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Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials & Reviews

Jonathan Bergquist
August 2017 Graduate

Fantastic yoga training. Such a well-structured and well-planned yoga program. I felt like I built all of the skills I needed in order to teach in any professional yoga studio. They start you out with the fundamental then work you into more advanced topics by layering one piece at a time. By the end you are instructing, adjusting, demonstrating and correcting simultaneously as you teach. Highly recommended regardless of your yoga background. All you need is the desire to learn.

Natalie Shields
August 2017 Graduate

Coming to Bali from New York was a sacrifice but one that was very well worth it. Deciding to participate in this yoga program was one of the best decisions I've made this year. Everything, from the quality of the yoga instructors to the food and location here, all surpassed my expectations. I am so grateful to have met each person here and have learned so much doing the yoga program that will add to my yoga practice moving forward. Learning how to adjust students accurately from Corey, studying the essentials of anatomy from Wendy, meditating with Arki and practicing with Pierina - I've grown so much during the past 3 weeks and it is only the beginning of this yoga journey. I can't wait to share the best of what I've learn. Special Thanks to David from All Yoga for bringing together such a wonderful and skilled group of yoga people.

Marc Frank
August 2017 Graduate

Prior to starting my 200YTT with All Yoga the word to describe my feelings would be "eager". Leaving the yoga training as a 200hr-RYT the only word I can think so is "READY". Thanks, All Yoga!

Daniela Silberstein
August 2017 Graduate

Amazing yoga teachers with a lot of experience and still very down to earth. The yoga training covers all aspects of yoga including practice, anatomy, philosophy, business and lots of teaching practice. They will bring out the best version of yourself and prepares you well for teaching yoga in the "real" world. I came here not sure if I wanted to teach yoga. Now I can't wait to share my passion and love for this yoga practice with the world. I'm very grateful for the platform that yoga is giving me to make the world a little better. Thank you so much for everything All Yoga.

Leah Frank
August 2017 Graduate

Hands down, one of the most amazing experiences of my life. This yoga training provided me with invaluable skills and experiences that I can take with me and use, both on and off the mat. Before embarking in this yoga journey, I believed I was living a "life of yoga", but my All Yoga Training experience showed me that I had only scratched the surface. In the presence of like-minded people and with the help of my amazing yoga teachers, I am more excited than ever to see what awaits in my future. Thank you, All Yoga.

Keely Clark
August 2017 Graduate

Unforgettable! Everything and more than I imagined it to be. Couldn't be happier to have been a part of this yoga program. The yoga teachers were amazing in guiding us through the transformative process and I feel more than prepared to start this next chapter of my life as a yoga instructor. I’m so grateful for every moment I got to share with every person here in the yoga program. Sad the yoga training is over but so excited to go home and share my knowledge and love for yoga.

Apoorva KS
August 2017 Graduate

You guys are so genuine. My purpose here was only to see what yoga outside India is. You guys are so experienced, know what you are teaching, you are all amazing. From marking the mat, adjustments, yoga philosophy, anatomy, everything was great. You are so welcoming and warm. Examples is what you set. Thank you for all the teachings!

Mathew White
August 2017 Graduate

I signed up for All Yoga training in order to improve my yoga practice and to allow me to share the physical benefits of yoga with others. I now realised that I've been empowered with knowledge of yoga's mental, spiritual, and social aspects as well. I came expecting to improve my body, I'm leaving with a better mind and spirit. Namaste

Rosie King
July 2017 Graduate

I feel so blessed to have met and learned from such a beautiful and inspirational group of people. The genuine care and commitment the yoga teachers had for us students was what took me on the challenging journey to certification and the transformation feels colossal! After all the research into different yoga teacher training courses, it was just 'a feeling' which prompted me to choose this one, and the universe must have been guiding me, because I couldn't imagine having a better experience anywhere else. Thanks to the skills and knowledge I have gained, and even more poignantly, the change in perspective, this feels like the start of something amazing. The universe awaits! Namaste.

Faye Hatoum
July 2017 Graduate

A stunning island, such a perfect setting for this experience. Wonderful teachers that are furiously passionate about the yogi's way of life, and about showing that, above and beyond anything else, with all 21 of us. And what a great group! All Yoga definitely succeeded in bringing together wonderful people, a lot of us will surely remain friends for a long time. A special mention to our philosophy teacher - Dr. Ganesh - one of the loveliest souls I have ever met, and an incredible teacher and mentor. Leaving this stunning island with a full and thankful heart.

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