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10 Best Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings

With busy lives full of stress, many people struggle to find inner calm and balance. Without an effective tool for reducing anxiety and tension, health and well-being suffer. Here is a list of the best yin yoga TT centers that will equip you to lead others through restorative poses that unlock deep relaxation.

Master the Art of Serenity: Yin Yoga Teacher Training

You can take reputable yin yoga classes from centers like Annie Au Yoga, Science of Self, Rise and Shine Yoga, Love and Thrive, Shanti Atma Yoga, Yoga Academy International, Yinside Yoga Bali, Ananda Yoga and Detox Centre, Yoga Medicine, and Yinspiration. These institutions offer multi-faceted curricula and experienced teachers.

Looking to learn a new style of yoga? Are you looking for a competitive edge as a yoga teacher using continuing education? Enrich your experience and skills by learning to teach yin yoga and becoming an accredited yoga instructor.

1. Annie Au Yoga

As part of the 200-hour Yin/Yang Yoga teacher training, Annie Au offers a 30-hour Soulful Yin program in Bali. For those who prefer to learn yin yoga from home, she also teaches a 70-hour online yoga training.

yin yoga teacher training

Annie’s training combines yin practice with Chinese Meridians, acupressure, and Qi Gong. It also includes her signature ‘Soulful method’, which focuses on emotions and self-love through yin yoga. She also teaches how to integrate stories into your classes and sequencing.

Type: 100-hour Soulful Yin
Length: 10 days
Class size: 20
Curriculum: Yin foundations, poses, sequencing, adjustments

2. Science of Self

Rose Erin Vaughan from Science of Self offers a 100-hour yin yoga online. There is also the option to do two 50-hour in-person immersions on top of the 100-hour course to come out with a 200-hour TT.

yin yoga teacher training

Her approach is heavily focused on Chinese Meridians, pranayama, and therapeutic yin for emotional and physical healing

Type: 100-hour and 200-hour Meridian Yoga Therapy and Yin
Length: 5 weekends
Class size: 25
Curriculum: Anatomy, energetics, sequencing, postures

3. Rise and Shine Yoga School

In Rise and Shine Yoga School’s 60-hour yin yoga, you will be taught by Kata Van Doesselaar, who studied with Sarah Powers (one of the founders of yin in the West).

yin yoga teacher training

Set on the beautiful island of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain, this yin yoga program includes modules on myofascial release, meridians, sequencing, and mindfulness, all with a gentle, feminine approach to yin yoga.

Type: 60-hour Yin TT
Length: 7 days
Class size: 25
Curriculum: Asanas, anatomy, meditation, sequencing

4. Eleanor Evrard (Love and Thrive Retreats)

Elea offers unique, women-centered yin yoga retreats in Corfu (Greece) and Puglia (Italy). The 50-hour yin certification course includes modules you would expect, such as fascia, meridians, acupressure, sequences, and theory.

yin yoga teacher training

It also practices specifically designed for nurturing feminine energy, such as cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance, journaling, and Taoist energy work.

Type: 50-hour Yin and Yinyang (Heart and Womb Wisdom) TT
Length: 6 days
Class size: 15
Curriculum: Adjustments, sequences, trauma-informed

5. Shanti Atma Yoga

Shanti Atma Yoga offers a range of very reasonable online yin yoga teacher training, ranging from 50 to 80 hours. They combine yin practice with other disciplines, such as neuroplasticity and mindfulness, emotional intelligence and aromatherapy, and yoga nidra.

yin yoga teacher training

The online format is self-paced, so you can start anytime, and there’s no time limit. The content is also downloadable, and you have lifetime access to the material!

Type: 50-hour to 80-hour Yin, Neuroplasticity, and Mindfulness; Yin, Emotional Intelligence, and Aromatherapy; Yin and Yoga Nidra
Length: Self-paced
Class size: 20
Curriculum: Yin poses, anatomy, sequencing, adjustments

6. Yoga Academy International

Yoga Academy International offers a 60-hour yin yoga program in a luxurious retreat setting in Morocco. You can also take it as a retreat for those who don’t want to teach or don’t already have a 200-hour TT.

yin yoga teacher training

The usual modules include Chinese Meridians, the anatomy of yin and fascia, history, and theory. You’ll also discover moon cycles and how they relate to the practice, the safe use of props in yin, and how to create your own personalized classes.

Type: 60-hour Yin TT
Length: 7 days
Class size: 25
Curriculum: Anatomy, poses, sequences

7. Yinside Yoga Bali

Led by Hayley Wenn, Yinside Yoga Bali offers in-person yin training and yin yoga classes in Bali. The 100-hour program comprises three shorter courses (50-hour, 30-hour, and 20-hour), which you can take individually.

yin yoga teacher training

The 30-hour and 20-hour trainings are aimed at people who want to deepen their practice. While the accommodation is not included in any of the courses, you are free to find your own accommodation to keep the cost of the program low.

Type: 50-hour to 100-hour Yin TT
Length: 6 days (for the 50-hour program)
Class size: 25
Curriculum: Asanas, anatomy, philosophy, meditation

8. Ananda Yoga and Detox Centre

This 100-hour in-person yin yoga training from Ananda Yoga and Detox Centre takes place on the stunning tropical island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. Over the span of 12 days, you will learn everything you need to start teaching yin yoga immediately upon graduation.

yin yoga teacher training

Aside from the usual modules on functional anatomy, introduction to Chinese medicine, and theory, this session emphasizes the practical side of teaching. Plus, there are two massages included in the fee!

Type: 100-hour Yin TT
Length: 12 days
Class size: 25
Curriculum: Poses, anatomy, sequencing

9. Yoga Medicine

Co-founded by Tiffany Cruikshank, Yoga Medicine is now one of the leading yoga institutions globally. It’s recognized for the high quality of its yin yoga classes because of its focus on anatomy and science-based approach to yoga.

yin yoga teacher training

The 55-hour online program combines meditation, neuroplasticity, obstacles to meditation, the science of stretching, and joint mechanics. Co-taught by Tiffany herself, you can start the program anytime and complete it at your own pace.

Type: 55-hour Yin and Meditation TT
Length: Depends on the current class offering
Class size: 25
Curriculum: Anatomy, physiology, poses, adjustments

10. Yinspiration

The longest program on offer in this list, the 200-hour yin yoga training by Yinspiration has no prerequisites, so you don’t need to have yoga experience to join. Founded by Jo Phee, one of Paul Grilley’s original students, Yinspiration was the first-ever yoga school to offer a 200-hour yin TT.

yin yoga teacher training

Qigong & Yoga Specialist Wenlin Tan, had the opportunity to train with Jo Phee personally, and here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“Having trained with Jo Phee herself, I highly recommend her Yinspiration Yin Yoga trainings. She is a knowledgeable and experienced teacher, and her curriculum is very well-designed and taught.

Her curriculum is by far the most extensive within the world of Yin Yoga, and she is a pioneer, having created some unique blends, including AcuYin, YinNidra, and so on. She is also very credible as she is a dedicated student of Paul and Suzee Grilley, who are known to be the first teachers to begin teaching Yin Yoga.

The session covers the usual modules. Here, you’ll get a deeper understanding of Indian lineage and tradition, anatomy and physiology, the business of yoga, and more.

Type: 200-hour Yin TT
Length: 6 months, part-time
Class size: 15
Curriculum: Foundations, anatomy, sequencing, adjustments

Overview of a Yin Yoga Practice

Unlike other styles of yoga, which traditionally draw on Indian culture and heritage, yin yoga draws heavily on traditional Chinese medicine and its associated ideas of yin and yang (yin being more passive and yang being more active).

Brought over to the West by Paul Grilley and popularised with the help of his student, Sarah Powers, this practice consists of long holds (poses are held for around 3-5 minutes) and passive stretching. It’s often in conjunction with instruction on the Chinese Meridians or acupressure.

Since the poses are held for a long time, mindfulness is also required. Some might even think of this style as a meditation practice itself! As a result, practicing yin yoga can be challenging, despite being a very slow sequence.

Benefits of Teaching Yin Yoga

Even if you don’t intend to teach yin, attending a workshop is a great way to deepen your own yoga practice and achieve continuing education.

  • It helps with mindfulness and teaches you more about the connective tissues and their importance in overall health and flexibility.
  • Learning a little about traditional Chinese philosophy, medicine, and theory will make you a more well-rounded teacher. This will also allow you to add something different to your yoga sessions.
  • There are fewer yin instructors than ‘yang’ yoga teachers, such as Vinyasa and Hatha teachers. Becoming a certified yoga teacher gives you a competitive advantage!
  • Because poses do not require active muscle engagement, they help target the fascia and connective tissue in the body, thereby improving flexibility.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Yin Yoga Training Programs

Selecting the right teacher certification is crucial, as you want to ensure you graduate with complete mastery of Yin’s techniques. Taking the time to evaluate programs carefully will help you identify the highest-quality immersive preparation to share the transformative power of Yin as an instructor.

Yoga Alliance-Registered Curriculum

Check if a school is a Registered Yoga School (RYS®) with the Yoga Alliance that will provide continuing education credits. Look for courses registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour or 300-hour level.

    A Yoga Alliance-certified program will provide you with a credential that is recognized globally when applying to teach at studios and facilities. Look for a solid foundation in:
  • Philosophy
  • Principles
  • Poses
  • Anatomy
  • Sequencing
  • Alignments
  • Adjustments
  • Meditation
  • Teaching methodology
  • Meridian theory

Most programs require that you already have a minimum of 200-hour yoga teacher training. When you don’t already have a 200-hour yoga alliance certification, check out All Yoga’s courses in Bali and Thailand, or look for a program that doesn’t have any prerequisites.

Program Module

Consider whether you need an online course or an in-person residential session. This will undoubtedly give you more hands-on experience, which can be important for a yin practice, especially if you are also learning about acupressure or massage.

Many yin practices include other subjects, such as meditation, yoga nidra, sound healing, Chinese Meridians, and so on. Decide what interests you the most.


You should also look at the faculty. Who is going to be leading the program? How long have they (or the school) been running the program?

Reading reviews on Yoga Alliance’s website is also a good way of getting a feel for the course and whether it’s worth the money.

Training Schedule

    Choose a schedule that fits your availability and learning needs. Yin teacher trainings are offered in varied timeframes:
  • Intensive immersions
  • Weekends over several months
  • Modules over a longer period

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Yin Yoga Teacher Training?

Yin Yoga TT is an immersive certification program preparing trainees to instruct yin classes safely and effectively. It covers history, human anatomy, developing class sequences, teaching methodology, and delivering hands-on pose adjustments.

Can You Just Be a Yin Yoga Teacher?

While some studios may allow instructors without formal training, comprehensive yin teacher certification ensures teachers have complete foundational knowledge. Proper training elevates skills, giving trainees an in-depth understanding of Yin’s benefits, props use, sequencing principles, and pose adjustments.

What Makes a Good Yin Yoga Teacher?

An effective Yin teacher has expertise in anatomy, alignment, and sequencing. They provide detailed verbal cues and safe hands-on adjustments. A good teacher meets students where they are, guiding each individual toward greater flexibility and mental stillness.


Yin Yoga courses immerse trainees in the foundations they need to share the restorative power of Yin. With knowledge of anatomy, postures, and sequences, you’re on your path to becoming a certified teacher who can guide students into poses that release tension and cultivate mindfulness.

About Charlie

Charlotte is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Women’s Life Coach, yoga teacher, Thai Yoga Massage therapist, and Researcher. She is passionate about women’s hormonal health, plant-based nutrition, sustainability, movement, mindfulness, and travelling. She offers online coaching through her website, and currently offers massage and yoga classes in Glasgow, Scotland.

Find out more about her journey at or connect with her on Instagram @drcharlottehay.

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