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The 7 Best Yoga Studios in Sanur in 2024

Bali has been a major tourist destination known for its beach spots and lush mountains. Due to its affordability, visitors spend months on the island in villas and resorts living the quintessential tropical life. But for those familiar with Canggu or Seminyak, the busy crowd and traffic has now become just as a part of the Bali experience as the scenery.

Sanur, on the other hand, is found east of these popular beaches and is considered by many as laid-back. Yoga Studios in Sanur are truly spectacular.

Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida are a short boat ride away from Sanur, and could be the perfect spot for those looking to get away from the congestion found westside. Before Bali’s big tourism boom, Sanur was actually the island’s major attraction. Today, the coastal town is less commercialized and home to beachside resorts that offer true relaxation.

There are few yoga studios in Sanur and on this side of Bali but we have searched for both stand-alone studios and resorts that offer yoga. For yogis looking to take a class and complete their wellness experience, look no further as we have compiled the best yoga studios in Sanur.

1. Power of Now Oasis, Yoga Studio Sanur

yoga teacher training

Power of Now Oasis is one of the few wellness centers in Sanur that offers more than yoga classes. Located by the beach, their space looks more like a small village than a yoga Shala. Their Shala is at the center of the beautiful property that also has animals, a pool, and small villas for those taking wellness retreats. Power of Now Oasis was first established in 2010 and has 17 teachers and healers who lead their various classes and programs.

The Sanur yoga studio offers daily yoga classes, yoga retreats and teacher trainings for visitors to choose from. Their classes range from hatha, vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative, and Bali yoga. With four classes a day, this makes it a great spot for tourists to try different styles of yoga during their stay in Sanur.

They are one of the only places in Sanur that offers yoga teacher trainings, and holds them eight times a year. Students that train at Power of Now Oasis get comprehensive lessons on asana, philosophy, anatomy and sequencing, as well as training inclusions such as massages, ice baths, and sunset meditations on a SUP board, canoe or surfboard.

Drop-In Class: 120,000 IDR
Good to Know: Yoga Teach Trainings are offered eight times a year, Customized Wellness and Yoga Retreats

2. Umah Shakti, Yoga in Sanur

yoga teacher training

This outdoor yoga studio in Sanur is located away from the Sanur beach strip, in a Balinese compound that offers tranquility and cultural immersion. Umah Shakti was founded by Lilik Manuaba, who has had a dedicated practice for over ten years and specializes in Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin and trigger point therapy. Their team of local instructors teaches anti-gravity, ashtanga, yin, vinyasa, power beginner and prenatal yoga.

Umah Shakti also holds yoga teacher trainings every year, where you learn about Balinese culture, basics of anatomy, yogic principles, sound healing and breathwork. Connect and deepen your yoga practice under their Balinese Shala, amidst both temples and lush greenery.

Drop-In Class: 75,000 – 125,000 IDR
Good to Know: Umah Shakti offers packages for private classes that include meditation, posture exploration and customized classes

3. Sanur Beach Yoga, Best Yoga Studio in Sanur

yoga teacher training sanur

Yoga on the beach? Yes, please! For visitors looking to practice yoga overlooking the ocean, Sanur Beach Yoga offers free classes every Tuesday and Thursday. Located along the Hyatt Hotel beach in Sanur, classes are organized and led by Jenny Lau, who has been teaching these classes for over five years.

Everyone is welcome at these classes, all you need is your beach towel or mat to drop in. Jenny teaches Kundalini every Tuesday and hatha yoga every Thursday. For those unfamiliar with Kundalini yoga, it’s a great class for beginners who are open to a more spiritual practice. It involves chanting, breathwork, meditation, and repetitive poses. Along with building strength, the goal of Kundalini is to pull stored energy from the base of your spine, through your chakras up to the roof of your crown. Through this, practitioners are said to experience enlightenment.

Drop-In Class: FREE
Good to Know: Before attending a Sanur Beach Yoga class, check their Facebook Group where Jenny updates schedules

4. Koa Shala – Sanur Yoga 2024

yoga teacher training sanur

Koa Shala is a boutique spa, yoga Shala and holistic wellness Centre. It is a great yoga studio in Sanur. A mere seven-minute walk from the beach, their property is a beautiful open garden space that is the epitome of peace and tranquility. The yoga Shala is of Balinese design with wooden floors and a high arching ceiling. They hold three yoga classes a day and offer various styles that include hatha flow, yin-yang flow, vinyasa, and yoga fit among others.

Many travelers look for spaces where they can get the full wellness experience. At Koa Shala, practitioners can also get treatments after their yoga class. Imagine starting your day with. A meditation and vinyasa flow, followed by a relaxing massage to melt all the knots in your muscles. Combining yoga and massage helps detoxify the body and can improve blood circulation.

Drop-In Class: 120,000 IDR
Good to Know: Treat yourself with their exceptional massages that Google reviewers have claimed are the best they’ve ever had in Bali. Koa Shala offers packages that include a yoga class and massage

5. SUP Yoga

yoga teacher training sanur

If you haven’t heard of SUP Yoga, you’d be surprised to find out it’s as exciting as it sounds. It’s an exercise that involves doing yoga poses on a stand-up paddleboard. As you’re on open water, practitioners get the benefits of working on their strength and balance, as well as the fun of trying something new. SUP Yoga in Sanur is by reservation only, and their team will assess the conditions of the weather and water to recommend the best time for your class.

SUP Yoga offers options for those who are interested in trying it out, where you can either take an entire yoga class on an anchored paddle board or choose to paddle board first followed by a yoga session. These will all depend on your comfort and the experience you want to get out of it. For both beginners and the more experienced yogis, this is a great way to reconnect with nature while finding stillness in your practice.

Drop-In Class: Reservation only – Call to Inquire
Good to Know: SUP Yoga offers retreats as well that include accommodation, spa, and daily meditation and SUP yoga sessions

6. Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

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Maya Sanur Resort & Spa is truly a yogi’s paradise. This beachfront resort places yoga at the forefront of its wellness offerings and provides in-house guests with complimentary yoga classes. Their classes are also available to outside guests for a fee. Maya offers five classes every day, which include power yoga, restorative yoga, yogalates, yin yoga, aqua yoga, sunset yoga, hatha yoga, and private aerial yoga sessions (for an additional fee).

Further adding to the experience, they have a dedicated yoga studio indoors here in Sanur, and also hold classes in their ceremonial plaza, by the infinity beach pool, or on their roof deck. More than just an afterthought that tourists usually come across when staying at resorts, Maya has placed intention on providing guests with quality yoga classes that enrich the wellness experience.

Drop-In Class: Free for in-house guests, 119,000 IDR for outside guests
Good to Know: Maya offers a monthly unlimited package for outside guests that includes resort benefits

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