Soulful Yin Yoga Teacher Training
70 HRS Online Course

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A soulful transformative journey

In this 6-week core program you dive deep into the emotional aspects of yin yoga and Chinese meridians. It gives you step by step guide on how yin yoga helps us move better with ease, how our body stores emotional pain according to the Chinese meridian theory & lastly we’ll show you how you create personalized yin yoga sequences to support emotional growth.

Course Overview

Soulful Yin Yoga will prepare you from establishing a firm physical foundation of yin yoga to having the ability of sequencing intelligent yin yoga classes based on emotional needs.

To us, it is important to understand our inner landscape. It’s a quiet practice that gently guides us home.

While it’s valuable to know every muscle of the human body or understand exactly how fascia works, it’s the ability to connect to our emotions and stimulate growth through yin yoga that inspire real changes in us.

Yes, it IS important to be academically informed but it’s not the be-all-and-end-all to your training journey.

That’s why in Soulful Yin Yoga, not only will you learn everything about the academic side of yin yoga, anatomy, philosophy, Chinese meridians, teaching methodology and more, you will also learn HOW to connect to your students or your own emotions using our step-by-step method.

Course Investment

The 70hr Soulful Yin Yoga Method is

USD 997
* instead of
1999 USD

Payment plan available: 297$ x4 monthly

    The price includes:

  • downloadable slides & manuals
  • lifetime access & free upgrade
  • direct messaging & community support
  • Personalised Feedback
  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours (YACEP)

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Have the freedom to learn anywhere at anytime AND be connected to the community you need.

Meet your Trainer

Annie Au


Hi! I’m Annie. I specialize in the emotional side of yin yoga and Chinese meridians. An apocalyptic breakup left me crippling in anxiety. Tired of living life in chronic fear & despair, I searched for ways to increase my baseline of happiness. Since then, I’ve traveled around the world learning about yoga and spirituality.

After many years, I realized that there is an intrinsic connection between our body and emotions. If our physical health declines, it directly affects our mood and therefore affects how we make choices in life.

Through years of studying, practicing & experimenting, I went from feeling overwhelmed in life to the master of my own emotions all because of the tools I’ve learned in yin yoga & meridians.

Through my signature Soulful Yin Method, my mission is to help you become a master of your own emotions through so that you can help your students finding their inner peace.
Currently, I live in Sri Lanka with my husband and two cute doggos. I also lead 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher training at All Yoga Training.

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Yoga Alliance Certification

Every three years, existing yoga teachers are required to accumulate minimum 30 hours of continuing education. Upon completion of this online course,you’ll gain 70hr of continuing education credits CEU


Whether it’s for self-learning or teaching professionally, Soulful Yin Yoga will prepare you from establishing a firm physical foundation of yin yoga to having the ability of sequencing intelligent yin yoga classes based on emotional needs.


Seline Schmid

I’ve been in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years. I was a group fitness instructor and trainer for many years and trained and competed in Crossfit. I found my path to Yoga, started to teach classes and became a trainer for 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. I’ve certified over 300 students and the numbers are growing.

But more importantly about 3 years ago my journey has taken a new route and I started to dive deep into the handstands and gymnastic strength world. Daily training of 3-5 hours six days a week has taken me where I am today. Currently I’m still teaching yoga, but also working in Movement gyms teaching handstands & mobility.

I started with an inexistent handstand in January 2018, progressed through different stages and developed strength & mobility. Within 2 months of consistent training I was able to hold a freestanding handstand for 60 seconds and 2 months later I got my first straddle press to handstand. I got very comfortable on my hands within the first year, different shapes, movements and head positions became my warm up. In year two I started to work on my stalder press and one arm handstand. Both very complex skills which I’m still working on and refining today.

Yes, I progressed quite fast which comes down to different facts. I was already quite strong, but still needed to cultivate the understanding of balancing. So how did I get there? I followed a smart programming! This is the important part… There are a lot of handstand courses out there, which will entertain you with lots of novel and fun exercises, unfortunately they most likely won’t take you anywhere. Or if so just very slowly.

In this course, I’ve compiled all the theory and practical exercises I went through at the beginning of my handstand journey. All you need to learn how to handstand.


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