Zoë is a freelance Yoga and Dance teacher based in the UK. As a trained Contemporary Dancer and Dance Teacher, Yoga has always played an essential role in Zoë's career.

Since graduating from All Yoga in 2018, Zoë now works as part of the All Yoga Team as a course coordinator while running her own studio, 'Flow Dance & Yoga' offering Yoga and Dance classes in Cornwall in the UK.

Find out more about Zoë:
flowdanceyoga.co.uk, Instagram or at Facebook.

Posts by Zoe :

The 9 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in June 2024 Yoga Travel

As we delve into 2024, now is an ideal time to seek out the best spots for enhancing your yoga journey and moving from a learner to a seasoned teacher. The ever-broadening world of yoga presents an adventure in finding the right June yoga teacher training program, though it may also seem daunting. In this article, nine best June 2024 yoga teaching courses are presented, providing options that appeal to novice and experienced yogis alike. These yoga course in June 2024, situated i

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The 9 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in May 2024 Yoga Travel

Stepping into 2024, it's an opportune time to discover sanctuaries that will deepen your yoga practice and guide you from being a student to a masterful teacher. In the dynamic and growing field of yoga, selecting the perfect yoga teacher training in May 2024 can be challenging! Discover the timeless traditions of yoga in the spiritual heartlands of India and the serene landscapes of Portugal. These destinations for a May 2024 yoga teacher training offer a perfect blend of ancient wisd

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5 Types of Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Teacher Training Tips

If you've been practicing yoga and have experienced the transformative power of this ancient practice, you may be considering taking the next step and becoming a yoga teacher. Not only will a yoga teacher training deepen your knowledge and practice, but it will also allow you to share the benefits of yoga with others and make a positive impact in your community. However, with the many different yoga teacher trainings available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you. It's impo

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