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6 Misconceptions About Joining a Yoga Teacher Training

Before embarking on my yoga teacher training, I had some concerns about whether my asana practice was consistent enough to prepare me for the course or whether I was going to be the only one who couldn’t get into a certain pose. All these thoughts gave me butterflies in my tummy on my first day of YTT but as the days pass and the more we practiced, I realised that all those concerns I had didn’t really matter after all.

Even though training is meant to be tough, it wasn’t really that intimidating. Well, at least for me… These are some common misconceptions you may have about yoga teacher training.

1. You have to be a handstanding super flexible yogi

This is a key misconception – a lot of people I speak to say “I’d love to do a yoga teacher training but I’m not flexible or strong enough”. I understand this, as before attending my training, I was worried that because I could not do all the poses to their full expression (aka I definitely cannot do a handstand), I’d just hide at the back of the shala and hope no one noticed! This is not true or necessary. As you learn in your training, while asana (posture) is key to yoga, meditation is the most advanced form of yoga there is. As long as you have a desire to learn, explore and progress in your practice, it does not matter that you’re limited in some asanas. All bodies are different, and this is highly respected in your training.

yoga teacher training common misconceptions

2. You have to have practiced 365 x days a year (i.e. everyday) for 5 years

You should have a strong practice, but what is more important is that you have dedication. For some of us, practicing everyday is unrealistic and that’s ok. All you need is to have the drive to learn and delve deeper into your practice. I practiced 3 – 4 times a week as I worked full-time, and just before my training I upped it to daily. However, if time is really a constraint, just try your best to be consistent in your weekly practice to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the training.

3. You need to be slim with a six pack abs

No – all bodies are beautiful, and people come from all varieties of life for yoga teacher training. You do not have to be a certain size or look to do yoga teacher training, and you’ll find people of all bodies becoming teachers. This is actually highly important, as when you practice teaching, you want to teach a range of bodies so that you get used to giving a range adjustments and variations.

yoga teacher training common misconceptions

4. Everyone will be a vegan

People come to yoga for all different reasons, and some practice ahimsa (non-violence) to a different level to others. The food served during your training may be vegetarian but I have met vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers, and pescatarians on my training. Everybody is respectful and understands that we all have different lifestyles. No one will hate you if you eat meat! But I would encourage that on your YTT, you embrace the yogi lifestyle and go vegetarian just to see how you feel!

5. You need to be clad head-to-toe in the latest Lululemon

Nope! The beauty of yoga teacher training is that everyone comes from all over the world. As a result, everybody wears what is comfortable to them back in their country, and it makes for a beautiful variety.

6. Everyone will be young and female

Instagram and other social media often present the idea that yoga teachers are mostly women in their 20s. On your training, you’ll see that both men and women come to yoga at different points of their lives, and there is a range of ages!

If these concerns were stopping you from embarking on your YTT journey, don’t worry because you’re not alone! However, should you have any other concerns that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us at our email! We are more than happy to help you begin on your YTT journey!

yoga teacher training common misconceptions

About Hannah Spencer

Hannah Spencer completed her All Yoga YTT in August 2017 and has since been teaching across her home city of London. Yoga is a deeply moving process for her, and it is her intention to share the practice that gives her so much with others. Her classes are infused with music and lightness of heart, with the desire that each student comes to find clarity and calmness.

Connect with her at Instagram, Facebook and Gmail

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