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9 Best Yoga Teacher Training Mexico in 2024

With its sun-kissed beaches, rich culture, and healing energies, Mexico has long been a haven for spiritual seekers and wellness enthusiasts. But did you know it’s also becoming one of the top destinations for aspiring yoga teachers looking for a yoga certification course? Amidst the backdrop of tropical jungles, ancient mayan ruins, and other stunning locations, a wealth of yoga teacher training in Mexico have sprung up, offering transformative experiences that go beyond the mat.

From the white sand beaches of Tulum to the tranquil hideaways in the Sierra Madre mountains, there’s a yoga journey awaiting every soul in this vibrant country. Dive into this curated list of the top 9 yoga teacher trainings in Mexico and find the one that resonates with your spirit, whether you’re seeking deep spiritual immersion or a fusion of ancient wisdom with modern techniques. Welcome to a journey of discovery, growth, and infinite possibilities in the heart of Mexico.
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  • The 9 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico

    1. Tulum Yoga School, Yoga Teacher Training Mexico 2024

    yoga training mexico

    In the bohemian town of Tulum, Mexico, the Aligned Flow 200-hour yoga instructor training offers an immersive journey for budding yoga instructors. Hosted by the Tulum Yoga School, this non-residential teacher training in Mexico is more than just a learning experience; it’s a transformative journey combining ancient yogic practices with modern teaching techniques. Set within a boutique yoga shala, the surroundings provide a tranquil atmosphere, complete with wall-to-wall windows and sliding doors that offer panoramic views from its top-floor setting, creating the perfect backdrop for introspection and growth.

    The yoga training offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to guide students from passion to profession. Delving deep into the Aligned Flow Method, it touches on yogic philosophy and history, tailored for the contemporary yogi. Participants will study pranayama, meditation techniques, and posture alignment, but the training goes beyond these foundations. It incorporates yoga related anatomy, cues for clarity in teaching yoga, artful sequencing, and the ethics of yoga as a business. Additionally, the program ensures students get hands-on practical experience, teaching them to craft their unique voice and approach. Feedback from lead teachers and group study labs enrich the learning, ensuring each participant can handle a real-world yoga class.

    Graduating from this program doesn’t just grant a certificate; it prepares participants to teach Aligned Flow yoga classes internationally, backed by Yoga Alliance accreditation. The mission of the yoga teacher training is clear: to inspire and empower. The goal is for each student to not only learn the art of accessible and inclusive yoga teaching but also to embody these teachings in everyday life. Whether they’re on the mat or navigating the world, graduates of this program will have a holistic understanding of yoga’s philosophy and the skills to share it with others.

    School: Tulum Yoga School
    Style: Aligned Flow
    Length: 15 days
    Price: £2049
    More Info: Click Here

    2. Kootenay Yoga School, Mexico yoga teacher training

    yoga teacher training mexico

    Kootenay Yoga School offers a transformative 200-hour yoga teacher training in Mexico, on the stunning Isla Mujeres. This 15-day immersive experience aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of yoga that goes beyond just the poses. Participants will delve deep into the anatomy of yoga, explore 45 traditional yoga poses, engage in asana practice, and learn philosophy, including the Eight Limbs of Yoga and the Yamas and Niyamas. Notably, the yoga training isn’t just about cramming information; it’s designed to feel immersive rather than intensive, featuring a mix of daily yoga, meditation, poolside seminars, and sunrise meditations.

    Set against the magical backdrop of Isla Mujeres, known internationally for its enchanting vibe, the program’s venue is just a short distance from Punta Sur National Healing Center. This location is more than just scenic; it plays a significant role in enhancing the spiritual and rejuvenating experience of the teacher training. As participants absorb yoga knowledge, they can also soak in the island’s beauty, with the serene Caribbean Sea just a few steps away and opportunities to explore the calm swimming waters, breezy cliff edges, shopping areas, live music venues, and cultural centers.

    To top it all off, Kootenay Yoga School ensures its students a comfortable and authentic stay. Lodgings are provided in Jungle Cabanas Isla Mujeres, a lush property surrounded by gardens and located right by the sea. These garden-surrounded cabanas offer easy access to the island’s bright blue water and cliff edges. Moreover, three daily home-cooked meals, focused on regional and seasonal produce, are served, ensuring participants are well-nourished throughout their journey.

    School: Kootenay Yoga School
    Style: Multi-style
    Length: 15 days
    Price: £2009
    More Info: Click Here

    3. FitFlowYoga, Yoga Training Mexico 2024

    yoga training mexico

    Fitflowyoga invites yoga enthusiasts to a captivating retreat-style vinyasa-flow yoga teacher training in Mexico. With its pristine beaches and distinctive vibrancy, Tulum sets the backdrop for this transformative 200-hour yoga teacher training. More than just a yoga teacher training, participants will embark on a journey of growth and self-discovery in a serene sanctuary designed for knowledge absorption and rejuvenation. With a lead trainer boasting 12 years of dedicated yoga experience, students are guaranteed an enriching experience where they can delve deep into yogic wisdom, connecting with Tulum’s art and vibrant energy.

    The daily schedule at Fitflowyoga is comprehensive and holistic. From asana practices and mindfulness meditation to in-depth studies of postures, chakras, bandhas, and mantras, participants are exposed to the full spectrum of yoga. They also learn the basics of yoga anatomy and effective teaching techniques, and are provided assignments, projects, and exams to ensure thorough understanding and application. The program welcomes everyone, from novices to experienced yogis. It’s not just about reading and comprehension; Fitflowyoga emphasizes inner peace, self-inquiry, and transformation, ensuring participants harness the internal yoga teacher within.

    Fitflowyoga offers a robust education covering every facet of yoga and believes that teaching arises from genuine experience and balance rather than just theoretical knowledge. The lead trainer, Tuğba, provides a warm, playful teaching style, focusing on alignment and body mechanics. Fitflowyoga, set within a hotel’s tropical landscape, offers enchanting family cabanas designed to reflect traditional Mexican architecture. These cabanas perfectly blend local culture with modern comforts, promising a genuine Tulum experience.

    School: FitFlowYoga
    Style: Multi-style
    Length: 13 days
    Price: £2132
    More Info: Click Here

    4. Sak Beh Yoga, Mexico yoga teacher training

    yoga teacher training mexico

    Dive deep into the heart of the Mayan jungle with Sak Beh Yoga and Paraiso Yoga for a 17-day yoga teacher training immersion. This comprehensive teacher training in Mexico promises a multifaceted approach that extends beyond typical lessons. It offers participants insights into the systematic practices of yoga, breathing techniques, anatomy, and physiology from a yogic perspective. Additionally, the course focuses on nourishing both mind and body, providing organic vegan and vegetarian meals sourced from local farms. Amidst the tranquil jungle gardens, participants can connect with nature, explore enchanting trails, swim in cenotes, and meditate in serene surroundings. Embracing the Mayan cultural heritage, the mexico yoga teacher training incorporates ceremonies led by a Shamanic Guide, introducing attendees to the sacred cacao bean and the spiritually cleansing Temazcal ceremony.

    The training covers a wide range of topics from asana practices, meditation, and anatomy to the history and philosophy of yoga. The training, which is yoga alliance certified, touches upon hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga, and gives a glimpse into yin yoga and restorative yoga. A snapshot of the curriculum reveals 75 hours dedicated to techniques, training, and practice, 50 hours to teaching methodology, 30 hours each to anatomy & physiology and yoga history, philosophy, and ethics, and 15 hours to yoga business. The aim is not just to cultivate effective yoga teachers but also to equip them with the tools to lead a purposeful life.

    What makes this mexico yoga teacher training unique is its setting and the blend of cultural, spiritual, and natural experiences it offers. Participants are constantly surrounded by the sounds of wildlife and the therapeutic melodies of bird songs. The training, led by seasoned instructor Narayani Cassini and enriched by guest teacher Acharya Dada, also features experts in asana classes, sound healing, ecstatic dance, and Mayan ceremonies. Upon completion, participants are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT 200). It’s more than just a certification – it’s a journey of self-discovery, growth, and profound connection with nature and ancient traditions.

    School: Sak Beh Yoga
    Style: Multi-style
    Length: 17 days
    Price: £1804
    More Info: Click Here

    5. Tryambaka Yoga, Yoga teacher training course in Mexico

    yoga teacher training mexico

    Embarking on the Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Mexico, in the idyllic Chemuyil region of Tulum is an immersive, life changing experience. Led by the revered Tapovan Tamas & Halo Saronko, the Tryambaka Yoga team offers a profound exploration of yoga, from its history and philosophy to practical techniques and teachings. Over 17 transformative days at the Paledora Eco Resort, attendees dive deep into multi-style asana practices, engage in enlightening lectures and hands-on classes, and even participate in Conscious Relating Workshops led by Carmen Una. The secluded jungle setting of the resort, complete with its private cenote and a host of wellness activities, only amplifies the transformative power of the program. The commitment to genuine, real-world teaching experience and accreditation from the U.S. Yoga Alliance ensures participants leave with newfound knowledge and skills and a recognized certification in the yoga community.

    Beyond just the physical aspects, the program illuminates the energetic dimensions of yoga. Homework assignments, readings, kundalini energy cultivation teachings, Classical Tantrik Rituals, and breathwork are integrated, ensuring a holistic understanding of yoga. Moreover, the course touches upon aspects of yogic lifestyle, nutrition, anatomy, and various yogic philosophies, ensuring attendees are well-equipped in both practice and theory.

    Nestled amidst the pristine beauty of Chemuyil, the Paledora Eco Resort is more than just a venue; it’s an integral part of the experience. Offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty and sustainable luxury, the resort pampers guests with rejuvenating spa treatments, invigorating yoga classes, and adventure activities. Emphasizing sustainability, the gourmet meals are organic and locally sourced, adding to the wholesome experience. This training isn’t just an investment in a yoga certification—it’s an invitation to a life-altering journey of self-discovery, spiritual development, and comprehensive yoga education.

    School: Tryambaka Yoga
    Style: Tantra
    Length: 18 days
    Price: £2861
    More Info: Click Here

    6. One Breath of Yoga Ashram, yoga teacher training mexico

    yoga training mexico

    Tucked away in the Mayan jungle of Riviera Maya, the One Breath of Yoga Ashram is a serene oasis that offers private and personalized retreats and an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). With daily asana and meditation classes led by seasoned professionals, participants have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves not only in yoga practices but also in rituals and ceremonial practices guided by skilled shamanic guides. The comprehensive syllabus covers everything from sun salutations, vinyasa transitions, breathwork, and yogic anatomy to yoga philosophy, with particular attention to the Eight Limbs of Yoga, Yoga Sutras, and Sanskrit teachings. The Ashram emphasizes respecting nature and fellow yogis, advocating for Ahimsa (non-violence) and encouraging quiet reflection.

    Beyond the yoga mat, One Breath of Yoga Ashram integrates a holistic approach to well-being. The program is meticulously designed to aid attendees in their journey of transformation, healing, and reconnection to their true selves. Participants are not just deepening their own practice but are also clearing out toxins and negative emotions, which, when combined with the center’s offering of superfood smoothies and a raw vegan yogic diet, ensures a thorough purification of mind and body.

    Set in proximity to the quaint village of Puerto Morelos, the location itself adds to the transformative experience. Despite its tranquil jungle setting, it’s a mere ten-minute journey to the village. The Ashram serves as both a retreat center and a sanctuary for Ashtanga Yoga and medicinal ceremonies, holding a mission to offer practitioners a secure environment for self-realization and deepening their connection to the ancient practice of yoga.

    School: One Breath of Yoga Ashram
    Style: Ashtanga-Vinyasa
    Length: 28 days
    Price: £2730
    More Info: Click Here

    7. Vida Yoga Center – Yoga Teacher training Mexico

    yoga training mexico

    Tucked away on the untouched virgin beaches of southern Mexico, Vida Yoga Center is a beacon for yoga enthusiasts, offering a transformative 21-day certified yoga teacher training program. Located just 12 kilometers south of Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, this beachfront center is more than just a scenic escape. It’s an invitation to immerse oneself in the depth and beauty of yoga, away from the humdrum of daily life. The tranquil surroundings and the center’s close proximity to nature make it an ideal haven for introspection, silence, and spiritual growth.

    The curriculum isn’t just about achieving the perfect pose; it’s a comprehensive dive into the holistic universe of yoga. Participants are guided through a meticulously crafted syllabus, from the nuances of conscious hatha yoga and restorative yoga to the intricate teachings of pranayama and meditation. With sessions on functional anatomy and biomechanics, students gain a profound understanding of the body-mind interplay, ensuring their practice is informed, safe, and deeply rooted in knowledge. Moreover, special attention is given to fostering a deeper spiritual connection. Activities such as exploring the 8 Petals of Yoga, ceremonial celebrations, and enlightening Sat-Sang discussions ensure a 360-degree development of every yogi’s body, mind, and soul.

    But Vida Yoga Center isn’t just about intense learning; it’s also about rejuvenation and comfort. Nestled right by the beach, the accommodations promise a seamless blend of learning and relaxation. Attendees are provided individual beds in a shared room equipped with fans and hot-water bathrooms. The abode, adorned with a pool, swaying palm trees, and ample green spaces, embodies serenity. To nourish the body after intense sessions, an expert chef crafts three sumptuous vegetarian meals daily, complemented by healthy snacks, juices, and desserts. In essence, this yoga teacher training in Mexico is not just an educational journey; it’s a soulful experience that promises to nurture every aspect of one’s being.

    School: Vida Yoga Center
    Style: Hatha
    Length: 21 days
    Price: £3034
    More Info: Click Here

    8. Awakened Spirit Yoga – Mexico Yoga Training

    yoga training mexico

    Awakened Spirit Yoga offers a unique hybrid 200-hour yoga teacher training in Mexico that’s part online learning and part immersive retreat. The online segment entails 8 Zoom sessions over two months, supplemented by self-paced videos on diverse topics like yoga philosophy, anatomy, and social justice. The yoga taught by special guest teachers touches upon cultural appropriation and anti-racism, providing a comprehensive and contemporary approach. The in-person leg of the training unfolds over two weeks at the stunning Haramara Retreat Center in Nayarit, Mexico (not far from Puerto Vallarta). Here, participants not only get to delve deep into high-level yoga instruction but also bask in luxury accommodations, savoring farm-to-table meals, and exploring the eco-friendly, beachfront surroundings. The retreat promises a harmonious blend of personal growth, deep yoga practice, and a connection to nature.

    At its core, Awakened Spirit Yoga melds traditional hatha yoga, vinyasa, and therapeutic yoga, rooting its teachings in the three pillars: mind, body, and earth. This alignment-based system, inspired by the teachings from Northern India, also brings modern body understanding into the fold, promoting inclusivity and empowerment. The curriculum is expansive, encompassing asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, ethics, and Ayurveda. Participants will walk away with international yoga teaching certification, a deepened personal practice, and insights from the 4 paths of yoga and ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’. They’ll also experience the magic of a traditional Mayan Fire Ceremony.

    Beyond the mat, Awakened Spirit Yoga’s vision is profound. It envisions a world where inner transformation translates into regenerative change in the community and the planet. By integrating yoga practices into daily life, they believe in healing and nurturing the self, communities, and Mother Earth. Situated amidst the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, the center complements this vision, being a sanctuary for introspection and growth. Its eco-friendly approach, private beach, tropical gardens, and organic farm-to-table cuisine make it a haven for those looking to harmonize their yoga practice with nature and sustainable living.

    School: Awakened Spirit Yoga
    Style: Ashtanga & Hatha
    Length: 15 days
    Price: £3718
    More Info: Click Here

    9. Mar de Jade Wellness Center – Yoga teacher training Mexico

    yoga training mexico

    Dive deep into personal transformation with this 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in the serene Mar de Jade Wellness Center in Chacala, Mexico’s hidden paradise. The program is designed to not just teach yoga but also help participants introspect on a spiritual level. Drawing inspiration from the ancient wisdom of the East and the Shamanic Medicine Wheel, the course is divided into four cycles aligned with the cardinal directions, promoting a journey of release, understanding, growth, and empowerment. From the foundations of yogic history to understanding neuroscience research about trauma and embodiment, the training provides an expansive curriculum. Participants delve into yoga for anxiety, depression, and eating disorders, trauma-informed chakra work, shadow work, leadership tools, and more. There’s also a strong emphasis on the art of teaching, with sessions dedicated to hands-on adjustments, effective communication techniques, and sequencing principles.

    At the heart of this transformative experience is the Mar de Jade Wellness Center. Nestled between a tropical jungle and the golden sands of the Pacific Ocean, it offers a blend of tranquility and nature. Mornings begin with the sounds of birds and ocean waves, setting the tone for a day of learning, introspection, and connection. The center boasts mango and papaya trees, hammocks under palapa shades, and an organic herb garden. Chacala, a pristine bay surrounded by tropical jungles, offers a laid-back atmosphere with its palapa restaurants and the warm, welcoming nature of its 400 residents.

    Completing this Mexico yoga training in 2024 allows participants to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance. With an inclusive approach that focuses on both the physical and subtle aspects of healing and understanding, it’s more than just a certification – it’s a journey of discovering one’s inner wisdom, purpose, and potential, all while being enveloped in the embrace of Chacala’s natural beauty. Plus, with all daily meals included and WiFi available in common areas, participants can focus entirely on their growth and transformation.

    School: Mar de Jade
    Style: Multi-style
    Length: 21 days
    Price: £3402
    More Info: Click Here

    Conclusion about yoga teacher training in Mexico

    From its serene coastlines to lush highlands, Mexico is fast becoming one of the top yoga destinations in the world. Each of these nine best yoga teacher training programs offers a unique blend of traditional teachings, modern insights, and deeply personal experiences. As the sun sets over the Pacific or rises over the Yucatán Peninsula, it’s not just about mastering the asanas or diving into ancient scriptures; it’s about connecting with oneself, a community of like-minded souls, and the vibrant energy of Mexico. So whether you’re an aspiring yoga teacher or a seasoned yogi looking to deepen your practice, there’s something in Mexico for everyone. Embrace the journey, savor every moment, and let the magic of Mexico’s yoga scene transform you from within.

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