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Transform your yoga practice with our Teacher Training program.
Through our small class size and intimate setting , we work on a individual basis and provide tailored guidance to help you deepen your practice and unlock your true potential.

Join us for a yoga course and take your yoga practice to the next level.

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  • Testimonials from the Latest All Yoga Training

    Graduates of TTC

    Erica, France FEB 2023 GRADUATE

    It was an incredible experience, such a great team and the most fabulous location. The experience was extraordinary. I've met so many great people, everything exceeded my expectations. I was able to reconnect to myself and my practice and the whole journey will be forever be in my memory.

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    Nadine, Canada FEB 2023 GRADUATE

    These three weeks were the best of my whole life. Not only did I get to meet so many beautiful souls, but I got the most incredible leadership and mentorship from very amazing teachers. The course is designed in such a perfect way and really gets better with each day that passes. It's definitely challenging at times but the teachers were so supportive and motivational. I would absolutely take the 300 hours course with All Yoga, because I felt like I belong to a family, one that genuinely cares about me and my development. I couldn't ask for more! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity and experience. Much love.

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    Ragnhild, Norway FEB 2023 GRADUATE

    Being at the 200 hour Yoga Yeacher Yraining has been the greatest experience of all time. Forever grateful to have been a student of the amazing teachers and for being a part of the All Yoga community. I am leaving Nusa Lembongan as a stronger more flexible person (both mentally and physically) and I feel inspired, happy and ready to continue my yoga journey back home. Can't recommend All Yoga enough!

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    Andres, Switzerland FEB 2023 GRADUATE

    I feel so lucky and grateful to have chosen All Yoga for my Yoga Teacher Training. The experience exceeded all my expectations. From the locations to the teachers and their wisdom. Everyone from our lead instructor David, our teachers Seline and Jess, but also our philosophy and anatomy teachers Apoorva and Andrew were extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. When there were times that felt physically and mentally challenging, the energy from the teachers and the group always kept me going, but also the occasional Yin class and massages.

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    Kristin, Norway JAN 2023 GRADUATE

    Thank you so much for this adventure. It has been a life-changing experience where I have been able to see myself and my life with more clarity than ever before. To me this is the beginning of a journey, where I am going to implement the things I've learned here in my every day life. Thank you wonderful teachers for the love, openness, discipline and energy you have shown us and being so inspiring and real. Love, Kristine

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    Max, USA JAN 2023 GRADUATE

    I chose this course because I was looking for a way to deepen my personal ashtanga practice. As the owner of a yoga retreat center in Costa Rica, I had met many yoga teachers and heard about teacher trainings with a wide range of expertise, with different programs around the world, some good and some bad ones. Starting this program I had high hopes but low expectations. From the moment I arrived until the moment I left, I was continuously impressed on a daily basis. The level of talent and professionalism amongst the trainers was beyond all my expectations. The anatomy and philosophy instructors who flew in to join us for their modules were extremely well qualified and their contributions deepened my knowledge of yoga and the human body in a way that will help my own practice with a much stronger foundation. Our instructor David is a true professional with a decade of experience that he shows so naturally and with such a genuine desire to see his students succeed. I can't imagine someone better qualified to learn from. Working with our other instructor Seline was such an unexpected treat. Her impressive awareness of the body provided endless wisdom through practical tools that I will use for the rest of my life. The two of them make an impressive team. I always felt very supported and continuously motivated to deepen my own discipline. I will absolutely recommend All Yoga and if I see All Yoga on the résumé of any teacher I interview for my own business, I will know that they are highly qualified.

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