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Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials & Reviews

October 2017 Graduate

I have definitely gained a lot of experience and knowledge in not just my asana practice but also in my understanding about Yoga, It is an eye opener. Before I entered this course, my level of understanding about Yoga was just about asana practice and maybe just basic understanding about how to be a better person. But now I know how every class comes from a structure and it makes me understand how my yoga teachers sequence their sequence to make it flow better.

My favorite parts of the course were the icebreaker, having games all the time, the personal connections in our meditation and Yin class and the liberty to be creative with our verbal instructions when we teach.

The challenges were dealing with my weak wrists and old back injury because I wanted to strengthen my body but I wasn't able to give it 100% because of my body. But in the process, I've learnt to be positive and find alternative ways to work around my injuries. That means constantly reminding myself to accept my current ability and tell myself that slow progression is still progress. Be kind to myself has always been a struggle but I've definitely learnt that being kind to myself is important to br successful.

Emily Weber
October 2017 Graduate

My experience with All Yoga teacher training was extremely fulfilling, positive and all round amazing. The yoga course had a great mix of both practical and theory and allowed me to develop my personal practice (physically, mentally and spiritually) and also provided me with the knowledge required to deeply understand the concept and philosophies behind the practice.

The teachers were all very knowledgable and approachable. All four teachers worked well together bringing a unique insight into the course. They provided us with support and managed to calm our nerves, whilst also challenging us enough so that we felt confident to teach coming out of the TT. They all had a great deal of knowledge and experience and taught with such passion. They made the course fun and enjoyable. I loved the focus on Ashtanga, I would recommend this TT to anyone who wants to come out feeling a confident teacher with an open mind and open heart. Great life changing experience.

Lillian Lui
October 2017 Graduate

I enjoyed a lot throughout the yoga teacher training from learning much more aspects of yoga besides asanas. Schedule is very well constructed with breaks in between. I like the energy and expertise from all the teachers. Vari, Mana, Carolina and Pierina. I could feel their passion in spreading light of yoga rather than just being a teacher robot. Transformation happened when I feel confident in teaching in front of others, especially English is not my native language. I believe this YTT is only the start of my yoga journey. There are still a lot more to explore and learn.

Rachel Troy
October 2017 Graduate

The yoga teacher training promised transformation and it delivered, full stop. Not only do I feel confident in my ability to lead an Ashtanga (or any) yoga class, but I've witnessed a total transformation in my mind and body. My mind is more tranquil, my heart more open, and I feel more comfortable in my body than I have in years. 100% recommend the program!!

Denice van den Akker
November 2017 Graduate

For sure, this was one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had, but also one of the most special ones. Coming here alone, meeting new people where you get really close with. Learning a lot of new stuff. Pain in your body. The first day I felt insecure and a little scared for all these new things coming up. But I learned so much from this. I feel confident not only for the teaching yoga but also for me personally. I’m proud of myself, feel strong. That’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Lindsay Martens
November 2017 Graduate

I feel a lot more confident as a person and a yoga teacher after All Yoga Training. When I first arrived, I was nervous and shy, didn’t feel like I had what it takes to become a yoga teacher. The instructors created a great atmosphere and encouraged everyone. I have noticed that making mistakes is only human and teaching is a learning progress. No one is a perfect teacher. But as long as you are having fun and confident with yourself that’s all that matters <3

Katharina Haase
November 2017 Graduate

It was a challenge, physical and mental, but it was worth it. It showed me what I was missing in my life and that yoga is worth to be integrated in my daily life. I found love for Ashtanga and also for teaching. Yoga really is not about doing yoga at special times, it is about being yogic 24/7 and it helps me to live a happier and more satisfied life. Without the yoga teacher training, I wouldn’t have had the chance to experience all that on such a deep level.

Alice Ferrer
November 2017 Graduate

I came to do my All Yoga Teacher Training without any expectation and was completely blown away by how serious this was and how much dedication, commitment I’d have to put in it, obviously. It was a pleasant surprise because, slowly it became clear that I was a natural teacher and completely re-discovered myself through the process. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy and like for anything else, there are pros and cons. But at least I can guarantee this it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take some time for yourself and reflect on what are your next challenges in life.

November 2017 Graduate

The yoga teacher training is very comprehensive and gives you the most knowledge you can possibly get in less than a month. It was also well structure in term of covering different aspects from different physical practices to anatomy, philosophy and knowledge in general.

The island is also a good location to have a training as it helps you to be fully focused on the training as there are not many distractions and the view from the shala is beautiful.

Charlie Hay
November 2017 Graduate

The yoga teacher training with All Yoga provided a really well rounded foundation from which to begin my journey as a new yoga teacher. As someone whose physical practice wasn't maybe as strong as others, I was really pleased that the course emphasized all the many sides of yoga, including yoga philosophy, anatomy, meditation and being a good teacher as opposed to a good student. Even the particularly challenging like anatomy, were taught with such passion that it was extremely inspiring and sparked an interest that I never knew I had. As a first-time teacher training course, it strikes a good balance between being extremely challenging but giving you a really solid foundation to build on.

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