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Realize your Dreams

Since 2009, our 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training in Thailand and Bali have helped over two thousand students to realize their dreams of becoming a yoga teacher. Our yoga certification courses are Yoga Alliance certified. You will gain an internationally recognized teaching qualification enabling you to teach anywhere in the world.

We provide a comprehensive 200 hr yoga teacher training based on Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga following the method taught by Pattabhi Jois. Once the foundation is established, we will explore a modern style of practice and teachings like Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Rocket yoga and more. Throughout the yoga instructor training, you will receive a rich background in the history and origins of yoga, as well as all the tools necessary to teach in today’s multi-faceted world of yoga.

Combining modern teaching techniques with ancient wisdom, we will work with you to deepen your understanding of the yoga practice and lifestyle, no matter your level of practice. You will be encouraged to challenge yourself physically and spiritually and will emerge from our intensive yoga teacher training ready to practice and teach safely with confidence and skill.

Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life. Our internationally recognized Yoga Alliance certification will enable you to teach yoga around the world. If joining a yoga teacher training is part of your bigger vision of how you want to live your life, you are just one step away from manifesting it.

Yoga Course Objectives

We look forward to becoming an integral part of your yoga journey.

Training Investment

The yoga course fee starts from

USD 2,950
* early bird price USD 3650

with our early bird discount

For the first 10 sign-ups, the price includes free accommodation in our spacious dorm

if you prefer a single room, prices can vary from USD 15 for a bungalow to USD 40 for a superior room. The course fee doesn’t include food, however there are many options to suit all range of budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have an "advanced" yoga practice to join the yoga teachers training?

There's no need to be able to perform any specific yoga poses like putting your feet behind your head or having a perfect handstand! To join a yoga teachers training, we are looking for emotionally mature, dedicated practitioners who are committed to learning with an open mind. It's required that you maintain a personal practice. We ask that before attending, you have had a minimum of 3 months of consistent yoga practice with dynamic styles such as Ashtanga or vinyasa flow.

Will I be able to teach yoga worldwide after receiving my yoga certification?

After completing the yoga teachers training course, you will be certified to register with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200 yoga teacher. The Yoga Alliance is the most well-known organization to register your status as a professional yoga teacher and start your yoga career.

I just want to deepen my yoga practice, is the All Yoga training course right for me?

Many of our yoga students simply want to gain a solid foundation and deepen their practice, study yoga philosophy / tradition, form healthy lifestyle habits and meet a loving community of like-minded yogis!

It is entirely your choice, whether or not you decide to become a yoga instructor. But along the way, you might discover your yoga teaching voice and get exited to share the love of the yoga practice and the yoga benefits. You will have all the tools to do so.

How do I secure my spot & receive early bird discount for yoga teacher training?

Reserve your placement by sending a 650 USD deposit via our Payment Gateway.
To guarantee the early bird discount, be sure to register before the deadline.

What is included in the yoga training course price?

    The price includes:
  • Tuition with experienced teachers in an intimate small-class setting
  • Training materials
  • Yoga Alliance recognized certificate (upon graduation)
  • Free accommodation (for first 10 sign ups)

Yoga Teacher Training Resource

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  • Course Testimonials

    Annemarie, Netherlands
    August 2019 Graduate

    When I was looking for teacher training to learn more and deepen my ashtanga vinyasa yoga practice, All Yoga was recommended to me by a friend. Since there are so many YTT out there it was hard to find a good one. What makes a TT a good TT? Not one moment have I had regret choosing All Yoga! It was such a good training. The set up of the training and structure are well thought through and very smart. The time available used in such a constructive way, students were challenged but were not exhausted. There is time for some serious learning and practice but also for fun. The teachers are excellent. Exceptionally knowledgable and passionate about what they are doing. They practice what they preach. Taking all the time for the students and helping and being there all the time. They know when it is time to study and when students are tired and in need of something else. Never pushing over the limits, but challenging for sure. Very grateful to be in this yoga bubble once more, going home inspired. Also a bit sad, since I know I will not find such good teachers.

    Denny Castle, US
    August 2019 Graduate

    My original expectations for the All Yoga teacher training were to spend a lot of time near the beach, deepening my yoga practice and learning teaching tips. Those expectations were exceeded by far. Now I have tools and experience for a much more in-depth practice and have become a better teacher. This was made possible by the content and structure of the training. Supporting materials were very helpful. The best part of the training was the quality and experience of the teachers. Their expertise and ability to cover that knowledge was outstanding. Dr. Ganes and Wendy were very engaging in their workshops, leaving me to want more. Kholisma, Camila, and David gave such good advice, suggestions and are very passionate. David has such passion for yoga that is contagious. Thank you! Namaste!

    Lorie Bird
    August 2019 Graduate

    I wasn't sure what to expect, but from the first day, Vari and Helena made me feel comfortable and welcome. The course immersed me into yoga, and helped me build my confidence and practice. The knowledge I am leaving with was more than I could've have imagined and the transformation within me as a person, I can only describe as life-changing. I had some personal challenges on this journey, but I was able to look at them from a different perspective. I allowed them to help me grow as a person, wife, and mom.

    Julie Jenels
    August 2019 Graduate

    I had a lot of expectations leading up to my trip to Thailand plus my All Yoga course. I feel like my expectations have been met. I enjoyed the yoga and training I received and made some great/amazing lifelong friends along the way. This yoga training will challenge you physically and mentally. My journey has only just begun now. I can't wait to go back home and use everything I've learned. I can't wait to see what my future holds after this training.

    Margery Ai, Australia
    July 2019 Graduate

    My life perspective, overall energy, and values have been transformed during this course. I have deepened my personal practice immensely, acquired a wide and deep breadth of knowledge, and made friends for life. The location of the yoga shala was perfect for situating my growth and mindfulness. All Yoga is well organized, dynamic and interesting, and compassionate in response to student needs.

    Christina, Austria
    July 2019 Graduate

    I chose this training because it has an Ashtanga Vinyasa focus. Also, you have an opportunity here to do yoga and enjoy the sunset during your afternoon practice. The shala is located directly on the beach. I was looking for teachers who understand the modern needs of yoga but are focusing on the traditional approach of Ashtanga. This teachers gave us everything and more. They always had an open ear during the training and guided us through the "rollercoaster". With rollercoaster I mean all the emotions that come up and you somehow get to know yourself better. All Yoga did completely fulfill my dream of a perfect YTT. The teachers were amazing in sharing their knowledge. Thanks for everything! Namaste!

    Lee Joyyi, Malaysia
    July 2019 Graduate

    My main intention to sign up for the course was to deepen my practice and all I thought was to polish my asana practice. Little did I know; yoga is not about the asana only. All Yoga has taught me that a true yoga practice requires a practitioner to be mindful, be present, and to flow with the breath. It turned my practice into a calming self-discovery journey, which I consider it as a whole new level for my yoga journey. I was not confident to teach before the training, but All Yoga provided a structured teaching curriculum to prepare us well in teaching Modified Primary Series and now I have the confidence to lead a class now! It was also cool that I have a big family around the globe now! I have learned in the training that happiness is a decision, not a condition. In which I will carry this quote with me throughout my life. Thank you All Yoga family!

    Fabienne, Switzerland
    July 2019 Graduate

    I'm Fabienne, I'm 55 years old and live in Geneva. I joined the teacher training with my 23 year old daughter. I don't intend to become a yoga teacher. I just want to improve my practice. It was really challenging for me as I didn't have the same high level as other students. But, the teachers were very attentive and patient. I've made great progress and learned a lot. I feel very grateful to All Yoga, especially to Vari, Delphine & Helena fo their dedication.

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