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Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials & Reviews

Amanda Worthy

This training pushed me out of my comfort zone and has made me feel confident in maintaining a self practice wherever I go. I liked all the history and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga. My transformation is around creating healthy habits for my body and mind. All of the teachers were great! Thanks

Jessica Alex

I've never done so much yoga in my life, and I'm so glad this yoga training gave me the opportunity to do so. I've learned so much about my physical practice. I enjoyed the techniques to improve upon areas to built strength, and asanas I never expected to. Though, I came to the training with zero expectations, I grew and transformed in such a productive and positive way while I was here, and I hope to carry that home to my daily life and into my yoga teaching.

Raul Acción

Everything I expected and more. The yoga training was awesome. The philosophy and theoretical classes very awakening. But the people, Oh the people! Every conversation a learning experience. The teaching great, intense, precise, hard sometimes, but always funny. I really felt comfortable and welcome everyday in every single situation. The transformation; getting further on a path I started some years ago. It will be one of the most memorable experiences and I will keep my memories of all the friends I met through the rest of my journey. Thanks Very happy I met you. Much Love.

It is impossible to put in words what this training means in my life now. It was the most beautiful, powerful and immersive experience. Now i know yoga is the door of happiness. It is a magical job All Yoga does, helping people transform their life and make it better. I love you guys! Thanks.

Janine Martin

Being nervous and so far from everyday we were comfortable in the process, from day one we learned so much and did exercises to help us become acclimated. Our teachers were strong and knowledgeable. We were in an environment that allowed us to learn and make lifelong friends. Thank you for this experience!

Sharlee Gilbert

My personal experience and feelings about the training are overwhelming int he most positive way! I truly enjoyed each teacher for their own unique qualities. Each individual brought a new perspective and energy to the physical practice as well as the lectures. I also enjoyed both, the physical and mental push that really allowed us to be completely engaged all day, every day - I can say the process is exhausting, however with hard work comes REWARD! Additionally the support from your fellow yogi’s and the inspirations they provide completed the experience. Each student comes with their own story and background, but we are all working towards one common goal.
Now that I am a certified yoga teacher I feel accomplished ad excited to share my practice and my teachings to my future students. Thanks All Yoga!

Angela Wuensch

This training was amazing. I loved being around so many powerful and amazing people. The training was professionally done without losing the fun. I trained hard but also laughed a lot and was more proud everyday. The training really focus on how to teach and become the best Yoga teacher you can possibly be. Thanks All Yoga Team for a wonderful journey.

Nikki Russell

I attended the training with All Yoga and had an absolutely amazing experience. Not only do I feel ready to begin teaching, I am excited to continue on the path of learning and growing in my own yoga practice. The instructors were supportive and very professional and the bonds you create with other students are unique and will last a lifetime. Be ready to find confidence and strength you never knew you had!

Helena Su Wong

This yoga teacher training was absolutely amazing! The positive energy that was present during the training was unbelievable; it was practically the fuel that kept the training running smoothly. I loved the amount of time that was set aside for asana practice, but all in all - everything was very well balanced. A lot of information provided. And believe me, you will be ready to teach after this training! Very excited to share my yoga knowledge to everyone upon my return. Thank you for the inspiration ALL YOGA!

Joshua Martin

All Yoga teacher training made me feel comfortable and confident that I was making the right decision with my yoga training from day 1. All the way from the first email correspondence to my final day of training I felt very welcome and happy to be apart of such a great family. I am very anxious to apply all that I've learned on this journey and excited to always continue to grow with my new yoga family.

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