5 Top Reasons To Join All Yoga Training

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1 – More than 8 years experience running Yoga Teacher Trainings

In 2009, David Lertsin organized his first yoga teacher training by welcoming the famous yoga teacher Larry Schultz, creator of the Rocket Yoga style. Since then, over 1000 yoga students worldwide have been certified under our vision to share the practice to make the world a better place.

2 – Intimate class size

While many courses out there don’t mind accepting over 40 students in one course, our yoga training courses are limited to maximum 26-28 students. We believe small class size is the best learning environment for everyone. We keep this intimate class size as we like to offer personalized attention and guidance to each student. It ensures high quality knowledge transmission and great group work and sharing in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


3 – Become a Yoga Teacher in Paradise!

Thailand is one of the most relaxing holiday destinations in the world. In Koh Phangan, our yoga house is located on an secluded and beautiful part of the island. Void of city distractions and in union with the amazing natural surrounding, this is an ideal place to study yoga.

4 – International faculty of highly experienced Yoga teacher trainers

Our instructors are highly trained and skilled to lead Yoga teacher trainings to help you become a great yoga teacher. Teaching from the heart with passion, they maintain the vision of All Yoga by creating a safe environment for students to explore and experience the transformative yoga lifestyle.

5 – Global Network and Support

All Yoga is an astounding yoga community with many locations and affiliates around the world. With such a global network, the All Yoga family cohesively provides support to our new students and alumni students. Our locations worldwide are still growing! Find us in the US, UK, Thailand, Bali, Goa!


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