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6 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver in 2024

Are you looking to deepen your yoga practice or dreaming of teaching your class? Vancouver has some stellar yoga teacher training programs that might be your ticket. In this blog, we’re rounding up the six best yoga teacher trainings across the city, showcasing everything from intensive Ashtanga workshops to serene Hatha retreats. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting, a program here is perfect for taking your practice to the next level. Dive in with us as we uncover the top spots to transform your yoga game in Vancouver!
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  • The 6 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver

    1. Vancouver School Of Healing Arts 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training

    yoga teacher training vancouver

    This school has kicked things up with their “Enriched course” for the 200-hour yoga teacher training. It’s not just the standard fare; they’ve added 20 hours of juicy content that goes deep into teaching methodology and yoga therapeutics. It even dives into Yoga’s business and marketing side. Some extraordinary rituals and additional tools are also designed to make any yogi’s teaching skills stand out. This course qualifies for financial aid through Student Aid BC, so it’s easier on the wallet.

    For those taking the regular 200-hour course, there’s no shortage of surprises there, either. It covers all the essentials, like anatomy and physiology, and some hefty assignments. The philosophy part gets really deep, exploring non-duality and the essence of Tantra, and there’s plenty of transformative breathwork and meditation to empower and elevate the practice. Basically, it’s a solid foundation that’s anything but basic.

    Price: From $3,205.00. Payment plans are available!
    Duration: 2-month immersion- Monday to Friday OR 4 months – Weekends
    Website: Click Here
    Style: Hatha- Vinyasa

    2. Kootenay Yoga School 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training

    yoga teacher training vancouver

    This 200-hour certified yoga foundations course is nestled in the mountains, offering students a chance to dive deep into their practice in a serene, natural setting. The curriculum is packed with a mix of traditional and modern yoga ethics, anatomy, philosophy, business insights, and more, emphasizing the development of a solid, authentic practice. From meditation to nutrition to mastering asanas, the program has it all.

    Weather-wise, attendees can expect mostly sunny skies but should be ready for the occasional rain or cool evening. The natural terrain where yoga sessions are held isn’t your typical flat studio floor, so packing an extra blanket might be a good idea for those who feel the chill. Remember, there’s no laundry service out here in the wild!

    The course is all about practical experience. Every day involves engaging asana practices, breath control exercises, and meditation, complemented by lively discussions and debates that help bring the yoga teachings to life. It’s a supportive environment where everyone’s encouraged to share and learn from each other, making it not just about perfecting poses but also about building a community that cherishes each moment of their journey together.

    School: From $1,775.00 / Deposit $274
    Duration: 15 days / 14 nights
    Website: Click Here
    Style: Nidra Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga
    Location: Christina Lake, BC

    3. Yyoga Teacher Training 200hrs

    yoga teacher training vancouver

    This 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is all about transforming your yoga practice and deepening your grasp on the whole yoga thing. The program is built around a philosophy that’s big on empowering students and sparking their curiosity, all within a super supportive and inspiring atmosphere. Participants will pick up everything they need to teach Hatha, Power, and Flow yoga, with the flexibility to join in in-person or online.

    School: $3,300
    Duration: 4 months, weekend options
    Website: Click Here
    Style: Hatha and Power flow

    4. Yoga by the Sea 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training

    yoga teacher training vancouver

    The Yoga by the Sea Teacher Training/Immersion program is perfect for those who want to teach Yoga or just dive deeper into their own practice. It’s a 200-hour certification that really lays down the basics of teaching yoga, all while sticking close to the Classical Hatha Yoga System and spotlighting Yoga Therapy. The program is all about supporting each participant’s journey, helping them expand their self-awareness and transform their lives in meaningful ways.

    School: $3200
    Duration: 8 months
    Website: Click Here
    Style: Classical Hatha
    Location: Roberts Creek, BC

    5. Karma Teachers Yoga Certification 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training

    yoga teacher training vancouver

    Rooted in the traditions of Karma Yoga, this unique school is Canada’s only non-profit yoga institution, echoing the old-school vibe of Yoga’s past. They offer both partial and full scholarships, opening up the world of Yoga to anyone and everyone, regardless of their financial situation. The program isn’t just about mastering yoga poses; it’s a transformative experience that flips your worldview on its head, delving into the philosophy of selfless work, unconditional love, and mindful action. It’s an opportunity seen as a divine gift, ideal for those brave enough to dive deep into a healing journey towards compassion, bliss, and empowerment, all while creating good vibes through selfless work.

    School: Full cost: $ 3500*. Payment plans are available! *Check out scholarships!
    Duration: 1-month intensive (weekdays). 11-weekend immersion
    Website: Click Here
    Style: Hatha-vinyasa-yin

    6. Ocean Breath Yoga Teacher Training

    yoga teacher training vancouver

    Over at Ocean Breath, they see Yoga as more than just a workout—it’s a way of life. They don’t just focus on the physical poses, known as Asana; they dive into all eight limbs of Yoga, offering a more holistic approach to the practice. The course helps students beef up their lung capacity with proper breathing techniques and introduces them to meditation, mantras, and different yoga styles. By the end of it, students at Ocean Breath are not just practising Yoga; they’re fully prepared to teach it with confidence.

    School: Every 100 Hour Program. $1800 + GST
    Duration: Part-time: over three months
    Website: Click Here
    Style: Hatha and Vinyasa

    About Nadine

    Growing up in Switzerland, traveling the world has always been her passion. Last year she embarked on the Yoga journey and completed her 200 hrs YTT with AllYoga in Bali last October. After teaching group fitness classes for more than 10 years she was ready for a new chapter and ever since Yoga has given her so much, especially Asthanga has challenged her not only physically but also mentally.

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