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BALINusa Lembogan

Yoga Teacher Training
in Bali


About The Course

Our 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali will help you deepen your yoga practice, offer plenty of inspiration, and provide you a strong foundation to safely teach Yoga with confidence.

This stunning beachfront location is an incredible setting to soak up some sunshine, bask in the warm sea breeze, and discover your true potential. You will have the opportunity to tune in to your inner wisdom and experience personal transformation while living in magical Bali.

Upon completion of this Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga course, you will receive a certificate accredited by the Yoga Alliance, the international standard for yoga teacher.

Our experienced international yoga instructors will expertly guide you in learning asana, philosophy, meditation, pranayama, kriya and much more.

Note: this yoga teacher training is limited to 22 students to ensure the highest quality of our program and personalized guidance to each student.

Special Offers

✔ $700 DISCOUNT for sign up received 3 months before start date.
✔ FREE ACCOMMODATION for the first 6 students of each course.


Accepted students should have experience in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, or other dynamic styles of yoga. Students should be in healthy condition and must not be pregnant. (Please let us know about any minor conditions or physical injuries).


Yoga in Bali

Nusa Lembongan is a pristine island located just 30 min from Sanur, Bali. Enjoy authentic culture and a tropical climate in this relaxed setting. The idyllic beachfront shala will have you practicing to the sound of waves and gentle sea breezes. The evenings have glorious sunsets that easily inspire inward focus, mindful reflection and deep meditation.

Yoga Bali

The Yoga Shala

Our new shala is located on the sandy beach of Jungut Batu, Nusa Lembongan. The space was thoughtfully designed to facilitate the exploration and integration of yoga in everyday living. The traditional thatched roofing is naturally ventilated with openings on three sides. Feel the warmth of the tropics with regular breezes to keep it comfortable.

yoga shala


Even though Nusa Lembongan is a quiet little island, there are many accommodation options for everyone. Whether you’re on a tight budget or are looking for a luxurious getaway including full services, you’ll find an array of choices within easy distance of the yoga shala.

Within a couple of hundred meters in any direction you can find a room for as little as 25USD. Rooms on the beach can be found for around $20-50. If you venture further out, you’ll have even more variety of options.

On the south end of Jungut Batu beach are high-end villas with world class facilities and amenities. The views from here down Jungut Batu beach towards Mt Agung are absolutely breathtaking.

These are all within a 5 minute walk.

For the list of our recommended resorts, visit the page HERE.

yoga training accommodation

Healthy Food

The area offers plenty of restaurants to choose from. they are all within a walking distance from the shala. Delicious Balinese cuisine, international food, vegetarian and raw options are available. Price for a dish start from 4USD.

Please note that the food is not included in the training price.

yoga diet

Special Offers

$700 DISCOUNT for sign up 3 months before start date.
FREE ACCOMMODATION for the first 10 signups!


Your trainers

David Adame Yoga Trainer Trainer, E-RYT 200 David Adame

With a background of professional contemporary dancer and teacher, David was introduced to Ashtanga-vinyasa Yoga in 2009 and started to teach shortly after .He is now an recognized international teacher.

Marcela Mota Yoga Trainer Lead Trainer, E-RYT 200 Marcela Mota

Marcela is an international teacher and co-founder of All Yoga Brazil. Blending her Brazilian roots and loving nature, Marcela is a lively, caring and playful teacher who spreads love and compassion.

Yoga Course Trainer Lead Trainer, E-RYT 200 Corey Wu

Founder of All Yoga Taiwan, Corey has been running Yoga Training for many years. He introduced Rocket Yoga to Asia and is considered as a Senior Rocket trainer. His approach is to connect movement with breath to create a moving meditation and master the mind.

Seline Yoga Teacher Trainer, E-RYT 200 Seline

Since 2010, Seline has been teaching Groupfitness classes and trained new instructors. She holds importance for finding balance between strength and flexibility, why she started practicing Yoga. Immediately, she knew Yoga will play a big role in her life.

Yoga Anatomy Instructor Anatomy teacher, E-RYT 500 Wendy Chan

Founder of Yoga Seed, one of the most popular yoga studio in Singapore, Wendy has been teaching Yoga since 2010. Her focus is on the Yoga Anatomy and the therapeutic approach of Yoga to heal the body.

Yoga Trainer Trainer, E-RYT 200 Arki Lee

Director of All Yoga Taiwan, Arki has been working with hundreds of yoga student helping them to achieve their yoga certification. Her sweet personality give her class a magical touch of softness, allowing deep heart opening.

Yoga Philosophy Teacher Philosophy Teacher Dr. Ganesh Rao

Dr Ganesh has conducted more than 13500 sessions of Yoga education to date, covering both the theory and practice of all aspects of Yoga catering towards health,healing and the yoga lifestyle. He is currently in charge of the official Yoga certification process in India.

Kholis Yoga Teacher Trainer, E-RYT 200 Kholis

Kholis is Indonesian & started her fitness career when she was 19 as a cycling group fitness instructor. By being a part of the fitness industry, she got into many different physical activities such as Cycling, CrossFit and Yoga.

David Lertsin Yoga Course Director Course Director, E-RYT 500 David Lertsin

Founder of All Yoga Training, David has been running yoga courses since 2009. He had the honor to share the journey of thousand aspiring yoga teachers as a course facilitator. The heart of his teaching is based on Mindfulness. His goal is to teach students how to integrate the Yoga Practice to the daily life.

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