Doan Vu

Doan has come across and developed her love for Ashtanga since 2015. Taking a decision to attend the 200 hours YTT in February 2018 was a remarkable experience as well as a further step towards her journey of sharing the passion for yoga. She is also an Acroyoga enthusiast, trying to balance out the traditional aspect of her practice and bring more fun and creativeness to her teaching.

Having completed her study in Norway, Doan has Preschool Education as her professional background. As what she had learned from teaching children, she desires to bring the same patience, mutual respect and understanding connections into her yoga classes, where students can feel encouraged and comfortable in their bodies and practices.

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Posts by Doan Vu:

4 Ways Yoga Can Boost Your Creativity Yoga Teacher Training Tips

It's no secret that regular yoga practice may help you become more flexible, lose weight, and strengthen your muscles. The mental benefits of yoga are also well-known, yet this may come as news to newbies. Combining physical efforts with educational ones is the key to success. You might check this CreativeLive vs MasterClass comparison and explore your creative side . Such steps are essential if you are about to change your career or want to reveal your hidden talent. Let's dig into the topic a

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Is 200 Hr enough to make you a yoga teacher? Personal Experience, Yoga Teacher Training Tips

If you are thinking about pursuing a 200 hours yoga teacher training (YTT)... may be wondering: is 200 hours enough to ensure and prepare you to become a yoga teacher? Strangely enough, as a person coming from the educational background and having spent more than 3 years in training to become a teacher professionally, I had wondered the same! Therefore in this blog post, I would love to share with you about my personal experiences in attending and acquiring the 200 hours Yoga Teacher

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How to Pick The Perfect Yoga Matt for your Yoga Teacher Training! Yoga Teacher Training Tips

Picking the perfect yoga mat can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you know what to look for, it's easy to find a mat that suits your needs and preferences. It’s essential to consider the thickness and length of a mat and its material and grip.  With this knowledge, you’ll be able to select a mat that caters to your yoga style and exercise intensity. In addition, picking a vibrant color or eye-catching design will help motivate you for Yoga Training! So don't worry; with t

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