The breakfast buffet meals will all be prepared on-site by our qualified chefs (specialising in the finest quality vegan and vegetarian cuisine) and are highly nutritious. We have spent a lot of time designing a meal program that will give you everything you need to nourish and nurture your body and soul, to start each day with energy and vitality!

Dive deeper into your yoga practice as you enhance your skills and recharge in a supportive and safe environment. Enjoy the food, tranquility, town and beaches in Canggu.

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Healthy Food

The area offers plenty of restaurants to choose from. they are all within a walking distance from the shala. Delicious Balinese cuisine, international food, vegetarian and raw options are available. Price for a dish start from 4USD.

Please note that the food is not included in the training price.

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Yann is an expert in anatomy and physiology who teaches students everything they need to know about the human body. His diverse and extensive medical background, complimented with a keen desire to share his knowledge and expertise, allows students to learn all they need to know about yoga anatomy and beyond. Yann enjoys practising vinyasa and yin yoga, appreciating the variety and benefits associated to these styles.

Starting off with a Bachelor in Nursing at Caen’s University France, Yann started his career in Europe’s largest hospital, La Pitié Salpetrière in Paris. Here he was mentored in Cardiac and Thoracic surgery by two of the best heart surgeons, Professor Christian Cabrol and Professor Iradj Gandjbaksh (together they conducted the very first European heart transplantation!).


Growing up in Western Australia, with loving parents who also enjoyed frequent camping adventures in the outback, Taryn was constantly surrounded by nature. She believes all these natural elements were her first teachers to broaden her awareness to the lasting wild beauty of life.

Taryn loves everything about yoga. She embraces all styles, meditation and breathwork and enjoys learning about herself through practices that offer a challenging vinyasa format, where postures are linked together, as well as a gentle or yin approach where asanas are held for a longer period. Bringing together mindfulness, breathing techniques and total awareness.

Her teaching approach utilises a progressive format where asanas are built step by step and grow in complexity towards a challenging or pinnacle pose. She has an inclusive attitude and integrates the use of various yoga props such as the wall, blocks, belts, straps and blankets to make the postures accessible and to invite challenge. Creative sequences and a fresh-minded view of the world lead to classes that move students towards their full potential and inspire the desire to look for the good.

Teaching in Australia, India, Indonesia and internationally for 8 years, as well as running yoga teacher training courses in India and Bali, Taryn has logged over 10,000 hours of teaching experience with Yoga Alliance. As an avid practitioner she embraces all styles of yoga. Being an ardent student, Taryn participates in advanced Yoga studies to further her understanding and ability to serve others.


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