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Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials & Reviews

Catrin Norris, Canada
July 2018 Graduate

I highly recommend the course to anyone considering doing a Yoga Teacher Training. The teachers have been phenomenal. They are experienced, insightful, supportive and kind.
I went to the course feeling like, 'I wasn't good enough'. But we have been guided, pushed and encouraged every step of the way. I feel like we have learnt so much and I don't want it to end. I feel so much love for all the fellow students and teachers and feel so grateful for sending this time together.
We have all grown so much, and I will practice all that we have learned and keep growing. I cannot thank the teachers enough and recommend this course whether you want to be a teacher or just deepen your practice.

Shauna Rollf, USA
July 2018 Graduate

My experience with All Yoga Training was nothing short of incredible. The teachers were so knowledgeable and helpful, the students I met here and spent the month with were so lovely and more than anything, I feel prepared to go to out into the yoga world as a teacher. I came to the training thinking I was just doing it to extend my own practice, but I've been so inspired in my time here that I might end up doing more. I strongly suggest All Yoga to anyone looking for a very well-rounded teacher training program. Thanks so much to All Yoga Training, David, Seline and Ace.

Ting Peng (Vilen), China
July 2018 Graduate

This training taught me a lot about Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The schedule was well-organised, and the teachers were very patient. They offered a lot of details every single practice for us to understand the practice better. Now I feel more confident with my practice, and also when I teach in the future. I like the atmosphere during my time here, just as what David said: "We are family, and the shala is our home."
To David, Seline and Ace,
I am so lucky to be your student during this 23-day-teacher-training. All of you has your shining and charming personality. You were also very professional, and you really showed that you cared for all of us.
This training taught me a lot about Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as well.
The final challenge was saying goodbye to all the teachers and lovely classmates. I was also lucky to be able to celebrate my birthday with all of you. Thank you so much!

Allison Schlotterer

Never in a million years would I think I could lead an entire one-hour class with confidence. This experience will help you find your inner teacher and your true self. Trust the process, and everything will come to you. What sets this training aside from the others (besides the apparent tropical paradise), is that the instructors don't pick favourites and still, you will not be overlooked, even if you are a quiet student. You are introduced to many diverse people and are bound to find forever-friends! Take the training with All Yoga, it will be the best investment for yourself.

Julia Grintsina
July 2018 Graduate

Life-changing experience! When I arrived, I had a clear idea of why I decided to do the course. But as the days and weeks went past, as I started to honestly "trust the journey" - I learnt so much more than I could have ever imagined. Marcela and Pine are amazing teachers to create an empowering and guiding space.
It was challenging and tough, but extremely transformational. The magic happens out of the comfort zone, and I am grateful for each and every experience.
Personally, I LOVED yoga philosophy with Dr. Ganesh!! The training also created so many friends and connections, such an amazing group of people in the most gorgeous part of the world.

Mandy Soetopo
July 2018 Graduate

Beyond words. I am so wholly grateful to have gone through this entire experience with all the AMAZING people I have met. From the gruelling challenging days that sometimes I felt like I really could not walk up that hill to the shala. But Marcela, Pine, and every classmate from the training have been an infinitely supportive family.
This is my second time coming after being sick 3 years ago and facing a medical emergency. And still, I experienced LOVE and CONNECTION. Self-growth, compassion and once-in-a-lifetime experience! Prepare yourself for an experience of reflection, honesty and challenge.
I also absolutely gain the love for every minute on this wondrous island of life Koh Phangan. There I experienced growth with the most AMAZING leaders and impressive teacher team. All Yoga team is 10/10. 100% love.
Thank you, so much.

Roxane Errin
July 2018 Graduate

I loved every minute I spent in Koh Phangan. It has been an intense yoga teacher training, but we learned so much. The time schedule is perfectly planned with 2 practices a day, many interesting lectures with Dr. Ganesh and also exciting anatomy sessions with Tobias.
I challenged myself, accepting that sometimes I have to be mindful and listen more to my body. I got the confidence I didn't have before to teach. I also learned a lot about myself thanks to the amazing group of people I met in the training.
It's all about love, kindness, respect, lots of yogic knowledge and a lot of personal growth!
The teachers, Marcela and Pine, are 2 beautiful, comprehensive, and so attentive instructors. They inspired me so much, for me personally and for my future journey of yoga teaching.
I'm so grateful that I've done this training with All Yoga. Not to mention the training's location on Koh Phangan island: so beautiful, peaceful with wonderous jungle and beaches.
Namaste <3

June 2018 Graduate

I enjoyed this teacher training at All Yoga very much.

The class-size was optimized for learning on both an individual level and group level. I felt that it exceeded my expectations based on how much new information I learned and the types of subjects that were covered.

I am confident to say that I am prepared to be a teacher with knowledge about not only certain yoga poses, but the knowledge that will do good for my future students and me.

I have also learned so much about myself during this course. This course came at the perfect time for me, very serendipitous. I am going to miss Vari, Camilla and Melissa and all of my classmates.

Default Avatar
June 2018 Graduate

All Yoga Teacher training course was very challenging and very rewarding. The structure of the training is excellent and unique.

One of my biggest goals coming into the training was to gain personal meditation practice, and I learned many different techniques, understood and made them my own knowledge. You would become very close with your fellow students because you are all having such an intense experience. I have made new friends with people from around the world. I feel that I have also gained so much personal growth this last month at the training.

I would recommend Vari, Camilla, Melissa & All Yoga to everyone!

June 2018 Graduate

All Yoga yoga teacher training course taught me how to become a yoga teacher through its effective curriculum. I was surprised by how well and fast I retained the information given.

This experience helped me learn a lot about myself and provided me with an appropriate skill set for entering the yoga world as an instructor.

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