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5 Best Places to Practice Yoga in Bali – 2018

So you have booked your yoga trip to Bali, finally! Now where to get your practice on, hmm? Fortunately for you, the island of the gods holds a myriad of yoga studios and shalas for your choosing!

Now, every studio has its own energy and in the end, it comes down to what vibrates with you the best, but here are the top 5 studios of 2018 to visit and explore your practice while here!


This lovely town amongst rice fields, jungle, and rivers is one of the most popular yoga destinations on Bali. The locals are the nicest people in the world – no, seriously, they truly are! Enjoy temples, healthy food, ceremonies, and fun expat events while you’re here!

Best Places Practice Yoga Bali Teacher Training

1. The Yoga Barn

The world-renowned Yoga Barn has the widest variety of holistic offerings besides yoga classes, such as massages, acupuncture, astrology, cleansing and detoxification, and much more!

At the Garden Kafe, you will surely meet new friends for life, and don’t miss the weekly ecstatic dance (Friday nights and Sunday mornings) for a truly heart-opening experience!

When it comes to yoga, you have a multitude of classes to choose from, such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative, with several styles of meditation and breath work. Their schedule has over 15 daily classes that you can choose from!
The classes are suitable for all levels, with emphasis on introductory levels with the option for more intermediate classes.

If this is your first time visiting Yoga Barn, we highly recommend experiencing these classes!

Vinyasa flow with Bex Tyrer, meditation (or kirtan!) with Punnu Wasu, shamanic breath work with Levi Banner, or yin yoga with Tina Nance!

Because of its variety, you get the most of both physical and spiritual practices at Yoga Barn. And should you feel a strong connection to any of the teachers, the majority of them offer teacher trainings on a yearly basis.

Best Places Practice Yoga Bali Teacher Training

2. Radiantly Alive

Located in the center of Ubud, Radiantly Alive prides themselves on the motto “Come for yoga, stay for family,” and that is just what it feels like, a huge welcoming family. There is a strong connection between student and teacher, and the quality of their offerings is to give you the most knowledgeable and explorative classes you can get!

Radiantly Alive also offers physical, emotional, and spiritual healing sessions, such as acupuncture, astrology, colonics, craniosacral therapy and more!

With 3 shalas, they have an extensive schedule, where you can choose between Ashtanga, dynamic RA Vinyasa, Yin, myofascial movement, Hatha, Restorative, Acro, and Aerial yoga!

Radiantly Alive often hosts world-renowned yoga teachers such as Dylan Werner and Meghan Currie with special workshops and classes, so keep an eye out for that while you are here!

To immerse yourself in this studio and learn more about your practice and the philosophy of yoga, take a few classes with James Mattingley, whose vast knowledge of human anatomy will surely give you food for thought! If you want to experience a very unique and progressive approach towards body and movement, Carlos Tao offers flow classes with his passionate energy.

Best Places Practice Yoga Bali Teacher Training

3. Intuitive Flow

This studio is situated in the gorgeous area of Penestanan (Ubud) and holds one of the most gorgeous views from a shala in town. Offering several styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin and meditation sessions, Intuitive Flow is a great studio if you want to immerse yourself in a more intimate setting and smaller classes.

With both international and local teachers, you have an opportunity to delve deeper into your practice and make a strong connection with the yoga community that Intuitive Flow has.


This bustling town by the coast just north-west of Seminyak and Kuta is ever-growing with its offerings of conscious and healthy living and yoga studios. Just an hour south of Ubud, this town has a lot to offer in terms of art, community, beach and surf, and also what you are looking for – yoga!

Best Places Practice Yoga Bali Teacher Training

4. The Practice

While being a fairly new studio, Octavio Salvado and The Practice has established itself to be one of the main studios in Canggu to offer yoga to the community. With its slogan “Mindless vinyasa is dead” The Practice prides itself on offering traditional Hatha yoga with a strong emphasis on the philosophy of yoga, where the classes are essentially mindful movement in connection to breath. Having yearly teacher trainings, including several online classes and sessions, a vast schedule of different styles and teachers, kirtan, community talks, coaching, and other events, The Practice is one of the go-to places for deepening your yoga practice in Canggu!

Experience the extensive knowledge from inspirational and dedicated teachers such as Octavio Salvado and Nik Robson, whose classes range from classical Hatha to immersive Yin.

Best Places Practice Yoga Bali Teacher Training

5. Samadi

Samadi is a yoga oasis in this coastal surfer town, with yoga, a charming organic café and shop, hosting a lovely Sunday Market with fresh fruits, vegetables and locally made produce. With weekly ecstatic dance and different workshops, Samadi has a great variety of events and happenings for your pleasure! Mainly based on Ashtanga, Samadi hosts experienced teachers such as Mark Robberds for immersions and workshops.

Their daily schedule hosts several daily classes with both active and more restorative yin classes, with an international group of dedicated teachers. If you are looking for a strong community of Ashtanga-based students, Samadi is the place!

So there you have it! 5 excellent studios to explore and try out on your Bali adventure! We hope that you find a studio and teachers that truly resonate with you!


About Christian

Christian began his yoga journey 8 years ago, exploring the expression of Self through meditation, asana, and pranayama. Christian graduated with All Yoga in 2016, and have been living in Bali since. Building upon creativity and dynamic movement, Christian's practice and teaching is based on the individual and unique expression within each person.

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