THAILANDHaad Tien, Koh Phangan

5 days Intensive Ashtanga
Adjustment Course

November 26-30th 2017
Yoga Instructor Vari Morales

With Vari Morales
International Yoga Teacher


The Power of Touch ‐ Tao of Yoga Adjustment

In this 5 day intensive Ashtanga Vinyasa adjustment workshop you will learn how to adjust every pose from Yoga Chikitsa, assisting in the therapeutic value of the primary sequence.

Course Overview

Following the principles of yoga alignment, attention to the breath, and reading body language, you will learn ways to assist in supporting, rotating, lengthening and opening different parts of the body. Heighten the sensitivity in your hands, feet, knees and even head. You will become comfortable adjusting other people’s bodies, sensing their energies and help them feel safe with your touch and confidence.

Learn how to use your bodyweight to conserve energy while safely and effectively guiding your student with awareness and control. Understand the balance created between Yin/Yang energies and how to stabilize the foundation and manipulate the structure. Starting from the feet and working up, you will guide prana to flow through asanas, helping to align masculine and feminine qualities of each pose.

Mastering the Tao of Yoga Adjustments will bring a new dimension to your teachings. Using the power of touch will inspire your students, and yourself, adding to your love and passion for yoga!!!

Course Details

  • Effective safe hands on adjustments
  • Correct alignment, movement, action
  • Reading the student, body and breath
  • Understanding and feeling energy 
  • How to use body weight properly 
  • Therapeutic healing assist 
  • Modifications of asanas and adjustments


  • Completion of a yoga teacher training
  • Yoga self practice

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • Course Material
  • Props
  • Wifi spot
  • Beach

Meet The Teacher

About Vari Morales

Yoga Teacher Vari Morales

In his 20s, he was seeking spiritual growth and looked for meaning and purpose in life, so he volunteered at Kripalu Center for 1 year of Karma yoga. During his time at Kripalu, Vari studied with many teachers and learned about various philosophies in yoga and Thai massage. He delved into studies about energy, breath, observing self, intentions, letting go; allowing yoga to work its subtle magic, see our true selves, and experience pure unlimited potential.

Vari’s teaching style is influenced from his many years of yoga practice, experiences at Kripalu and numerous pilgrimages to India while he studied in Mysore, Rishikesh, and Dharamsala.

Vari’s teaching philosophy is rooted in staying connected to the breath and never sacrificing quality of the breath for asana, regardless of the yoga style one practices. He firmly believes that if you are able to control the breath, you can control the mind and body. Yoga is far beyond the physical pose – it’s about staying fully present, observing quality of breath and flow of energy, uniting the mind, body and soul.

Vari has been inspiring and teaching students yoga and Thai massage for nearly a decade. Traveling internationally, he teaches in the United States, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Central America and Europe. In 2012 Vari established his own studio, V-Yoga Shala in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is the lead senior teacher trainer with All Yoga Thailand.

Always remembering the benefits he’s gained from his dedication to yoga, Vari teaches with passion. He is known for his charisma, powerful energy, effective hands-on adjustments, chanting, and inspiring talks. His classes are a truly transformational experience!

The Venue


haad tien bay yoga retreat Thailand

All Yoga Thailand Shala is located on a small and beautiful tropical island called Koh Phangan. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, it’s a small island near Koh Samui. Our shala is situated on a hillside, just a short walk past Beam Restaurant in Haad Tien Bay. This bay is nestled between Haad Rin Bay and Haad Wai Nam Bay in the southeast area of the island.


Your tuition includes accommodation at Beam Bungalow Resort’s spacious dorm. Each dorm is equipped with a bed, mosquito net and shared bathroom facilities. If you prefer a private bungalow, there is a wide range of lodging options for all budgets from simple, rustic bungalows around ~500 THB/night to mid-range comfortable living or exclusive villa resorts ~1000THB/night. On your first day, we will help you find accommodation which suits you best! For more information about where to stay, please see this link:

accommodation Thailand yoga retreat

Healthy Food

In terms of food options on the bay, there are several restaurants offering delicious Thai, international, vegetarian and raw cuisine. Prices for Thai dishes start at around 100 THB.

satvic yogic food

The Yoga Shala

Picture yourself practicing yoga on a beautiful hillside, overlooking a tropical jungle and a pristine turquoise sea. We also practice right above the water on an amazing open yoga platform with a fantastic view!

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