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4 Ways Yoga Can Boost Your Creativity

It’s no secret that regular yoga practice may help you become more flexible, lose weight, and strengthen your muscles. The mental benefits of yoga are also well-known, yet this may come as news to newbies. Combining physical efforts with educational ones is the key to success. You might check this CreativeLive vs MasterClass comparison and explore your creative side. Such steps are essential if you are about to change your career or want to reveal your hidden talent. Let’s dig into the topic and examine how yoga can boost your creativity. Here are our top 4 findings about yoga and creativity.

1. Doing Yoga First Thing Makes You Think Creatively

Too often, we fall asleep with our brains racing from all the things we have to do the next day. As a result, we have trouble falling asleep. Our minds are full of the problems we’ll confront the next day. Morning exercises might help calm the racing mind. This relaxed mindset is optimal for thinking clearly, developing novel solutions, and making progress. So yoga prepares your body and mind for the day ahead, helping you meet each obstacle head-on and with resolve.

2. Patience Is A Virtue Yoga Helps You Develop

When you have a lot of work and personal responsibilities piling up at once, it is tempting to get everything done as quickly as possible. While this strategy is effective for mundane activities, it is not conducive to create substantial works of art.

You’ll get the most out of yoga over the long haul if you commit to regularly practising. It teaches you self-restraint to improve your strength, balance, and flexibility. This calls for the artistic virtues of patience and devotion. Also, every inventive project has its share of roadblocks. And having restraint can help you overcome challenges and achieve your creative goals. That’s why doing yoga for creativity is always a good idea.

3. Body Health As A Basis For Creativity

Whatever people say, our physical condition is directly related to our creative potential. If you are healthy and strong, it is easier to create a masterpiece. And conversely, if you are in pain, and you feel fatigued, it is unlikely that you will be able to paint a picture or write a play in three acts. 

Yoga is the ideal type of workout that improves health and does not exhaust. Doing just a few exercises will increase your flexibility and strength. Physical exertion will also improve your mood and mental health in general. Positive effects on mood, social life, sleep, and overall health may all result from the release of endorphins and serotonin during physical exercise. And your chances of becoming a little more creative are increased in that healthy state.

4. The Proper Pose To Boost Creativity

The appropriate positions in the proper order nearly always can improve your mood and inspiration for creating new masterpieces. Here are some yoga poses for creativity you might try.

  • Pigeon Position. The hips are where we keep our destructive emotions. Yet another place where original thought is formed, according to yoga, is in the pelvis and thighs. The second chakra, which is associated with imagination and originality, is located in this area of the body. Thus, hip-opening poses like Pigeon Pose may be quite therapeutic for creative people.


  • Squat Garudasana (Eagle Pose). When you’re stuck in a creative rut, this hip-opener may help you. There’s an extra benefit in that it stretches your shoulders as well. It’s an excellent method for you to relax in this area, where you store a lot of stress and anxiety. This way, you free up some pressure keeping you from being creative.


  • Child’s Pose and meditation. There is no way to coerce originality and make creativity appear out of nowhere. Taking a step back might sometimes be all that’s needed to allow insight to flow freely. It is something that the child’s pose may assist with. The same goes for meditation. Spending even a few minutes in silent reflection helps an artist remember that something more significant than human beings is in this universe. Connecting with this concept can motivate you to express your creativity.


  • Headstand. The headstand position has the incredible ability to centre and ground oneself. It provides a novel viewpoint, literally and metaphorically. And it is an essential component of the creative process. In addition, assuming this position allows for little more oxygen to reach the brain, which is never wrong.


The ability to express oneself via art is one of the greatest gifts. Making art of any kind is a beautiful way to distress after a hard day and remember the many qualities you possess. Unfortunately, there are moments when the ability to be creative is hindered. Ideas get jumbled, and the task itself appears daunting. Yoga can unblock your talents while providing you with concentration, patience, and a healthy body.


About Doan Vu

Doan Vu Doan has come across and developed her love for Ashtanga since 2015. Taking a decision to attend the 200 hours YTT in February 2018 was a remarkable experience as well as a further step towards her journey of sharing the passion for yoga. She is also an Acroyoga enthusiast, trying to balance out the traditional aspect of her practice and bring more fun and creativeness to her teaching.

Having completed her study in Norway, Doan has Preschool Education as her professional background. As what she had learned from teaching children, she desires to bring the same patience, mutual respect and understanding connections into her yoga classes, where students can feel encouraged and comfortable in their bodies and practices.

Connect with her at LikedIn and Instagram

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