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How to get to your Koh Phangan Yoga Retreat

So you’ve just enrolled in an All Yoga Teacher Training course – what now? Here’s some info to help you with planning your travel to Koh Phangan, and prepping for the upcoming 200 hour yoga teacher training. Please be sure to read all the way down to the bottom section; there’s some important info to know.


Haad Tien*, Koh Phangan, Thailand

*not to be confused with a resort of the same name on another nearby island

In Thai language:
Koh = island | Haad = beach


This course is tucked away on a beautiful remote beach immersed in nature. Koh Phangan is a small tropical island in the gulf of Thailand with no airport, so the easiest way to get there is by flying to Samui International Airport (USM), on the neighboring island. The main airlines that operate this route are:

From Koh Samui Airport, you’ll take a quick taxi ride to one of the piers and catch a boat ferry. There are several options to reach Koh Phangan. These are the ones we recommend and are most convenient to our training center:

Tong Nai Pan Ferry
This one is the most direct boat as you can request to be dropped off on our beach, Haad Tien – (side note: Hat Thian is another way it’s commonly written since Thai has no standardized system for phonetic spelling).

It runs only once per day, and only weather-permitting. If it’s too windy, the ferry will be cancelled. Please arrive early to be sure you get a ticket. The ride is about 50 minutes.

DEPARTS: Mae Nam Pier (not to be confused with Lomprayah ferry)
SCHEDULE: 12 noon
ARRIVES: Haad Tien (one of the stops along the route)

Details here: Tong Nai Pan Ferry Information

Haad Rin Queen Ferry

After you arrive at Haad Rin, the easiest way to get to Haad Tien is by boat taxi (10 mins, 200-300 THB). If the waves are too big, the other option is by truck taxi (45 mins). Price will vary depending on number of passengers, and you can try to bargain. As a group, it should cost max 500 THB each. If you’re alone then it could be cost as much as 3000++ THB.

DEPARTS: Big Buddha Pier
SCHEDULE: 10:30 am / 1:00 pm / 4:00 pm / 6:30 pm
ARRIVES: Haad Rin Pier

Details here: Haad Rin Queen Ferry Information


The resorts on this bay accept only cash, so there’s no reservations. No worries though – most people staying here are other students in the course and there’s plenty for everyone!

We recommend arriving 2 days before training starts, so you can find accommodation that suits you, get familiarized with surroundings, and rest from travel.

The spacious yogi dorm comfortably accommodates up to 20 people.

There are other types of lodging if you prefer more privacy – ensuite bungalows are from 800-1500 THB/night, depending on style.

For those staying in the Dorm:

The Beam Bungalows dorm is a spacious open-plan dorm, with 20 single beds. Each have their own mosquito net.

The facilities are a row of individual shower / toilet / sink units, separated to maximize sharing efficiency. Toilet paper and soap is BYO (bring your own) so you can pack or buy them at the onsite Beam convenience shop.

Items to bring for extra convenience & comfort:
* sheet cover
* pillow case
* quick-dry towel
* sarong or bath robe for changing (less important for guys, ladies may find this useful)
* shower caddy or hanging waterproof mesh bag for toiletries
* reusable hook for towel, clothes, etc over door stall
* rubber flip flops for beach, shower, toilet etc
* insect repellent (natural ones like essential oils are healthier, instead of chemical DEET)


Food is available from the onsite Beam Restaurant and an easy 5 minute walk away at The Sanctuary along with others. There are Thai and Western dishes, along with healthy raw and vegetarian. You can get a simple dish from about 80-150 THB.

Once you arrive on Haad Tien, walk up the sandy beach path directly perpendicular from the beach towards Beam Bungalows. It’s a slight zig zagged path; look for the largest building on the hill with 3 tall colored flags by the entrance of the reception area. One of the friendly staff will help you choose your accommodation.


There’s a nearby simple laundry service that everyone uses. It’s priced by weight, at 50 THB /kilo. Since it’s a very casual beach environment, bring only what you’ll need and avoid special-care fabrics or delicate clothes.


There are wifi data plans available for purchase from 1-10 GB each. The cost is a bit more pricey and speeds will likely be slower than you’re used to back home. A better option is getting a local SIM card with 4G service and using that as a hotspot. The coverage will vary depending on where you’re trying to access it, as well as between different providers. For this reason, we only recommend using DTAC. SIM cards are very affordable and can be bought at Bangkok or Samui airports. For example the price for 5 GB data is roughly 500+ THB (~ $15).


Last bits of random info:

First off, pack light. No seriously, pack LIGHT. You will be walking up hills with your bags. There’s absolutely no need for fancy clothes, several pairs of shoes, or ‘accessories’. Ladies…you know what I mean. I’ve seen some of your suitcases. The key word here is multipurpose items.

The yoga shala is located on a hilltop, so you’ll definitely get to work those glutes every day! Strapped sandals makes walking easier than flip flops/thongs, just FYI.

You’ll be sitting on a tiled floor every day during the course. We have thin meditation cushions, though if you need more please consider bringing something.

Drinking water is all bottled here (there’s no filtration system at this location), and you can also buy it onsite. It’s very affordable as compared to Western countries, though keep that in mind as part of the budget.

Maintain a flexible mind (sometimes the body can seem easier to train)! This helps when things go different from planned (travel delays, weather conditions, etc), and keeps us able to adapt to changes more effortlessly.

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