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The 9 Best Yoga Teacher Training January 2025

As the new year unfurls its promise of fresh beginnings, there’s no better time to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and, perhaps, kick-start a fulfilling career in the heart of the yoga community by attending a yoga teacher training abroad. In January 2024, globe-trotting yogis and beginners alike have a wealth of opportunities to deepen their own practice, broaden their understanding of ancient yoga philosophies, and forge bonds with fellow yoga enthusiasts from around the world.

Set in the most picturesque corners of the globe, from the vibrant jungles of the Amazon to the white sand beaches of Thailand, these top nine yoga certification course are designed to provide immersive and transformative experiences that go beyond the physical practice.

Dive into this carefully curated list of the top nine yoga teacher trainings worldwide to find the one that resonates with your spirit and aligns with your goals. Let’s get started!

1. All Yoga, Bali, Yoga Teacher Training January 2024

Embarking on a journey with All Yoga’s teacher training in Bali promises not just an education in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, but a deep, transformative personal journey surrounded by the stunning Balinese landscapes.

Since its creation in 2009, the program has certified over 2300 yoga enthusiasts into confident yoga teachers, utilizing a robust curriculum with foundations in the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. The comprehensive 200-hour course, limited to 20 students to ensure quality experience, enables individuals to delve into yoga’s intricacies, including functional anatomy, breathwork, and energetic elements integral in every pose, fostering personal and professional growth.

Students can expect an enriching course involving a practical, hands-on approach to mastering adjustments, alignments, yoga prop utilization, and exploring the business aspect of yoga.

The All Yoga training experience goes beyond the mat, offering students a unique chance to study in a shala on the beach. The magical environment, characterized by traditional thatched roofs and open-air design, fosters a deep connection to the self and the natural surroundings.

Upon graduating, All Yoga promises not just a certificate, but a rejuvenated spirit ready to share the yoga love with the world, armed with an in-depth understanding of yoga’s physical, philosophical, and business aspects. It is more than just a training, it’s a magical and transformative experience waiting to unveil itself in January 2024.

Yoga Alliance Accredited
The All Yoga Bali Teacher Training Course is accredited by Yoga Alliance, meaning graduates can use their qualification to teach in their home country or anywhere in the world. This gives course participants more options for where their careers as qualified yoga teachers will take them!

What you will leave the course with

Upon completion of the All Yoga Bali Teacher Training Course, you will leave as an empowered, knowledgeable, and confident yoga teacher who can safely lead inspirational yoga classes for all levels.

You will be able to teach:

  • MPS: Modified Primary Serie (beginner, intermediate)
  • Creative Vinyasa Flow sequence (all level)
  • Traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (intermediate, advanced)
    This training will be perfect for you if:
  • You are looking for a most comprehensive yoga teacher training in Bali
  • You prefer a more intimate group size ( max 20 students).
  • You want a modern and evidence based approach to Yoga
  • You are ready to challenge your yoga practice
  • You are looking for personal guidance and one on one mentoring
  • You love Vinyasa Yoga Style
  • You want to learn a Self Practice.
  • You can commit to a daily meditation practice and self growth

School: All Yoga Training
Location: Bali
Length: 23 days
Style: Ashtanga-Vinyasa
Price: £2367
More Info: Click Here

2. Yoga Skyros Academy, Greece, January Yoga Training

yoga teacher training

In the picturesque setting of Greece, Yoga Skyros Academy is offering a 21-day, 200 RYT Yoga Therapy Teacher Training and Certification course available all year round, setting a nurturing ground for yoga enthusiasts to escalate to an advanced level of yoga understanding. Delving deeper than a traditional yoga class, yoga therapy uses a blend of Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda Science, and modern medicine to create a holistic approach towards managing various health issues, including, but not limited to, coronary heart diseases, obesity, and sleep disorders. Although prior yoga experience is not needed to enroll, it would be beneficial. The course is designed not only to build a foundational understanding for further advanced courses but also to equip students to teach yoga and potentially certify other budding yogis.

Distinguished from general yoga classes, the Yoga Therapy concept is tailored to suit individuals with serious health problems, focusing on integrating mind and body to harmonize with the surrounding life. The course covers many topics, including understanding the holistic balance of mental and physical health, diving into the philosophy of Indian medicine, and studying 30 detailed yoga postures coupled with breathwork and anatomy. This yoga therapy is curated to enable attendees to support the healing process of individuals undergoing health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and hormonal imbalances. The yoga teacher training course emphasizes cultivating a deep understanding of the interconnection between yoga and various therapeutic approaches, fostering a heightened consciousness and inner peace in the practitioners.

Yoga Skyros Academy, with a legacy dating back to 2005, takes pride in its practical and career-focused approach to yoga. It facilitates a learning environment with a maximum of ten students per class, ensuring personalized attention and a deeper understanding of the transformative power of yoga science. Graduates exit the program not only as certified yoga therapy teachers ready to share the healing power of yoga but as individuals equipped to embark on a successful career in yoga with an enriched understanding of self, ready to inspire hope, comfort, and faith in their future clients. The course stands as a pathway to self-evolution and a deeper understanding of yoga science. It promises a community of nurturing team environment and a stepping stone to a fulfilling yoga career.

School: Yoga Skyros Academy
Location: Greece
Length: 21 days
Style: Yoga therapy
Price: £1632
More Info: Click Here

3. Devvrat Yoga Sangha, India, Yoga Teacher Training January

yoga teacher training

At the heart of Devvrat Yoga Sangha lies a deep-seated dedication to nurturing serious yoga practitioners in their journey to become teachers who facilitate transformative experiences through yoga. The training strikes a harmonious balance between Ashtanga and Hatha yoga styles, pulling from the dynamic, meditative qualities of yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha’s emphasis on proper alignment. With the class size capped between 12 to 15 students, everyone receives ample attention, encouraging an environment of self-study and self-awareness, central pillars in a yoga teacher’s journey. The day starts with a two-hour session of asana and breathwork, fostering discipline through a focus on correct alignment and breath work. The curriculum, intricately woven with yoga philosophy, meditation, and the art of teaching yoga, provides students a rich ground to strengthen their own asana practice while acquiring the vital tools needed to blossom into adept teachers.

Delving deeper, the yoga teacher training course format alternates between led classes and personal paced sequences, facilitating a thorough exploration of the 70 asanas of the Ashtanga Primary Series during morning Hatha sessions and a deepening understanding of the Ashtanga Mysore style in the afternoon. In this nurturing community, the teacher guides and supports students individually. A signature of this training is its pragmatic approach, empowering future teachers with knowledge on utilizing yoga props effectively to enhance the therapeutic benefits of yoga asana, while accentuating the role of ‘prana’ or vital energy.

At Devvrat Yoga Sangha, the experience transcends beyond the mat, embodying a philosophy that mirrors the sattvic principle of purity and honesty even in daily diets. It crafts a space where students can witness and learn the art of yogic food preparation, instilling the essence of Karma Yoga through shared sattvic meals every Friday, fostering learning and sharing, and solidifying a sense of community. Aspiring to be a beacon for individuals seeking depth and purpose in modern yoga practices, the Yoga Sangha is a confluence of students, teachers, and scholars. It offers training, workshops and retreats, aiming to elevate one’s practice to a more meaningful plane, all steeped in rich philosophical and spiritual foundations, providing an intensely enriching experience for every participant.

School: Devvrat Yoga Sangha
Location: India
Length: 28 days
Style: Ashtanga & Hatha
Price: £979
More Info: Click Here

4. Kootenay Yoga School, Mexico, January Yoga teacher Training 2024

yoga teacher training

For those looking to transform both their lives and yoga practices, Kootenay Yoga School has the perfect offering in the serene setting of Isla Mujeres. Here, students are nurtured into becoming adept yoga teachers, ready to inspire others to embrace their bodies through yoga. The 200-hour program, spanning over 15 enriching days, ensures participants emerge with a grounded understanding of 45 traditional poses, skilled in crafting sequences, and harboring a renewed sense of self-confidence. The immersive and holistic curriculum integrates daily meditation into life’s routine, promoting a deeper connection with oneself and others. The students will find themselves delving into small group teaching practices, opening new realms of perception and fostering a deeper relationship with their yoga practice.

In the serene setting of Isla Mujeres, as participants focus on transforming their lives and yoga practices with Kootenay Yoga School, the emphasis is also on nurturing one’s self through healthy eating. Coupled with a deep yoga practice, understanding and preparing tasty solo meals can enhance one’s sense of wellbeing. Focusing on nourishing the body supports optimum healing and growth both on and off the mat.

In this paradise-like setting, each day is a vibrant tapestry of diverse activities that feel more immersive than intensive. Students will attend inspired poolside seminars, enjoy sunrise meditations, and participate in asana and pranayama labs. The course comprehensively covers various integral yoga topics such as anatomy, Vinyasa flow, and Restorative yoga, among others, sprinkled with the unique magic of savasana. The goal is to equip every student with the knowledge and confidence to lead their classes and workshops, emphasizing a detailed understanding of traditional yoga poses, the art of sequencing a creative yoga class, and mastering the nuances of leading meditations.

Beyond the well-rounded curriculum, what sets this program apart is its magical location in Isla Mujeres, renowned as a “magic city” and situated a mere 500 meters from the Punta Sur National Healing Center. Students are housed in jungle cabanas surrounded by gardens, a stone’s throw from the Caribbean Sea, offering an enriching backdrop to this journey of education and self-discovery. They can look forward to nourishing themselves with three daily meals, meticulously prepared with regional and seasonal offerings. This picturesque setting, coupled with guidance from a team of authentic wellness professionals, guarantees an experience that is educational, fun and inspiring. It promises a transformative experience, rich in knowledge and personal growth, with the added perk of forming connections within a nurturing community environment.

School: Kootenay Yoga School
Location: Mexico
Length: 15 days
Style: Multi-style
Price: £1966
More Info: Click Here

5. One Yoga, Thailand

yoga teacher training

Dive deep into the world of yoga with the experienced international teaching team at One Yoga, offering a Yoga Alliance registered 200 hour yoga teacher training course in the serene environment of Koh Phangan, Thailand. Whether beginner or advanced practitioners, participants will be guided to hone their modern and traditional yoga teaching skills, covering dynamic and meditative styles. Apart from physical yoga, the program emphasizes yogic philosophy, anatomy, and physiology, aiming to provide a richer understanding than most other courses in the market. Additionally, the course encompasses a unique meditation program designed to augment the benefits of yoga manifold. Each student leaves with not only the confidence and knowledge to teach yoga but also a more profound personal understanding and connection to the practice, ready to lead with a balanced perspective of physical and spiritual yoga.

What sets this course apart is its attention to the deeper aspects of yoga, taking it beyond just physical yoga postures and delving into philosophical dimensions to foster a more fulfilling practice. The journey does not end with completing the course; graduates have the exclusive opportunity to continue their hands-on training by offering free yoga classes to the local community, an amazing chance to give back and gain practical teaching experience in a supportive environment. Students also get free 30-day access to One Yoga Online Studio and an option for lifetime access to the 200-hour online course, facilitating a continuous connection and engagement with yoga at any time and place. Upon successful completion, participants earn the internationally recognized RYT 200 certification, a key to numerous opportunities in the global yoga landscape.

Nestled in the yoga paradise of Koh Phangan, One Yoga stands as a beacon for yoga enthusiasts, steeped in ancient traditions and supported by teachers with decades of personal practice and personal experience. They offer an inviting spiritual community where genuine, lifelong connections are forged. The training program promises more than education; it is a gateway to transformation, offering an environment for profound personal growth with the perks of delicious vegetarian or vegan meals and the beauty of a private beach resort to connect deeply with nature. Join the One Yoga family for a life-altering experience amidst an ensemble of individuals sharing the same passion and journey towards a deeper understanding of yoga and oneself.

School: One Yoga
Location: Thailand
Length: 28 days
Style: Multi-style
Price: £1764
More Info: Click Here

6. Kololi Beach Resort, The Gambia

yoga teacher training

In breathtaking Kololi Beach Resort, nestled amidst lush greenery and the hypnotic hum of nature, awaits a transformative yoga teacher training program for individuals eager to deepen their spiritual journey. Set in the vibrant surroundings of The Gambia, the 200-hour course promises a rich education in various yoga styles including Hatha, Ashtanga, and Yin yoga, and an insightful dive into yoga’s history and philosophy. As attendees refine their understanding of body mechanics through expert-led anatomy and physiology sessions, they are encouraged to immerse themselves in meditation, mantra, and the soul-soothing practice of kirtan. This immersive experience, balancing physical adeptness and spiritual awakening, enables every graduate to foster a deeper connection with themselves while acquiring the skills to guide others on a similar path, backed with a certification recognized globally through the Yoga Alliance.

But the journey extends beyond the yoga mat, embracing the vibrant Gambian culture and stunning natural landscapes that set the backdrop for this transformative program. Students have the unique opportunity to venture out and connect with the local community and traditions through an authentic Gambian dinner hosted weekly and exploratory excursions that include a four-wheel drive adventure through South West Gambian villages and a wildlife safari in Senegal. Whether marveling at the stunning vistas or learning from the rich Gambian history and culture, every extracurricular activity is carefully designed to foster a deeper connection with the self and the enchanting land surrounding them.

Kololi Beach Resort elevates the experience, offering luxury accommodations mere steps away from the beach. The resort ensures a comfortable stay in spacious apartments equipped with all modern amenities and mesmerizing views of the Springs pool. While nurturing the mind and soul, attendees are also treated to a sattvic diet with various dining options to suit every preference. As part of a global tribe nurtured through this course, students leave not just with a certification, but with enriched souls, new perspectives, and a community built on the shared intention of personal growth and spiritual evolution. It’s more than a training; it’s an invitation to a vibrant, nature-harmonized, and inclusive learning experience where every day is a step closer to personal evolution amidst Gambia’s spectacular scenery.

School: Kololi Beach Resort
Location: The Gambia
Length: 22 days
Style: Multi-style
Price: £2655
More Info: Click Here

7. Pura Veda Gurukulam, Costa Rica

yoga course january 2024

In the heart of Costa Rica, surrounded by lush jungles and close to pristine beaches, awaits a transformative journey guided by the seasoned yoga experts Sonia Kaur and Ciro Nirvair at the Pura Veda Gurukulam. This yoga haven, modeled after the forest yoga schools depicted in the Upanishads, promises an immersive experience grounded in the deep-rooted traditions of yoga and Ayurveda. The yoga teacher training January aims to guide individuals through a spiritual pathway, enriched with tailored yoga sessions, Ayurvedic meal plans, and knowledge-sharing sessions spanning yoga philosophies, anatomy, breathing techniques, and much more. The serene setting near Nosara is a gateway to holistic learning, where students are encouraged to forge a strong connection with nature and themselves, evolving through exploratory learning balanced harmoniously with theory classes.

Guided by a legacy of over 64 years of combined expertise in yoga, mindfulness, and Ayurveda, the January yoga course pledges an enriching and intimate learning environment with small group trainings, ensuring personalized attention for every attendee. Students embark on a nurturing journey that echoes the ancestral roots of yoga, encompassing foundational alignment skills with subtle body inquiry. Participants delve deep into self-discovery through the embodiment of yamas and niyamas, finding guidance and balance to take back into each student’s daily life. A supportive and rejuvenating space awaits, as attendees undergo detoxification and transformation through the mastery of asanas and pranayama techniques, steering towards newfound clarity and equilibrium in life. Pura Veda’s immersive schedule, designed in harmony with the Earth’s circadian rhythms, fosters a potent ground for personal growth, nurturing the soul with high-prana meals, self-inquiry sessions, and immersive experiences amidst nature’s bounty.

Pura Veda Gurukulam, nestled amidst rich biodiversity that invites many birds and wildlife, offers a sanctuary of tranquility away from bustling tourist spots, fostering a community where individuals can grow, learn, and transform harmoniously with nature. Here, individuals are not just students but become part of a family, inheriting wisdom through living the teachings of yoga and Ayurveda daily. The Gurukulam fosters community, offering support and guidance even after the training, nurturing long-term connections rooted in shared experiences and learned philosophies. With the nurturing guidance of experienced teachers, individuals are led towards a journey of personal transformation, fostering a deeper connection with the universe, and nurturing a relationship with the self in the tranquil settings of Pura Veda.

School: Pura Veda Gurukulam
Location: Costa Rica
Length: 17 days
Style: Yoga & Ayurveda
Price: £1925
More Info: Click Here

8. Wild Warrior Yoga, Spain, Yoga Training January 2024

yoga training January 2024

Dive deep into a transformative yoga journey at the Wild Warrior Yoga yoga teacher training January 2024, nestled in the heart-stirring landscapes of southern Spain. This Yoga Alliance-approved, 200-hour residential program stretches across four immersive weeks, allowing a small group of a maximum of 12 individuals to engage in an in-depth exploration of yoga under meticulous guidance. Situated a brisk 20-minute walk from the bohemian seaside village of Los Caños de Meca, the retreat offers a haven of tranquility, housed in a beautiful Spanish villa surrounded by the protected natural parks of Andalusia. When not fine-tuning their asana and pranayama skills, trainees can catch a wave in surf classes, indulge in traditional tapas, or explore the historic charm of nearby towns like Vejer de la Frontera.

The Wild Warrior Yoga TTC curriculum is designed to foster personal growth and build a strong foundation for aspiring yoga teachers. Mornings start with Ashtanga Primary Series practices, gradually transitioning into self-led practices to promote independence and confidence in each student’s journey. In addition to the primary series, trainees expand their horizons with vinyasa flow sessions that spotlight specific themes, coupled with restorative practices like yin yoga in the evenings. Delve into the depths of pranayama and meditation, mastering various breathing techniques and discovering the harmonizing potentials of a guided meditation practice. Meanwhile, anatomy and alignment classes facilitate a deeper understanding of the functional aspects of yoga postures, encouraging students to adopt a tailored approach that acknowledges the diversity of body types and abilities.

Thanks to a comprehensive module on teaching methodology and practicum, aspiring teachers will find themselves well-equipped post-graduation. From mastering the nuances of voice modulation to creating inclusive classes, trainees learn the ropes through peer-led feedback and practical activities right from the get-go. The yoga course January extends a holistic approach to yoga, incorporating teachings from the revered Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and offering glimpses into Ayurveda’s expansive science. By the end of their journey, students would have nurtured a sound foundational knowledge of yogic anatomy, embraced different facets of yogic lifestyle, and crafted a robust 60-minute class to embark on their teaching journey. Participants are nurtured with nutritious, vegetarian meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a feast for the body, mind and soul. With the picturesque Andalusian countryside as their backdrop, trainees transform, ready to share the rich legacy of yoga with the world.

School: Wild Warrior Yoga
Location: Spain
Length: 29 days
Style: Ashtanga-Vinyasa
Price: £2362
More Info: Click Here

9. Moksha Yoga Amazónica, Peru, yoga teacher training january

yoga teacher training January

In the heart of the Amazon jungle in Peru, aspiring yoga instructors can embark on a transformative journey with Moksha Yoga Amazónica’s integral Vinyasa, Yin, and Karma yoga teacher training program. This immersive experience not only guides students through the in-depth study of yoga practices such as asanas, pranayama, and meditation, it enriches learners with the lessons from key texts, including Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. Whether at the beginning of your yoga path or looking to deepen your existing practice, this training offers a nurturing environment to foster growth, facilitating personal and professional transformation through a rich curriculum covering everything from yoga philosophies to biomechanics and Ayurvedic self-care routines. Set in the idyllic Moyobamba region, participants are treated to new learnings amidst nature, complete with views of vibrant flora and local wildlife, encouraging a harmonious blend of self-discovery and a deepened connection with the natural world.

Moksha Yoga Amazónica’s teacher training program, accredited by the Yoga Alliance, is meticulously designed to foster a deep understanding and mastery of various yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa flow, and Yin yoga. It offers practical and theoretical insights, guiding trainees to build customized yoga sequences, employ proper alignment techniques, and confidently lead classes across skill levels. The training goes beyond the physical, encouraging participants to find their unique voice as a yoga teacher, rooted in self-awareness and ongoing learning. From mastering foundational asanas to learning advanced practices like inversions and handstand techniques, students are prepared to support others on their yoga journeys while enhancing their personal growth, fostering a yogic lifestyle both on and off the mat.

To ensure a well-rounded education, the program interweaves traditional Indian yogic teachings with modern insights into anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. Students undertake hands-on practice and peer-to-peer observations, and receive continual feedback to refine their skills teaching yoga. The experience is complemented by exciting excursions such as eco-reserve canoe rides, visits to a hummingbird sanctuary, and volunteering opportunities through Karma Yoga initiatives. Participants can look forward to a nurturing environment with comfortable accommodations at the Kantu Garden Lodge, rejuvenating amenities like a pool, and various spots perfect to practice yoga and relax. Upon completion, graduates will be certified to teach worldwide, ready to inspire others with their deepened yoga practice, equipped with not just a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification, but also a bonus 20-hour certificate in Ayurvedic Self-Care Daily Routines, a Moksha yoga mat, Mala beads, and a Moksha Yoga Amazónica tank top to remember this transformative journey. The program promises not just a teacher training but a path to self-love, happiness, and a profound connection to the yogic way of life.

School: Moksha Yoga Amazónica
Location: Peru
Length: 14 days
Style: Vinyasa, Yin & Karma
Price: £1961
More Info: Click Here


In conclusion, these nine best yoga teacher training programs slated for January 2024 are more than just a pathway to deepen one’s yoga practice; they represent a golden opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. These carefully curated experiences, set in breathtaking locales worldwide, promise a rich blend of ancient wisdom and modern teaching techniques.

Whether nestled in the vibrant heart of a jungle or a serene undiscovered haven, each of these training programs offer a unique journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement. Aspiring yogis can look forward to not only honing their craft under seasoned mentors but also forging deep connections within a community of like-minded individuals. It’s not just about mastering yoga poses; it’s about embarking on a transformative adventure that nourishes the soul and ignites a lifelong passion for yoga.

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