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Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials & Reviews

Jennifer Manjak-Gill
July 2017 Graduate

All Yoga provided me with the opportunity to challenge my own personal, physical, mental and emotional boundaries. The instructors were very supportive and knew when to push me past my imaginary limits. By the end of the training I felt, not only capable as a yoga instructor, but stronger as an individual and wishing my practice.

Zeina Assaf
July 2017 Graduate

Came to this training knowing and believing there’s a lot to learn and new boundaries to cross and a whole different kind of experience in life to get. Little did I know that this training gave me a new incentive to the world I have back home; it opened my eyes, my heart and all my senses to pretty much everything around me, from my yoga practice to the day to day experiences, to how to manage my stress and anxiety levels and how to love and learn from everything that happens to me in my life. The teachers are beyond amazing and helpful and aware. An experience that offers you an even bigger passion to life as well as to Yoga!

Fiona Eidenmuller
July 2017 Graduate

For me the teacher training was really a transformation. The most important thing I realised is the once the mind is focused and clear, everything else follows. It’s already within you. Do not focus on external things, like the body, but on what your personality is really about. I am very excited to experience how this training changed me once I will come back to my everyday life. I feel like I’ve become even more myself than I have been before. Thank you All Yoga for helping me to achieve this.

Madeline Cuyler
July 2017 Graduate

I really enjoyed my time at All Yoga Thailand. I knew it would be mentally and physically challenging coming into the training, but I had no idea how transformational the experience would be in so many ways. I learned so much about ashtanga teaching, and my asana practice, but also about myself as a person and a yogini. The training here was challenging and eye-opening and left me a better person. The location and countless new relationships will also be in my heart forever.

Fiona Farnsworth
July 2017 Graduate

I would 100% recommend the All Yoga teacher training; the program is well structured, offering a variation of practices, meditation, breath work.

Pauline Rating
June 2017 Graduate

The teacher training with All Yoga in Koh Phangan was a life changing experience for me. I can’t describe the feelings in words. It was a journey including a roller coaster of emotion but with amazing and beautiful results. The feeling of support was extremely big. The group was unique and the most supportive and harmonic group I have ever met. Additionally to that we had the most professional, caring and fun teachers right next to us. They made the transformation possible and kept the training hard, fun, and full of surprises. I loved the variety. Thanks so much for everything, it was amazing!

Todd Burney
June 2017 Graduate

The All Yoga training has been life changing. The course was well design to bring a strong balance of asana practice, philosophy and teaching; which prepared me feeling confident to leave and start teaching. The teachers have been wonderful and supportive in every way which elevate my practice. The transformation is evident inside and out which will continue to arise after I leave. I loved the energy and activities throughout the course to motivate us and keep us with good energy.

Evelyn Miller
June 2017 Graduate

I feel more confident in who I am and what I say. I feel stronger in all aspects of my life – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I was pushed past my limits in all directions by amazing teachers who made me want to show up on my mat everyday and learn something new. I feel more connected to my body and mind. I didn’t think I could learn or improve so much in a month but I can’t believe where I am and how I feel today. I’ve made friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life around the world. I am so excited to be a yoga teacher and share my passion and everything I’ve learned here.

Erika Arribas
June 2017 Graduate

At first I was nervous what to expect. The days started to pass by and I was feeling more and more confident of my practice, the alignment and to start teaching. I started to grow special connections and friendships with my peers and teachers. Some days I felt physically tired but always eager to learn and work more. Our wonderful teachers always were motivating us and doing exercises in which I felt that we united as one. Now I feel I have acquired so much knowledge; I do not want to leave! Pierina, Carol and Matthieu have been incredible. I feel so lucky and grateful to have shared these experience with all.

Ana Rojas
June 2017 Graduate

My experience with All Yoga was wonderful. I had a physical and spiritual transformation throughout the training. I remember day one, how I couldn't put together my thoughts to teach a class and a little by little in a few weeks I found myself fluently saying the postures and guiding my classmate into a complete class. It was an intense and beautiful experience from the beginning to end. Thank you Mathieu, Pierina and Carolina for making this journey so rich, so fun, so complete for me and all of us. With all my love, Ana.

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