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The 8 Best Yoga Studios in Canggu in 2024

Bali has long been a popular destination for yogis looking to explore nature and to connect with their practice and the free-spirited yoga community that has formed within the small Indonesian island. The lifestyle in Bali is a transformative experience that many have found themselves drawn to. With the low cost of living, the unbeatable beauty of the mountains and beaches, the local boutique stores and cafes around every corner, Bali has become the very definition of paradise for finding a yoga studio in Canggu and taking a yoga classes or a Bali Yoga Teacher training!

Within the picturesque island, you can find a small coastal village called Canggu that is known for its black sand beaches and surf-inducing waves. Nestled here are quiet pockets of yoga communities that offer everything a yogi could want – vegan restaurants, yoga studios, and yoga retreats that are easily accessible. If you’re planning a visit to Bali, here’s our list of the 8 best yoga studios in Canggu that you need to check out.
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  • The 8 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Canggu

    1. Samadi Bali – Yoga Studio in Canggu

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    Immerse yourself in the Samadi yoga community with their vegan restaurant, yoga and wellness center, and Sunday market which are all located within the same compound. They offer accommodation in this quaint oasis, where you can take a short stroll to one of their two Shalas they have on the property.

    Samadi has 4.2 stars on Google, with many reviews praising the authentic, traditional atmosphere that the wellness center has to offer. They have multiple all-level yoga classes here as well, which makes it perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. In the mornings, partake in their Ashtanga Mysore sessions before ending the day with a calming Yin class. All in all, they offer more than ten different types of yoga classes from beginners Ashtanga, rocket vinyasa, hot yoga, to AcroYoga. Beginner-friendly classes are clearly labeled for those who are newer to the practice.

    Yogis can drop in for yoga classes or have the option to attend wellness workshops. You can even host your own events or trainings in one of their rooms. Samadi has clearly put thought into creating a community of like-minded individuals looking to share their stories and passions with those around them.

    2. Ubuntu Bali – Canggu Yoga School

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    Described as a co-living village, Ubuntu offers guests an escape from the often busy and tourist-filled streets in Canggu. Set in its own little bubble amidst greenery and the skies, Ubuntu has an outdoor yoga Shala where they hold two yoga classes every morning.

    With 4.8 stars on Google, visitors highly recommend this place due to the quality of their yoga classes and the Shala, as well as the hospitality that the staff provides. Many visitors stay weeks and even months at the village, and attend courses or intensives that they offer from time to time.

    The yoga classes at Ubuntu are mostly Ashtanga, which is offered in the form of Mysore, guided, and a fully led primary Ashtanga class. Ubuntu Bali is the perfect place for yogis looking to find serenity and peace and focus on more traditional yoga classes.

    3. Canggu Yoga Centre

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    A newer edition to the yoga scene in the area, Canggu Yoga Centre opened in early 2023. The four-floor building is the sister studio to Ubud Yoga Centre, which has been a yogi hotspot for more than a decade. Although Canggu Yoga Centre is located within a populated neighborhood, its exterior is decorated with enough greenery to make the view from their yoga rooms serene.

    The Centre offers five to six yoga classes a day and is perfect for practitioners who love their hot classes. From hot Pilates, hot Barre, to hot TRX, the Canggu Yoga Centre offers classes that are more sweat-inducing and blood-pumping. They seem to be a more hip spot than their Ubud counterpart, with neon lights hanging outside their hot rooms.

    The Canggu Yoga Centre is less traditional than other yoga Shalas in Bali but still offers a beautiful space to practice and find a community for all those hot yoga fanatics out there.

    4. Radiantly Alive – Yoga in Canggu

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    The beautiful open Shala of Radiantly Alive Canggu overlooks the busy neighborhood in which it sits on top of. In the distance, you can catch a view of the sunset as you go through your sun salutations in a yogi-filled class. The bamboo interiors of the Radiantly Alive Shala and its rattan ceiling lights complete this picturesque backdrop of what could be your daily yoga practice.

    Radiantly Alive Canggu has 4.7 stars on Google with many reviews praising its teachers and the unique view they get when practicing here. Most of the classes at this location are held in the afternoon and evening, which means practitioners can hear the ins and outs of the busy streets below them. Finding a tranquil space amidst all the chaos can be of refuge to many, and this Shala is the perfect place to find the balance between inner peace and outer madness.

    5. The Practice – Canggu Yoga Studio

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    Located within walking distance from Batu Bolong Beach, The Practice is a beautiful oasis where yogis can find traditional hatha yoga classes. Their open studio is decorated intricately in Balinese design with a serene garden surrounding it. The studio has somewhat of a cult following behind it, with many dedicated practitioners making it a go-to when in Bali.

    On Google, The Practice has 4.4 stars and 270 reviews. Practitioners rate this studio highly due to the transformative experience many have when attending yoga classes at the Practice. They commend the knowledge of the instructors and the methods in which they lead their classes. On most days, The Practice offers four traditional hatha yoga classes, which makes it perfect for yogis looking for consistency on their travels and a community to call home.

    6. Pranava Yoga – Yoga Studio in Canggu

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    Balinese provinces are known for their open fields and rice paddies. At Pranava Yoga, their studio is located amidst these scenic views which enriches every yoga class with the very atmosphere that Bali is known for. The property is also adorned with Orchids and Bougainvillea, making it the perfect tropical paradise.

    Unlike most yoga studios in Bali, students will find that all the instructors at Pranava Yoga are Balinese. Their unpretentious Shala which is well kept and spacious can help beginners from feeling overwhelmed when attending the hatha, vinyasa, and anti-gravity yoga classes offered here.

    The studio has 4.8 stars on Google, with many reviews commenting on the hospitality and attentiveness of the instructors, and the authenticity of the community as a whole. This is a great place for yogis looking for the simplicity and heart of the practice as opposed to the hype that comes with many yoga studios in Bali.

    7. Adda Yoga – – Yoga Studio in Canggu

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    Adda Yoga is unlike any other studio we’ve covered in this article, the architecture of Adda makes this pick a unique location for yogis traveling to Bali. It’s adorned with bamboo walls and exteriors, as well as a spiral staircase made out of bamboo. The outer walls of Adda are made out of glass, making it a beautiful location for yoga classes with a scenic view of Canggu.

    With an impressive 5 stars on Google, Adda Yoga’s price point, selection of classes, studio, and impressive teachers make this a must-go for yogis visiting Canggu. They offer 13 different types of yoga classes that cater to beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners. Wellness retreats and sound healing sessions are also offered here, which rounds out this studio as a great destination to find your yoga community.

    8. Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga

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    A family-owned business situated in the heart of Canggu, Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga offers guests accommodation, wellness and yoga, and a community of free-spirited individuals. Located along a busy street and within walking distance of Nelayan Beach, this little eco-friendly community is situated perfectly for yogis looking for adventure and convenience at the same time.

    With more than 300 reviews on Google and 4.3 stars, this all-inclusive sanctuary is looked upon highly by visitors due to its yoga classes and courteous staff. Their yoga instructors include a mix of many Balinese and international yogis who have congregated to lead students in Canggu. They offer a variety of classes from vinyasa, Hatha, aerial, and yin. Their Shala is simple yet spacious, with serenity emanating from every corner. Meet friends, like-minded spirits, and soul-searching yogis at Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga next time you book a visit to Canggu.

    About Ysabel

    Ysabel loves a good hot yoga class, so you can find her in any humid room above 85 degrees. She took her All Yoga 200-hour Ashtanga YTT in 2016 in Thailand to deepen her practice and share her passion with those around her. Before that, she completed her 200-hour hot yoga TT in Manila.

    Now based in LA, Ysabel spends most of her time with her dog, Berkley. Driven by her love of the arts, adventure, fitness, and of course, wine, she writes to express her thoughts and passions that her introverted self refuses to communicate through the literal word of mouth.

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