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9 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in November 2024

Welcome, future yogis and seasoned practitioners alike! With the last of the leaves falling and the new year approaching, November is the perfect time to embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and learning. But where, you may ask, should this voyage take place? Well, we’ve scoured the globe to bring you the nine best yoga teacher trainings in November, each offering a unique, immersive experience that will deepen your practice and set you on the path to teaching others.

These trainings aren’t just about mastering a downward dog or nailing a warrior pose. They’re about connecting with yourself, embracing the holistic spirit of yoga, and understanding its rich philosophy.

So, grab your water bottle, roll up your yoga mat, and let’s explore these fantastic November yoga training programs that could change not just your November but your life. Get ready to say ‘namaste’ to some of the most transformative experiences the world of yoga has to offer in 2024!

1. All Yoga Training in Bali

all yoga ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher training in Bali

All Yoga, a trusted yoga teacher training school since 2009, boasts a comprehensive program built on Ashtanga Vinyasa methodology, helping shape some of the industry’s best teachers. Located on the stunning island of Nusa Lembongan, just a 10-minute boat ride from Bali, it offers a perfect backdrop for a transformative yoga journey. With over 2300 satisfied graduates, this yoga course, limited to 20 students per batch, guarantees quality and a conducive learning environment.

All Yoga’s 200-hour training course fuses the Ashtanga Primary Series with the creative sequencing found in Vinyasa Yoga. Participants delve into functional anatomy, breathwork, and the energetic elements within each pose. By the end of the course, they are well-equipped to teach a modified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga class. The curriculum also includes a variety of theoretical modules like anatomy, yoga philosophy, history of Indian yogic culture, and sequencing. Particular emphasis is given to practical aspects of teaching yoga, such as pose adjustments, the use of basic props, yoga business strategies, and teaching ethics.

The 23-day program also features kriyas, pranayama, meditation sessions, dynamic asana practice, special workshops on advanced yoga techniques, and guest lectures by renowned figures like Dr Ganesh. In this beachfront training school, participants can also enjoy a range of activities on their days off, such as snorkelling, diving, surfing, or just soaking in the island’s natural beauty. All Yoga is more than just a training program; it’s a journey of personal growth and transformation, set in an inspiring natural environment. Sign up now to receive a massive discount on tuition fees (over £750!). Plus, the first 10 sign-ups will receive free accommodation!

School: All Yoga Training
Location: Bali
Length: 23 days
Style: Ashtanga-Vinyasa
Price: £3130 (early bird offer: £2337)
More Info: more details

2. Yoga Weeks, Barcelona, Spain

yoga teacher training November

Offering an intensive one-month training, the 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher program in Barcelona combines in-depth education, hands-on practice, and unique opportunities. The course is certified by Yoga Alliance and follows the Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga lineages. Participants will practice teaching from the first week, and the training covers asana, pranayama, meditation, the history and philosophy of yoga, subtle body, anatomy and biomechanics, teaching methodology, and ethics. A unique feature of this program is the inclusion of a 2-day Business Yoga Module, which provides tips for those wanting to teach yoga professionally. The curriculum is designed to build foundational skills and instil confidence, ensuring participants are ready to lead their own classes upon completion.

The program structure respects participants’ need for rest and enjoyment. Training takes place from Monday to Friday, leaving weekends free for relaxation, self-practice, study, and exploring Barcelona’s vibrant city life. The organization believes this approach, as opposed to a no-break intensive program, is healthier and allows for better absorption of the material studied.

The training also pays special attention to nutrition, providing fresh breakfasts daily and lunches from a local eco café, BOHL.CO, known for its delicious vegetarian/vegan options. The program takes place in two main locations in Barcelona’s old town – the Training Shala and the Retreats House and Rooftop Studio. Accommodation is either at the retreat centre or in nearby houses and apartments provided by Yoga Weeks. Participants will receive a comprehensive training manual and recommended bibliography in their welcome pack.

School: Yoga Weeks
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Length: 31 days
Style: Hatha & Vinyasa
Price: £2142
More Info: Click Here

3. Vala House, South Africa

November teacher training

Located in the lush countryside near Knysna, Vala House has teamed up with Tapas Yoga India to provide a transformative 200-hour Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training program. The course focuses on self-development, incorporating discipline, routine life, and healthy eating. Throughout the course, students will build a comprehensive understanding of anatomical, philosophical, and adjustment-based knowledge. The experience is rounded off with luxury accommodation and excellent food, creating a transformational journey. Vala House’s teaching program is deeply woven into personal growth and development, with a group size of only 5-10 students, ensuring personalized attention.

The course content is tailored according to international standards and aims to prepare future yoga teachers physically and spiritually, laying the foundation for them to become successful and well-rounded yoga teachers. It includes an introduction to traditional practices of Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, full Ashtanga yoga primary series practice and learning, Pawan Muktasana series, vinyasa flow, the art of UN yoga, cleansing techniques, pranayama, and Acro yoga workshop. It also delves into the importance and benefits of pranayama, introducing different pranayama techniques and general guidelines. Students will also explore yoga philosophy and anatomy, including yoga history and texts, bandhas, mudras, prana, koshas, Kundalini, Chakra, and various body systems in relation to yoga.

Additional aspects of the course include detailed instruction on asanas and alignment, teaching methodologies, and various forms of meditation, along with an introduction to Ayurveda and yogic diet and nutrition. Students can enjoy plentiful, healthy, and tasty vegan meals as part of the retreat. Vala House, a creative wellness centre on the outskirts of Knysna, offers a beautiful garden backdrop for a relaxing getaway filled with yoga and various creative and healing activities. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking to not only become certified yoga teachers, but also to undergo a personal growth and transformation journey.

School: Vala House
Location: South Africa
Length: 24 days
Style: Multi-style
Price: £1650
More Info: Click Here

4. Yoga Skyros Academy, Greece

teacher training November

Yoga Skyros Academy in Greece offers an all-year-round, 21-day 200 RYT Yoga Therapy Teacher Training and Certification course, blending traditional Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda Science with modern medicine to tailor yoga practices to individuals with health conditions. It explores posture, breathing, relaxation, and meditation techniques, emphasizing mind-body integration and the cultivation of harmony. The program targets various chronic conditions and complements other therapies. Students don’t need prior yoga experience, although it’s beneficial. The certification enhances the understanding of yoga and prepares students to teach its theory, laying the groundwork for more advanced training and the potential to certify other teachers.

The therapy is adapted specifically for individuals with health issues, addressing serious conditions that general yoga classes may not effectively manage. These conditions include coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, hormone imbalances, and sleeping disorders. The yoga therapy curriculum provides a comprehensive understanding of the connection between yoga and therapy, the basics of Patanjali’s science in modern life, a detailed study of 30 asanas with anatomy and pranayama, causes of sickness, and supportive healing programs. It also covers the philosophy of Indian Medicine, nutrition, elements, doshas, gunas, marmas points, chakras, koshas, prana, the therapeutic benefit of mantras, and yoga nidra.

Yoga Skyros Academy is renowned for its high-quality training, intimate class size (maximum of ten students), and personal connection with the master teacher. The academy’s unique concept ensures that graduates are certified, competent, employable, and ready to give individual yoga therapy lessons from day one. The academy, a continuing education provider for Yoga Alliance USA, has been training instructors since 2005 and promotes a nurturing team environment for personal and professional growth. It also encourages the integration of other holistic specializations, such as Dr Bach’s approach and Kinesiology developed by Dr John F. Thie.

School: Yoga Skyros Academy
Location: Greece
Length: 21 days
Style: Yoga Therapy
Price: £1635
More Info: Click Here

5. Akasha Yoga School, Colombia

yoga teacher training

The Akasha Yoga School in Barranquilla, Colombia, offers a 200-hour Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher training course, designed for all levels. Unique to this program, it includes a complimentary Vedic Astrology course, allowing students to explore self-knowledge and realization of the Self by studying the influence of planetary and stellar forces.

As an added bonus, the training also offers a six-hour Thai Massage workshop, with a certificate provided upon completion. If the Thai Massage specialist is unavailable, an Ashtanga Yoga workshop will be offered instead. Other enriching experiences include a crystal and frequencies workshop and a beautiful Cacao ceremony. The training spans 23 days, with the first day dedicated to arrivals and the last to departures, both bookended by respective opening and closing ceremonies.

The training’s location provides a serene atmosphere for early morning meditation and yoga practice, surrounded by nature and the sea. The villa has 7 rooms, spaces for study and relaxation, a swimming pool, an outdoor shala (practice space), and a private lounge. Students will have two breaks during the day for relaxation, exploration, or personal activities. Whether you’re an aspiring yoga teacher or just seeking to deepen your practice, this comprehensive program offers an intense journey into yoga and self-discovery.

School: Akasha Yoga School
Location: Colombia
Length: 23 days
Style: Hatha, Vinyasa & Vedic Astrology
Price: £1438
More Info: Click Here

6. Amrit Yoga

yoga teacher training

Welcome to Amrit Yoga in Nagarjun, Balaju, Kathmandu, Nepal, where a unique 29-day program offers participants more than just a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certificate Teacher Training. Set in the land of yoga, the Himalayas, and the backdrop of natural beauty, this program is a blend of yoga teacher training, Ayurveda massage training, trekking in the Himalayas, and Karma yoga. Participants will also gain practical experience and certification in Ayurvedic massage.

The program includes an enriching volunteer opportunity through the ‘Healing for Humanity’ project, where participants join the Amrit Yoga and Nectar Spa team to provide healing services to villagers. For three days, attendees also partake in a trek through the Sailung area, guided by a certified trekking guide and yoga teacher. The course curriculum includes diverse yoga styles like Hatha, Ashtanga, Mantra, Kundalini, and Shiva Shakti Yoga, with in-depth lessons in yogic anatomy, physiology, yoga asana, and Ayurvedic massage training.

The training journey also immerses participants in authentic Nepalese culture. On the 25th day, the program shifts to volunteering in a small village of the Ramechhap District, Gagal Bhadaure, located about 140 kilometres away from Kathmandu. The group offers free massages to villagers under the ‘Healing for Humanity’ project. Trekking begins on the 26th day, culminating with the beautiful view of the Himalayas from Sailung. The treks include homestays, allowing attendees to connect with local families, and the program concludes with a return trip to Kathmandu on the 28th day. With home-cooked vegetarian meals, this is not just a yoga teacher training but a transformative experience steeped in Nepalese culture and tradition.

School: Amrit Yoga
Location: Nepal
Length: 29 days
Style: Yoga, Ayurveda Massage & Trekking
Price: £785
More Info: Click Here

7. Shambhala Yoga School, Tenerife, Spain, Yoga Teacher Training November

yoga teacher training

The Shambhala Yoga School, nestled in the eternal spring of Tenerife, Europe, offers a rich 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course. Registered as RYS200 with Yoga Alliance, this training program meets the global standard for yoga education, allowing students to teach yoga worldwide. The course offers an in-depth introduction to Ashtanga Yoga while heavily emphasizing Yamas, Niyamas, pranayama, pratyahara, and meditation. The comprehensive curriculum covers yoga philosophy, lifestyle, ethics, history, anatomy, and physiology for yoga teachers. Classes are limited to a maximum of eight students, ensuring personalized training and strict adherence to health regulations.

The school prides itself on the breadth of its study program, which includes mastering asanas, learning the practice of Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras, Mantras, and Drishti, understanding the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and exploring chapters from the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. Also included are lectures on the most common Yoga injuries and how to avoid them, exploration of Chakras, Koshas, Kleshas, Nadis, Prana Vayus and their relation to yoga, classroom management, and the yoga business. The course also introduces SUP Yoga and offers different methods of meditation and Yoga Nidra.

The Shambhala Yoga School prioritizes practical experience and community building. Students start teaching classes from week one, honing their sequencing and cueing skills under the guidance of experienced teachers. The school aims to create a sense of community and respect among its students, with communal kitchen facilities for cooking vegetarian meals together. It offers extracurricular activities such as treks and sightseeing tours to allow students to connect with the local environment. Furthermore, various workshops on Thai Massage, Sound Healing, SUP Yoga, and Yoga Nidra are included in the course. The school is committed to giving back to society and donates a portion of its annual income to social or environmental causes.

School: Shambhala Yoga School
Location: Tenerife
Length: 22 days
Style: Vinyasa & Ashtanga
Price: £1893
More Info: Click Here

8. Moksha Yoga Amazónica, Peru, Yoga Teacher Training November

yoga in Peru

Moksha Yoga Amazónica is hosting a comprehensive and immersive Integral Vinyasa, Yin, and Karma yoga teacher training in November 2024, in the heart of the Amazon jungle in Peru. The program aims to mould yoga instructors who embody the classical practices of yoga and can use their personal knowledge to inspire their students. Whether you’re a beginner on the yoga journey or an advanced practitioner seeking to broaden your knowledge, this training program will deepen your practice, detoxify your body and mind, and bolster your confidence and ability to become an enthusiastic and knowledgeable yoga teacher.

The training offers an extensive curriculum covering Hatha, Vinyasa flow-based, and Yin yoga, focusing on traditional asanas, alignment, modifications and adjustments, pranayama, meditation, and yoga philosophy. The program will help you find your unique teaching style and voice while instilling in you the value of continued learning. Additionally, you will be exposed to specific aspects of Tantra Yoga, enhancing your understanding of this yoga style and the subtle energies it works with. The course combines theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure you become proficient in leading varied, safe, and creative yoga classes.

In addition to in-depth classroom learning, the training also features interactive experiences and excursions, including teaching yoga to disadvantaged children and trips to ecological reserves. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certification from Moksha Yoga Amazónica, a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, enabling you to teach worldwide. Highlights include daily Vinyasa and Yin yoga classes, detox cleansing, workshops on asanas, Ayurvedic self-care routines, and Amazonian excursions. The 200-hour program provides accommodation and gourmet meals daily, nurturing a holistic and transformative experience in the heart of nature.

School: Moksha Yoga Amazónica
Location: Peru
Length: 14 days
Style: Vinyasa, Yin & Tantra
Price: £1563
More Info: Click Here

9. Kindred Spirits, Costa Rica, Yoga Teacher Training November

November yoga course

Kindred Spirits is a holistic wellness academy offering a unique 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in November 2024, certified by Yoga Alliance (thereby allowing you to teach yoga internationally). This YTT provides a transformative experience immersed in nature, nestled in the jungles of Costa Rica. The training, focusing on the Eastern science of yoga, aims to guide students through self-discovery, helping them cultivate joy and mindfulness. An intriguing aspect of the program involves classes shared with horses, which are said to foster a state of presence and mindful awareness.

The academy emphasizes a small class size of 8-12 students to facilitate one-on-one instruction and more in-depth training. The curriculum is rooted in the original Indian heritage of yoga, incorporating practices such as pranayama, meditation, Japa mantra chanting, and understanding subtle energies, as well as traditional asanas and yoga styles like Sivananda, Hatha, and Ashtanga. The surrounding nature, animals, and especially the horses are integral to the experience, helping students elevate their vibrations to a state of wellbeing and oneness.

Students will live in harmony with nature, staying at the eco-friendly boutique hotel, the Magellan, surrounded by lush organic gardens, fruit trees, and medicinal plants. All meals provided are organic and vegetarian, with vegan options available. Besides the main focus of yoga instruction, the YTT also involves various activities such as sunrise and sunset yoga classes on the beach, mindfulness meditation walks through the jungle, and Mandala art classes with the herd of horses. Through this immersive training, students learn to guide yoga practice and how to live the yoga philosophy, preparing them to become agents for change in their communities.

School: Kindred Spirits
Location: Costa Rica
Length: 22 days
Style: Multi-style
Price: £2275
More Info: Click Here


In conclusion, whether you’re looking to deepen your personal yoga practice or aspire to guide others on their yogic journey, these top-tier yoga teacher trainings in November 2024 offer something for everyone. Each program provides a unique experience, whether it’s training with horses in Costa Rica or practising Ashtanga on the beach in Bali. These programs transcend the traditional training approach, weaving together the threads of community, nature, philosophy, and physical practice into a holistic, transformative journey. So, pack your yoga mat, open your heart, and prepare to step into an adventure of personal growth and discovery that awaits you in these special November yoga teacher trainings. Remember, the path of yoga isn’t just about perfecting your asanas; it’s about unveiling the best version of yourself and becoming a beacon of positivity and change in your community and, ultimately, the world. Safe travels and namaste!

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