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10 Best Rocket Yoga Teacher Trainings

Despite the demand for rocket yoga classes on many timetables of studio’s globally, searching for somewhere to complete a rocket yoga teacher training is more challenging than one would think… With not many Rocket teacher training schools to choose from, we’ve have cut out the work and research for you. We have narrowed it down to the 10 best Rocket yoga teacher training worldwide.

So whether you’d are a rocket pro, infrequent practitioner or if your looking to dive deeper into the practice, discover below the best rocket yoga trainings that we have come across so far in 2023…

1. All Yoga, 300-hour Training

allyoga teacher training

With All Yoga’s foundational 200-hour focusing on the Ashtanga-Vinyasa tradition it seems only fitting that Rocket Yoga is a main module of the 300 hour yoga training, led by David Adame. In this section of the training you get to cover, rocket 1,2 and 3, sequencing, breath pattern and technique, drishti, scripting & leading rocket classes, specific rocket adjustments and the mechanics of flight.

Escape the Bali tourists to the beautiful, quiet island of Nusa Lembongan , where you will have the chance to explore the practise of Rocket Yoga with David Adame. David originally being from Spain now the lead teacher on All Yoga’s 200-hour courses in Bali and Thailand, he has a passion for passing on what inspires him to others with over 1,000 hours teaching experience.

We couldn’t think of anyone better to lead this module and spark the rocket bug for our students. If you are interested in Rocket yoga – why not build that into a wider 300hour yoga teacher certification program and leave with completed modules in advance vinyasa sequencing, yin yoga, handstands and mobility and a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and anatomy and physiology for an all rounded and exciting advanced course. Are you ready?

School: All Yoga Training Bali
Hours: 100-hour
Price: from USD 4150 (with early bird discount)
Date: 5th Sep – 14 October 2023
Special Offer:Free Acommodation for the first 10 students

2. Indaba UK, 100-hour Training

indaba teacher training

Indaba Yoga is one of the UK’s most reputable for Rocket and Ashtanga Yoga. It is the first school that offers a 100-hour Rocket Teacher Training in London, which allows their students to earn 100hours of training to put toward their 300hour programme. The flexibility of breaking down the hours into x2 50-hour modules is appealing to many living in London balancing a busy lifestyle. This training offers a comprehensive breakdown of the 1 and 2 sequence of Rocket Yoga alongside, mat markings, adjusting and assisting, handstand and arm balances workshops and the 3 faces of the practise. Indaba’s training is led by Leon London, Leon is an Ashtanga practitioner and has trained with many yoga super stars which encourage his own professional exploration and development.

School: Indaba Yoga
Price: £1,600

3. The Yoga People, 100-hour Training

the yoga people teacher training

The Yoga People co-founded by Jamie Clarke and Dulce Mandala have a variety of different trainings and a training specifically dedicated to Rocket and Patterns which formulates module 1 of 3 to make up their student’s 300-hour advanced training.

So…what can students expect from this module on Rocket and Pattern work which will be hosted at their centre in Goa? Well, aside from the beautiful picturesque setting, this course is said to expand their students abilities and agilities on and off the matt. Students will experience daily practises of rocket and the rocket yoga sequences as well as learning its theory, philosophy and techniques to support them through the course.

There will also be a focus on Larry Shultz anatomy and the alternative adjustments and approaches. This course is multilayered as it provides students with a chance to experience pattern work as students to dive into transpersonal psychology’s injury approaches. These guide students into the untangling patterns of the feminine and masculine, within the body-mind field which gives students a process of healing alongside the rocket element of the module.

Led by founding teacher Jamie Clarke and long time Rocket practitioner and teacher Amme Poulton.

School: The Yoga People
Price: £1,450

4. Yoga Den Amsterdam, 50-hour Training

yoga den amsterdam teacher training

The Yoga Den nestled in the heart of chic Amsterdam is your go to school if your based in Europe and looking for a bolt on Rocket course to your 200-hour yoga teacher training. This course will be led by David Sanchez, David traditionally an Ashtanga Practitioner who is a world traveller who is E-RYT 500hr and a YACEP provider. David initially learned the practise of yoga in Thailand and furthered his interest for Rocket whilst studying in London at Indaba. This 50-hour modular course will give it’s students an insight into the history of rocket and ashtanga vinyasa yoga, the usage and meaning of mantras, how to develop a daily pranayama practise, mat markings, floating and flying techniques and the the teaching methodology for Rocket 1,2 and 3.

School: Yoga Den
Price: €1250

5. Kindred Yoga Life, 50-hour Training

kindred yoga teacher training

Kindred Yoga Life’s 50-hour training is an advanced training for existing yoga teachers wanting to teach Rocket and pass their enthusiasm onto their students. In a retreat style setting, this 50-hour course will be in Paros, Greece a perfect setting is you are looking for some sun and a break from the European winter.

With a playful approach to Rocket, this course is self described as diving into Rocket as the energetic and invigorating practise; which roots are from Ashtanga vinyasa linking breath and movement.

This course will offer the opportunity to try advanced postures such as arm balances and inversions, in a playful setting by leaving ego at the door. The main focus of this Advanced 50-hour training is establishing the foundation and classic series for Rocket Level 1, Rocket Philosophy, Techniques and Sequences. It’s a 5 day draining, with morning and afternoon training sessions on one of Greece’s most accident islands. Lead teachers are Katarina Rayburn and Hellen Russel Clarke both with ample teaching experience in Rocket, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga.

School: Kindred Yoga Life
Price: £700

6. MoreYoga, 50-hour Training

moreyoga teacher training

More Yoga has an open minded and lighthearted approach as a school, this 50-hour advanced yoga teacher training in Bali is designed for teachers with at least 2000-hour training and a dynamic practice, although can be enjoyed by those who want to deepen their own practice. It is a stepping stone module and is a step towards the 100hr rocket certification.

Based in the heart of bustling London, More Yoga’s training will focus on deep understanding and advanced teaching techniques, as well as an introduction to the Rocket 1 & 2 sequences. Students will learn the tools to practice & lead a class with confidence, assisting and cueing with a progressive and effective approach, as well as deepening their own practice. Leon London & Maayan Shenhar combined are leading this module and they have a combined teaching experience of 40 years.

School: MoreYoga
Price: £750

7. The Rocket Teacher Trainings, 50-hour / 100-hour Training

rocket teacher training

Rocket ® Teacher Trainings are led by David C Kyle, David Kyle is owner of Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico and founder of the Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga which honors the traditional practice of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and embraces the revolutionary philosophy of Larry Schultz.

The trainings are hosted in 50-hour courses located across the world in locations such as Mexico City, Paris, Barcelona, London, Germany and Portugal. Similarly to many of the other trainings, the idea is that you can layer the 50-hour modules and complete Module 1 and then Module 2.

The Level 1 “Foundations” Rocket Yoga teacher training, is designed for existing yoga teachers with experience in teaching vinyasa style classes, his training must be taken 2 times for a total of 100 hours in Rocket Vinyasa Foundations in order to complete the Certification Process and become a Certified Rocket Teacher.

Students can then level up their Rocket skills and practise by taking Module 2 this is a higher concentration of advanced teachers who come together to work on their personal practice. Adjustments on more advanced asana are practiced and higher level sequences.

A minimum of 2 years teaching Rocket Vinyasa is required to take this course and able to perform handstand in the middle of the room with comfort.

All hours are part of their 300 RYT program in Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

School: Rocket ® Teacher Trainings
Price: From $499 (location dependant)

8. Prague Yoga Collective, 100-hour Training

prague yoga collective teacher training

The Prague Yoga Collective located a stones throw away from the unique Old Town in Prague city centre offers a rocket journey of 50+50 hours of diving deep into rocket yoga, students personal practise and teaching skills focused on advance Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga. This is an intensive style course aimed at students who hold a regular personal practise or for teachers who hold their 200-hour YTT certificate. Run by Lisa Wakenshaw, Alex Rodoni and David Cabezas.

School: Prague Yoga Collective
Price: 29,500 CZK

9. Sira Yoga Studios, 50-hour Training

sira yoga teacher training

Sira Yoga Studios, in Jerusalem will be offering their yoga 50-hour rocket teacher training. Every day will include 2 Rocket Classes, 1 Workshop / Asana Clinic. Students are said to be prepared to be challenged in a fun and supportive environment and to take their practice to another level! The course will focus on Asana i.e. how to teach Rocket 1,2 and 3 Philosophy i.e. learning the history of rocket yoga and Pranayama and Kriyas focusing on the four purifications, use of mala bees and ashtanga pranayama.

This course will be delivered by Leon London featured above and Maayan Shenhar who is an Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin Dharma and Rocket teacher.

School: Sira Yoga Studios
Price: 3250₪

10. Yoga Breathwork, 30-hour training

yoga teacher training

This 3 day Rocket Yoga Foundations Training is designed for students who want to become a certified Rocket Vinyasa Teacher. It’s a prerequisite course to the full 100-hour Rocket teacher training programme. Within this course, their students will learn the fundamentals of all the Rocket 1, 2 and 3 sequences alongside increasing their own practise ability with a creative and mindful process to learning Rocket Yoga.

This course is lead by Amanda Quiambao, who embarked on her movement journey which began in Rocket Yoga. She has 10 years of a dedicated practise and holds over 750 hours YTT in Rocket, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. Amanda’s mentor is David C Kyle and is a Senior Rocket Yoga Facilitator in Spain.

School: Yoga-Breathwork
Price: €550

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