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Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials & Reviews

Isabel Hensler
February 2018 Graduate

This February I attended a yoga teacher training course with All Yoga at Nusa Lembongan, Bali. Being so close to nature and diving with the mantas, I especially enjoyed the "beautiful dance" with yoga. It was such a great gift to be able to go through intensive physical training and learn how to teach the Modified Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. I love my body and its sensations during my daily practice, including in my soul and mind.
In practicing meditation, I got to a higher level of consciousness. I am now deeper into the path of being aware of who am I and what is beyond our thinking or physical being on this planet. Pierina and the two Davids were such professional and inspiring yoga teachers. I loved the Yin Energy of Pierina Aubert combined with the Yang Energy of David Adame and David Lertsin. The way they led the yoga classes was magic and kept the three weeks constantly active and playful. Pierina's classes made us laugh and sweat whereas David Adame's classes were full of energy and he made us fly through the Vinyasa. David Lertsin's classes were very inspiring and creative.
All in all, I highly recommend the 200hr All Yoga Yoga Teacher Training in Nusa Lembongan, Bali, for those who want to be close to nature and get to learn how to become a yoga teacher from this young, dynamic and caring team. Thank you All Yoga for allowing me experience such a precious time of my life!

February 2018 Graduate

It's my first physical training ever and I'm surprised at how much I've grown and transformed from this incredible experience! I came because I felt that as a single mom and having a daily struggle with exhaustion, I need to be stronger physically and emotionally. But this training gave me much more than that. My clients and family have all expressed how different I looked after the training, which I happily agreed with.
Not only have I accomplished many physical challenges that I thought I would have never been able to do, but I have learnt so much that's crucial for improving my general health and the ways to breathe, think and just be. The teachers are super adorable, professional and approachable which really made my training so unforgettable, besides my amazing classmates. I can't imagine how my huge progress would have been without their authenticity, encouragement and awesome teaching from the heart and their own living examples.
I'm sure the energy and laughter in the training will continue to light up and fuel my years to come as a mommy-yogini. Thank you so much for being you! Gracias. Merci beaucoup. 谢谢你们!

Maria Neuhaus
February 2018 Graduate

Hi there - my name is Maria and I did my 200hr yoga teacher training this February in Nusa Lembongan, Bali. It was a great experience and I wouldn't want to miss it for the world. Although I am someone who always need a little time to adjust and warm up to a new crowd of people, these amazing souls made it very easy. The teachers are great and made the program interesting and so fun. I learned a lot during this month and it has helped me deepen my practice.
It also made me appreciate and enjoy it so much more. I'm very grateful for this time and so happy to have met all these great people. Thank you.

Tera Pisarich
February 2018 Graduate

Time truly does fly by... I still remember sitting behind my computer and searching through different kinds of yoga schools throughout the world. There was a tugging on my heart when I spotted All Yoga. It felt right. Not to mention, I wasn't familiar with Ashtanga Vinyasa.

The more research I did, the more intrigued I became. I wanted a challenge and I wanted the "real deal". I wanted an intense and extensive school. I wanted to gain enlightenment. And that is exactly what I was given each day. However, I wasn't expecting to make connections and memories with so many souls that I will carry with me and always cherish. What can I say? All Yoga has stolen a corner in my heart 😉

How was I so lucky to travel from my small town of Gulfport, Mississippi and get to experience this beautiful school? I am so thankful for my All Yoga training experience from the beginning until the very end. My days were filled with learning new things on so many different levels mentally, spiritually, and physically. My training strengthened me as an individual and filled me with new knowledge about yoga that I plan to continue to increase.

I will never forget my training for it will always be part of who I am now and where I am now - wherever it may be. Maybe one day, I will get the chance to go back for my 300 hour RYT. For anyone looking to expand their hearts and minds, All Yoga is the school for you.

Doan Vu
February 2018 Graduate

Being a part of All Yoga 200hr YTT February 2018 was and is still such a blessing for me! Not only have I been provided access to massive knowledge concerning my yoga practice and opened up to new opportunities professionally, but I was given an amazing chance to get to know beautiful souls from the training as well. Knowledgeable and approachable teachers, wonderful friends, breathtaking nature - all created many unforgettable memories and one life-changing journey. I have learned so much through this experience and for this I am grateful. Thank you, OM Shanti.

February 2018 Graduate

Deciding to commit to a 200hr teacher training was one of the most exciting adventures I could have taken. I did a lot of research when it came to finding which program would be right for me. All Yoga exceeded all my expectations. The course outline and curriculum were well planned and the instructors were inspiring, knowledgeable, and very supportive. It made such a difference that we not only studied what we learned but applied and practiced it everyday. I am beyond thankful for this experience and to have shared it with so many amazing people from around the world! I'm excited to continue on this yogic path and to share with others all that I've learned here. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in Ashtanga yoga and teaching, and encourage you to take that first step in signing up for the programme.

Carolayn Kornafel
January 2018 Graduate

The Yoga Teacher Training with All Yoga provided exactly what I needed. Before attending the yoga course, I had many uncertainties in where I was meant to be going in this lifetime. Through the challenging course I was able to detect deeply ingrained patterns of self doubt, lack of perseverance, and pieces of my shadow that I needed to face. As I emerge from this training I feel certainty regarding my path and as though I have gained the exact tools and lessons what my soul needed at this stage of my life. I am leaving with a strong sense of empowerment and TRUST in myself. 😉

Courtney Gilkes
January 2018 Graduate

Before I came to All Yoga Training school, I didn't know what to expect. I was nervous and unsure of my ability to complete the yoga course successfully. Even half way through I was second guessing myself, comparing myself to everyone around me. However little by little as time went by I started to gain a new confidence in myself that I never thought was obtainable. And the people I was comparing myself to turned into friends that I will always hold close to my heart. I want to thank the yoga teachers for being patient and sharing their knowledge. I would recommend All Yoga to anyone that wants to learn and transform. Thank you, Courtney

Els Housley
January 2018 Graduate

The All Yoga teacher training was a great way to learn not just about yoga but amazing skills I will take with me through life. All the teachers pushed me in both physical and mental ways but all knew the limit and I hope this will be something I can replicate in my own teaching. Thank you All Yoga for the past 3 weeks and memories I will have for the rest of my life. Hope to stay in touch.

Emily Bobotas
January 2018 Graduate

It is very difficult to put into words how this training has affected me. I left the U.S. for the first time in my life and travel here to Thailand alone. 1000 % out of my comfort zone. When I arrived, I continued to be challenged in ways I didn’t even know was possible (emotionally, mentally & physically). Honestly, the people I met here and the bonds, formed are what got me through every breakdown and break-through! They were my support system that I know I will have for the rest of my life, all over the world. As for the yoga training itself, the self-practice and confidence I’ve gained is absolutely unbelievable. It’s something that will never leave me and will continue to transform me in ways that aren’t even imaginable at this thime. I truly can’t recommend this training enough. P.S. the views were pretty good too! 😉

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