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Trusted by a community of more than 2300 happy graduates worldwide.
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Want to become a professional yoga teacher?
Our time tested methodology focus on the art of teaching yoga and finding your yoga voice. We are proud to create the best yoga teachers in the industry.

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Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Transform your yoga practice with our Teacher Training program.
Through our small class size and intimate setting , we work on a individual basis and provide tailored guidance to help you deepen your practice and unlock your true potential.

Join us for a yoga course and take your yoga practice to the next level.

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  • Testimonials from the Latest All Yoga Training

    Graduates of TTC

    Insa, Germany MAR 2024 GRADUATE

    I believe there will be plenty of times when the sound of waves will bring me back to the beautiful yoga shala at the beach. Back to the inspiring atmosphere and good vibes, but also to my struggles with Ashtanga Yoga, I still don't enjoy it and are happy to take all the things learned to my own personal yoga style. My advice for potential future students: practice Ashtanga before you sign Up. You will practice Ashtanga every day in this training, if you do not like it will be a very hard journey for you. If you like it though you'll have a wonderful journey ahead of you.

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    Sabrina, USA MAR 2024 GRADUATE

    This course challenged me mentally and physically in the best ways. I learned so much about myself in addition to how much I learned about yoga. I made lifelong friends from all over the world, and I'll cherish all our memories from this experience forever! It was the most rewarding process. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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    Elise, Australia MAR 2024 GRADUATE

    My experience with All yoga has been wholesome. I have been pushed both physically and mentally that has shown me how much more I can push myself when I am about to do less, but my mind and body can go beyond that limit, without getting hurt in any way. Thanks to Asana clinics I am fully aware of my alignment, to not get injured doing asanas. The challenge was to still manage to push even though my body felt fatigued ( PS: Ice bath was very challenging too haha!) I really enjoyed all the lectures and workshops we had, I was into all the lectures with Wendy and Dr Ganesh. It was inspiring in the way they talked about their subjects. I really enjoyed having Kim and Sonia in the shala at all times, inspiring to see how well they were doing after doing this training themselves, and how supportive they were for each one of us.I am so grateful for the way David pushed us in his led classes, and a lot of inspiring words throughout the whole training. Thank you All Yoga for giving me this opportunity to be stronger physically and mentally and transform into a more open-minded person.

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    Liv, New Zealand FEB 2024 GRADUATE

    I loved every moment! Well, 99% of the moments. Some of them were really hard, mentally and physically, but looking back, they were the most rewarding parts.

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    Mikaela, USA FEB 2024 GRADUATE

    I would recommend this training to anyone passionate about yoga. This training can be done at any level. I’m personally a beginner and I have not only transformed physically but this training has expanded my knowledge immensely on yoga. As I started as a beginner it was challenging at first but the coaches helped me every step of the way and always encouraged me to be my best. Would recommend it to anyone of any age, any experience level.

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    Kaitlyn, USA FEB 2024 GRADUATE

    Coming to this course I had one thing in mind, immersing myself in Ashtanga on a beautiful island across the world away from everything I know. I didn’t fully know how close to home this training would bring me. I’ve moved more into my body and soul and have made family in Nusa Lembongan. The course is intensive and flies by quickly. It’s a challenge to try and harness the time but the environment sends to it greatly. David, Seline and Shivaani are not only wonderful teachers but wonderful people as well. They took an intimidating practice and made it very accessible for all levels that showed up to be there. I will forever consider them my teachers and friends on and off the matt. Till I come back…

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