Ysabel loves a good hot yoga class, so you can find her in any humid room above 85 degrees. She took her All Yoga 200-hour Ashtanga YTT in 2016 in Thailand to deepen her practice and share her passion with those around her. Before that, she completed her 200-hour hot yoga TT in Manila.

Now based in LA, Ysabel spends most of her time with her dog, Berkley. Driven by her love of the arts, adventure, fitness, and of course, wine, she writes to express her thoughts and passions that her introverted self refuses to communicate through the literal word of mouth.

Posts by Ysabel :

The 8 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Atlanta Yoga Travel

Atlanta is an exciting place to be in, with its bustling downtown district and sprawling forest that surrounds much of the city. The Big Peach is lush with yoga studios that are ripe for both newbies and experienced yogis alike. For practitioners looking to start their yoga teacher training (YTT), Atlanta’s yoga scene does not disappoint. Before embarking on your journey, knowing the curriculum and background on the studio is the first step to narrowing down your options. Our list

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Top 10 Yoga Poses for Beginners: A Guide to Get Started Yoga Teacher Training Tips

Embarking on your yoga journey opens a world of benefits for both mind and body, and it all starts with mastering the basic beginner yoga poses. If you're new to yoga, finding the right starting point can be as calming as a deep breath amidst tranquility. In this comprehensive guide, we introduce the "Top 10 Beginners Yoga Poses," carefully selected to help you build a solid foundation in your practice. From Downward Dog to Savasana, each pose has been chosen for its accessibility to begin

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The 7 Best Yoga Studios in Sanur in 2024 Yoga Travel

Bali has been a major tourist destination known for its beach spots and lush mountains. Due to its affordability, visitors spend months on the island in villas and resorts living the quintessential tropical life. But for those familiar with Canggu or Seminyak, the busy crowd and traffic has now become just as a part of the Bali experience as the scenery. Sanur, on the other hand, is found east of these popular beaches and is considered by many as laid-back. Yoga Studios in Sanur are tru

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