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  • Testimonials from the Latest All Yoga Training

    Graduates of TTC

    Nina, Austria JAN 2024 GRADUATE

    There is a sea of yoga schools one could take for training, I am very sure that it's not possible that there is a better one than All Yoga! David, Shivaani and Sinead are simply amazing!! They pick up each student from where they are at their practice, and make sure everybody gets the assistance they need, no matter the level! Not only do they help, but they also tell you when they see the progress, because sometimes you don’t feel your progress. Additionally, I have never seen my life somebody handling a group (and all upcoming moods) so fantastically. This is really a treasure, because I know how hard this is. They face everyone with such kindness and have an open ear, no matter at which time you approach them. The shala was always set up so nicely, that you feel like “home and safe" the moment you join the shala. Flowers, music, bolsters - simply amazing. I won't lie, it’s tough training, but it's Ashtanga, right? However - the trainers always made sure that there was lots of fun during the training. There are also days when soreness and pain in the muscles are dominant. Then it’s time for Yin or Nidra, I love the fact that they are so attentive and caring. Before I came here, I was not sure if it was worth it to take most of my vacation for this trip. After not even two days, I was even a bit ashamed that I had these thoughts - because already at the beginning l knew that these weeks would change my life to the positive! I thank all of you, from the deepest of my heart.

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    Rosalba Estevez, Belgium JAN 2024 GRADUATE

    This experience was the best thing that I decided to do this year! Is. I've never believed that this training is gonna change my vision of life. I’m already very connected with myself and aware of spirituality, energies, pranayama and meditation I try to be here in the present moment as much as possible. BUT Yoga was for me something, an activity, a class to concentrate, to be focused on the postures and my body. TODAY yoga for me is simply ME → I’m a yoga Yoga involves everything that I am After this training, I feel like a feather, light and full of many things, Love, confidence, detachment from conditions and limiting beliefs in myself. Thank you so so much for everything!! Yoga is not just a practice to achieve flexibility, balance and strong muscles. Yoga for me is a wonderful way/ path: full connection with my body, mind, soul and with the totality around me too.

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    Bo, Malaysia JAN 2024 GRADUATE

    I started the course without any expectations, the initial plan was just to see how far I go, and how much I learn, and I ended up having one of the most memorable and meaningful months of my life here. That's too much to share & to be thankful for. I'm grateful to have been chosen here for my yoga teacher training - The teachers are incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and kind, and all the coursemates were amazing too. Lots of love 🙂

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    Lauren, USA NOV 2023 GRADUATE

    My experience with All Yoga training was much like a rollercoaster. Physically and mentally, I experienced many highs and lows. Reflecting, as I’ve come to the end of the road on this short (yet seemingly long) journey, all was necessary in fulfilling the goal I set out to pursue. I especially loved practicing yoga daily, and learning yoga philosophy and anatomy. I also thoroughly enjoyed my teachers who were very helpful throughout the entire process. I also loved learning about my limitations physically in yoga practice and learning about emotional limitations. My challenges, simply put, were very personal. I’m prone to pursuing goals independently and doing this training in a group setting was very different from what I know. I’m proud that knowingly I went outside of my comfort zone to bend my tight mold a bit. However, I still enjoy my independence but realize that balance will need to continue to be pursued. My mindset of yoga as a whole will forever be transformed by this experience in the most positive view. I look forward to continuing to study yoga and all of its facets as my life journey continues. I am grateful from the deepest depths of my soul for David, Shivaani, and Barbora for their love and sticking it out with me/us. What a wild and complex group of individuals.

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    Jeroen, Netherlands NOV 2023 GRADUATE

    Went into this quite blind, having looked at the website but didn’t register it. Time flew by and before all of us knew we bonded above life experiences and personalities. It’s life-altering to finally have moments of contemplation and be at peace with all the thoughts that are usually present in my mind. David, Shivaani and Barbora are such lovely teachers. Guiding and assisting you along every step of the journey.

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    Iveta, New Zealand OCT 2023 GRADUATE

    Dear future students, Lembongan is a little paradise and the shala close to the ocean is beautiful, but don't expect a holiday in Bali as l did! Be well prepared! It is a high-quality course, the teachers are really good and know what they are doing. It has been a yoga bubble for nearly one month, yon will have hard times but once you look back you will know that it was a good decision and it finds joy a lot of.) I was upset only about one little thing and it was that in the course there were more students than I thought. And that sometimes I miss the space in shala to fully enjoy all the asanas.

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