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9 Best Yoga Teacher Training Houston Texas

Affectionately known as the Bayou City, Houston isn’t just famous for its rich history, space explorations, and mouth-watering Tex-Mex. It’s also steadily becoming a hub for yogis and wellness enthusiasts seeking personal transformation and the skills to guide others on their yoga journey through a yoga teacher training program.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting to dip your toes into the world of sun salutations, Houston’s diverse and expanding yoga scene offers something for everyone. Ready to embark on a journey from yoga student to enlightened instructor? Dive in as we roll out the mat and explore the 9 best yoga teacher trainings that Houston has to offer.
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  • The 9 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Houston

    1. Stretch Yoga Therapy at Urban Fit Yoga – Yoga Teacher Training Houston

    yoga teacher training houston texas

    Stretch Yoga Therapy (SYT Method) is the brainchild of Wayne Campbell, a licensed Massage Therapist, 500-hour Yoga Teacher, and national and international Yoga Champion. Blending yin yoga with stretching and meshing physical therapy with massage, the SYT Method marries deep tissue massage with fascia bodywork, all realized through stretching. The method comprises hundreds of therapeutic stretches organized into Stretch Flow Sequences, divided into seven distinct techniques. When practiced consistently, these therapeutic stretches promote muscle flexibility, joint mobility, and a pain-free body.

    If the thought of teaching this method interests you, the SYT teacher training is for you. Once trained and certified, instructors can conduct both in-studio and virtual group classes or offer private one-on-one sessions. This program is an immersion into musculoskeletal anatomy and Campbell’s unique method of therapeutic stretching. Perfect candidates for this yoga instructor certification course are individuals who’ve experienced chronic pain and tightness and those who find learning through movement most effective.

    The seven stretch techniques underpinning the SYT Method are: deep tissue stretching, myofascial stretching, positional stretching, resistance-based stretching, range of motion stretching, weight bearing stretching, and passive. These techniques offer various benefits, from relieving neck and shoulder pain, decreasing joint stiffness, and enhancing flexibility to boosting muscle tone and strength. Beyond the physical, they also aid in quieting the mind, improving concentration, and enhancing breath awareness. This transformative method was birthed from Campbell’s personal journey to combat his chronic pain and tightness, resulting in a systematised approach that empowers other teachers to guide their students towards a pain-free life.

    School: Stretch Yoga Therapy at Urban Fit Yoga
    Style: Stretch Yoga Therapy
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: $2500
    More Info: Click Here

    2. Life Time Yoga – Houston yoga teacher training

    yoga teacher training houston texas

    Life Time Yoga offers a holistic approach to yoga training, where students enhance their physical practice and dive deep into yoga’s history, philosophy, and anatomy. The training focuses on building emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and living with purpose. Within this nurturing environment, participants connect with their true selves, foster meaningful relationships with a supportive community, and find their unique voices as yoga teachers.

    The program offers a comprehensive 200-hour training spread over 3 to 9 months. This immersive journey comprises in-person sessions, asana practices, meditation, reading, journaling, and community-building activities. Upon successful completion, participants qualify for the Registered Yoga Teacher 200-Hour Certificate (RYT-200) from Yoga Alliance.

    Life Time’s yoga teacher training sessions are scheduled in Spring and Fall, allowing aspiring teachers to pick a time that fits best with their personal commitments.

    School: Life Time Yoga
    Style: Power Vinyasa
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: $2300
    More Info: Click Here

    3. The Studio BE – Yoga Course Houston

    yoga teacher training houston texas

    If you’re a yoga enthusiast in Houston looking to elevate your practice and share your passion with others, The Studio BE’s teacher training is for you. Their intensive 3-month, 200-hour yoga alliance certification training program is designed for students to immerse themselves fully in the world of yoga, both on and off the mat. Participants will explore the eight limbs of yoga, delve into its history and relevance today, gain a deep understanding of meditation and pranayama, and study anatomy.

    A unique modular style approach breaks down the training into five comprehensive sections: “Understanding Asana” which zeroes in on the nuances of each posture; “Experiential Anatomy” which unveils the mechanics of movement; “Sequencing Essentials” offering a dive into crafting a balanced BE FLOW yoga class; “Yoga Philosophy & Living Your Yoga” which focuses on the broader lifestyle aspects of yoga and its ancient teachings; and finally, “Teaching Tools & Finding Your Voice” – the perfect guide for budding instructors to find their authentic teaching style and successfully lead both groups and individual sessions. Overall, The Studio BE provides a holistic training experience that prepares its trainees not just to teach but to live the essence of yoga.

    School: The Studio BE
    Style: BE FLOW yoga
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: $3600
    More Info: Click Here

    4. Loveland Yoga

    yoga teacher training houston texas

    Loveland Yoga Studio’s 200-hour teacher training, slated for Spring 2024, promises an immersive journey into the world of yoga. The program is a deep dive into self-actualisation, personal growth, and the ancient wisdom of yoga. Beyond enhancing personal practice, participants will experience profound self-awareness and connect authentically with a diverse community of fellow yoga enthusiasts. While the program delves into various facets of yoga – from anatomy and fundamental postures to the philosophy and the art of teaching – it also emphasises the importance of self-care and holistic well-being. Commitments include 10 intensive Sundays, weekly assignments, additional yoga classes, and a chance to teach at Loveland Yoga Studio, ensuring graduates leave well-equipped and deeply connected to their practice.

    School: Loveland Yoga
    Style: Mixed
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: $3700
    More Info: Click Here

    5. The Woodlands Yoga Studio

    yoga training houston

    Woodlands Yoga Studio offers a thorough 200-hour program accredited by Yoga Alliance. The course is structured over 10 weekends, one weekend each month, with sessions from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm. Beyond the weekend commitments, students enrich their yoga journey by attending three regular classes weekly, either in-person or via the studio’s video library, all included in the teacher training package. The studio aims to ensure that by graduation, each student possesses a deep understanding and solid practice of yoga.

    The 200-hour program is a holistic dive into the world of yoga teaching. The curriculum is comprehensive, from mastering postural alignment for various poses to confidently and authentically using one’s voice. Students will learn the nuances of yoga history, the mechanics of human anatomy, effective prop usage, and how to provide modifications for unique student needs. The program also covers the practical aspects of teaching, such as giving clear cues, creating engaging class themes, teaching online, and guiding students in pranayama and meditation practices. Plus, for those keen to transition into a teaching role, the course offers guidance on presenting credentials professionally.

    In essence, the Woodlands Yoga Studio not only equips its trainees with the technical knowledge of yoga but also empowers them to take on the role of a confident and skilled yoga instructor. Whether in-person or virtual, classes taught by Woodlands’ graduates are bound to be insightful, engaging, and deeply rooted in authentic yoga principles.

    School: The Woodlands Yoga Studio
    Style: Mixed
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: $3700
    More Info: Click Here

    6. Big Power Yoga

    yoga teacher training texas

    BIG Power Yoga’s Teacher Empowerment Program (TEP) is not just any yoga teacher training; it’s a game changer. Tailored for individuals craving a transformative shift in their personal lives and how they resonate with the world, this Yoga Alliance-approved 200-hour program is about stepping into a realm larger than oneself. But it doesn’t stop at yoga; it’s a full-fledged leadership course designed to amplify one’s presence across all life facets. By the end, participants won’t just teach yoga; they’ll lead with authenticity, intention, and dynamism. The program in Houston spans October 2023 to March 2024, featuring eight key weekends and consistent Tuesday evening sessions.

    TEP is an innovative 200-hour program encouraging participants to emerge as authentic, clear, and purposeful yoga maestros. It’s not for the faint-hearted, though. The program challenges, supports, and elevates in unprecedented ways. With a calendar packed with weekend sessions and Tuesday night meetings, participants are urged to come with an open heart, boundless passion, and the spirit of adventure.

    Yet, BIG Power Yoga’s mission extends beyond yoga mats and poses. The studio is deeply committed to promoting inclusivity within the yoga community. Recognising the need for representation and accessibility, BIG Power Yoga offers BIPOC scholarships for the Teacher Empowerment Program. By extending full and partial scholarships, they’re beckoning individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Colour, especially if they resonate with BIG’s mission. Located in Montrose, the studio is a cosy haven, boasting multiple practice rooms, a community lounge, and panoramic views of Allen Parkway. An institution since 2012, it stands as a testament to the power of community, commitment, and change.

    School: Big Power Yoga
    Style: Vinyasa
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: $5000
    More Info: Click Here

    7. Albina Rippy at Yoga2Gather

    yoga teacher training houston texas

    The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training led by Albina Rippy is an experience that promises more than just yoga techniques; it offers a deep dive into understanding oneself and one’s life journey. With the aim of training not just yoga teachers but masterful yoga teachers, the program delves into various aspects of yoga and life. This includes unlocking energy flows, connecting with a higher purpose, and stepping into a life of dreams and desires.

    The program is structured into in-person 8-day immersions, involving hands-on yoga teaching experiences and genuine human connection, coupled with nine self-study modules. These modules range from foundational yoga principles such as the “True North Alignment Methodology for Power Yoga” and the “8 Limbs of Yoga” to more in-depth modules exploring the human psyche, emotions, spiritual development, anatomy, business aspects of yoga, and a variety of meditation techniques. Roger and Albina Rippy, with their extensive experience and backgrounds in Baptiste Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Forrest Yoga, have been guiding yoga enthusiasts since 2009. Their reputation precedes them, having graduated thousands of renowned yoga teachers worldwide.

    To get certified, aspirants will attend an in-person immersion in Houston from September 29 to October 5, study all nine modules sent via email, and submit the required homework. On successful completion, participants receive the Rippy Yoga RYT200 Certificate of Completion. This intensive yet transformative training, priced at an affordable $1,999 due to the current global situation, is an investment not just in becoming a yoga teacher but in personal growth and transformation.

    School: Albina Rippy at Yoga2Gather
    Style: Hatha & Vinyasa
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: $1999
    More Info: Click Here

    8. Black Swan Yoga

    yoga teacher training houston texas

    If you’re keen on diving deep into the world of yoga, Black Swan Yoga’s upcoming 200-hour yoga teacher training in Houston is the place to be. This Yoga Alliance-accredited program is comprehensive, covering various topics such as yoga history, anatomy, posture alignment, meditation, teaching principles, and even the business and ethics of yoga. Spanning 10 transformational weekends, from September 9 to November 13, 2023, the course offers a mix of virtual sessions on Saturday mornings (9 am – 12 pm) and in-person sessions on Saturday afternoons (1:30 pm – 6:30 pm) at the Fannin (Midtown) studio, as well as full-day sessions on Sundays (9 am – 5 pm) in the Heights.

    To ensure that trainees get the best out of the program, attendance to all sessions is mandatory, with a little wiggle room for unforeseen circumstances that allow for a maximum of 20 hours of absence. A standout feature of this program is the complimentary 1-year BSY membership given to all participants, valid at any BSY location. On the first day, attendees receive a detailed, full-colour training manual. As for prerequisites, the program welcomes everyone, regardless of their yoga experience. However, prospective participants must attend one free information session before enrolment. This training promises not just yoga education but also personal growth and transformation. So, whether you’ve been practising yoga for a week or a decade, or are eager to learn and grow, this might be the perfect opportunity.

    School: Black Swan Yoga
    Style: Mixed
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: $3200
    More Info: Click Here

    9. Yoga Dragon – yoga teacher training Houston

    yoga teacher training houston texas

    Yoga enthusiasts in Houston, gear up for the 200-hour Yoga Dragon Teacher Training, led by Steven Villanueva Skees! Scheduled from August to November 2023, the program spans 15 weekends, meeting in-person every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm. This Yoga Alliance-approved program dives deep into yoga, covering its history, philosophy, anatomy, and how the ancient art has evolved into the modern practice we know today. It aims to provide a deep and transformative understanding while emphasising respect for the rich traditions of yoga.

    Yoga Dragon’s training isn’t confined to just one style. It’s a multi-style program that delves into hatha and vinyasa flow, both gentle and powerful variants, ensuring trainees are well-equipped to cater to diverse student needs. It even touches upon yin yoga and restorative yoga, highlighting the unique benefits of different yoga styles. As participants journey through the course, they’ll engage in lively discussions about yoga psychology, explore strength drills and flexibility principles, and understand the intricacies of concentration, mindfulness, and meditation. The program promises an insightful exploration of the human body and mind, asking questions like how our body parts and emotions interplay in the grand tapestry of life.

    Yoga Dragon also incorporates a flexible online component using Google Classroom, providing additional content, reading materials, and journal prompts. Among the perks of enrolling, students get unlimited yoga classes at Yoga Dragon from August to December 2023, lifetime access to Google Classroom content, continued mentorship, and even opportunities to teach yoga within the community. The curriculum is structured around four core categories and thirteen competencies, ensuring trainees are comprehensively evaluated and certified as 200-hour Registered Yoga Teachers by the end of their journey.

    School: Yoga Dragon
    Style: Mixed
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: $2800
    More Info: Click Here


    As the sun sets over the sprawling Houston skyline, it’s evident that the Bayou City offers more than just Southern charm and space rockets; it’s a treasure trove for those seeking to deepen their yoga practice and share its transformative power with others. With such a rich tapestry of teacher trainings, each bringing its unique flavour and philosophy, aspiring yogis in Houston are spoiled for choice. Whether it’s mastering the art of deep stretches or understanding ancient yogic philosophy, there’s a corner of this bustling city waiting to welcome you onto the mat. So, tighten up those yoga straps, Houstonians, and may your next downward dog be the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your yoga journey!

    About David Lertsin

    David is the founder and meditation teacher at All Yoga Training.

    Being a meditator for more than 30 years, he not only practices yoga for the healing aspect but also as a moving meditation reaching higher stage of Inner Silence and insight.

    His Rocket Yoga classes are dynamic and grounded in a natural flow, helping students to grow in their practice and building in them more confidence, strength, and mindfulness on and off the mat.

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