How to Prepare for An Intensive Yoga Teacher Training

yoga teacher training

So you’ve done the research, applied and registered for your yoga teacher training – now what? What is there to do between then and when you arrive to your immersion course?

Well for starters, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready to handle the physical demands of a daily training. This type of course will involve several hours per day of asana practice, lectures, sitting meditation, group activities and self study. You’ll want to get practicing!

It’s a good idea to do 3-6 classes per week, ideally at least 3 months (or more) before you begin the course. This is so your body will be used to that amount of exercise. You can attend classes at a studio or follow online videos at home (just make sure they’re appropriately challenging as the styles you’ll be learning). The types of classes that would help prepare you the most for an All Yoga training are Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, Yin and Rocket yoga. These are most similar to what you’ll learn in our course.

Every teacher training will have its own suggested reading, so get the book list and have a head start.

And finally…during your training you’ll be spending lots of time moving your body around, absorbing the teachings, reflecting on your thoughts, and closely interacting with a group of other people. This type of situation could stir up lots of feelings, especially if there are unresolved issues or emotional ‘unpacking’ that needs to happen. There will be sweat, tears, joy and laughter on this journey and it’s all OK. The best thing to do beforehand is to let go of the expectations, and allow the experience to unfold as it may. Remember that every part of it is teaching you something.

Since yoga has many layers of knowledge that be can learned over the span of a lifetime, there’s always more to discover no matter what level you’re at. That’s part of the fun!


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