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Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials & Reviews

September 2017 Graduate

Thank you All Yoga Training for this fantastic, enlightening and energising experience. The approach to the teacher training program was very holistic and explored all aspects of yoga - mind, body, and spirit. The opportunities for new experiences were vast and the educator knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate. I would, without any hesitation at all, recommend this yoga training program to anyone interested in deepening their yoga practice. Many, many Thanks

September 2017 Graduate

I never thought coming to Thailand would truly change my life, but it did. This yoga training has brought me a beautiful yoga family, wonderful and inspiring teaches and tools to take back home with me to continue on this journey we call life. I am incredibly grateful for my time and experience here and I cant wait to begin the next step with yoga by my side.

Ingeborg Hop
September 2017 Graduate

Amazing yoga training in beautiful surroundings. You get hands-on training from day 1. With teachers who really knows there stuffs and provide it with passion. You are getting taken care of from A to B, never feeling alone or not good enough . I had the best time, and happy to now be a part of the All Yoga Family.

September 2017 Graduate

I liked how the yoga training was structured. We started to teach from the first day. It helped me to grow my confidence. I enjoyed the little surprises as it make the training more enjoyable. Thing that I appreciated mostly were the workshops such as how to sequence your own class, what kind of yoga teacher do you want to be ,how can you take this experience an make it your lifestyle. The yoga course taught me how to manifest my dreams and reach my goals, to stay positive. I also loved that we had 6 different yoga teachers with different personalities. Thank you to all of you for sharing your amazing knowledge.

Dizi Diab
September 2017 Graduate

The yoga teacher training exceeded my expectations. Not only I deepened my practice but I also learned a lot about anatomy, philosophy and all other creative workshops we had. The yoga teachers were great! They knew exactly how to work with each one of us. Thanks you Marcela, David, Pierina and Camila for all your efforts and for making this yoga course so unique. And most importantly I will never forget all the beautiful souls I met and beautiful memories we built together; the connection between teachers and us was very strong!

September 2017 Graduate

The yoga course was hard work physically, mentally and emotionally, but I loved it!
An incredible opportunity to learn and grow, and leave with a worthwhile yoga gratification .
The location is quite remote, beautiful land also magical, the student bonded in an unexpectedly warm and supportive way. I am sure that we will all keep in touch and I now have new friends from all corner of the world. The yoga teachers were knowledgeable, warm, accessible so the instruction was excellent. Different specialists were bought in to teach and the variation in techniques was incredible helpful and keep teaching fresh and interesting.
I have finished with a new perspective an my self personally and the yoga training gave me toots and techniques for my future journey. I had not expected these insights.

Megan Thomas
September 2017 Graduate

The yoga teachers and the curriculum were amazing! Everything was well paced and thought out perfectly in the short time that we had. David, Marcela, Pierina, Camila provided so much insight energy and. Support for all the students, each in their own unique way.
I now feel comfortable and excited to teach with their guidance!
The yoga course far exceeded my expectations for how transformative it would be.
The third week in particular, really helped to consolidate our skills and integrate everything into our new lifestyle back home. I Am eternally grateful for the lessons learned and this new mindset that has been shared with me.

Brittany Russell
September 2017 Graduate

Before coming to this yoga training I heard some critics say that 200hrs training abroad will introduce you to the philosophy and spiritual aspects of yoga, but that it does not prepare you as much to teach asanas. This statement was not true for all yoga. The curriculum and structure of the yoga course was very well rounded and our asana clinic, which happened every day, broke down alignment, benefits e modifications for the asana.
You are given a lot of time to student teach and guidance on how to best lead your class, while also being given the opportunity and individuality to your teaching. It was a scary experience to take this leap at the first. I had to leave my job and trust in myself, all yoga & the universe that I could accomplish this, and that it was the right journey for me. I learned that your mind can inhibit you from reaching your potential, and that your mind can help you reach more potential than you ever thought you had. I am forever grateful.

Mirjam Navy
September 2017 Graduate

The yoga training was an amazing experience for me. I learnt a lot about yoga, others and myself. It helped me to see things differently and have a lot of things I want to integrate in my daily life.
The yoga teachers were amazing! Always friendly and helpful, they encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone, which was definitely what I needed. I loved the yoga courses because it was a lot about diversity. Different people from all over the world were coming together sharing their passion. And though it is an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Training we learnt a lot about other styles and practiced YinYoga,RocketYoga,Vinyasa ..
The energy was beautiful in the group throughout the whole training. We had a lot of fun still you have to out a lot of effort in it to achieve your goals.
I am so happy I decided to come to this yoga training, with those people, at this special place and I am grateful for the amazing experience!

Ricky Ubeda
September 2017 Graduate

I truly am at a loss of words writing this. I came on this journey knowing very little about All Yoga, but looking for a big shift in my life. I am walking out changed man- mind body and spirit. The transformation that occurs is hard to believe, but everything from living on the gorgeous Koh Phangan, so connected to nature- to the knowledge intake from the patient and energetic teachers guides you to a new plane of living. In this place, I feel confident and prepared to share the gift of yoga with others. I will look at this yoga teachers training as the beginning of a new chapter and a new life.

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