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5 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Sri Lanka 2024

Full of endless beaches, timeless ruins, rolling surf and flavorful food, Sri Lanka has been hiding in plain sight for many years. Hidden no more, CNN travel’s ranked Sri Lanka as one of the 20 best places to visit in 2020. Over the last few years, Sri Lanka has been an increasingly popular spot for yoga teacher training.

One of the many reasons is that Sri Lanka’s Buddhist culture is rooted in the local’s everyday lives, which makes this land even more of an ideal place to connect with our spiritual selves. Another reason is that few places in the world have as many Unesco World Heritage Sites (eight in total) packed in such a small area as Sri Lanka. With its 2000-plus years of culture and recent tourism development, you can easily find yourself meditating in a 2000-year old temple, observing elephants roaming freely on the streets and sipping a refreshing drink at a fancy upscale hotel restaurant.

To help you make the most sound decision to which yoga teacher training fits you best, we researched and found the top 5 Sri Lanka yoga teacher courses across the island. Keep in mind that it is important to choose a comprehensive and accredited yoga certification course to ensure you’ll be learning authentic knowledge and having an enjoyable training experience.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 yoga teacher training in Sri Lanka:

1. Yoga Synergy 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Sri Lanka

sri lanka yoga teacher training

Yoga Teacher Training Sri Lanka course overview

This three-week intensive yoga training in Sri Lanka is held at Lanka Yoga on the serene Koggala lake. Cater to those who are looking for a fun and interactive yoga course, Yoga Synergy teacher training is light-hearted, practical and down-to-earth.

Yoga Synergy is modern Vinyasa yoga infused with a classical and anatomical twist. Focuses on smart and intelligent movements, this training teaches you how to move with more purpose and teach with deep intentions. You can expect to walk out of this training with a strong and intelligent practice foundation, clear teaching skills and discover your unique teaching voice. There’s more, by enrolling in their in-person teacher training, you’ll also receive access to their online course ‘A New Yoga,’ where you can start practicing and learning as soon as you sign up.

As host of Yoga Synergy teacher training, Lanka Yoga is an eco-friendly retreat venue that caters to yoga courses and retreats. Spanning for almost an acre of land with the backdrop of Koggala Lake, Lanka Yoga is located in the village of Duwa in the South of Sri Lanka. This unique venue is a combination of convenience and nature. Their sole purpose is to provide a yoga learning space with anything you need ready at hand.

Your all inclusive training package includes certification,online yoga course , student manual, private online group mentoring, comfortable accommodation at Lanka Yoga and 3 daily vegan meals.

Location: Koggala Lake
Price: $3050
Style: Vinyasa
Dates: Feb, Mar 2022

2. Yin Yoga Therapy 100hr Yin, Yoga Nidra & Reiki Teacher Training

sri lanka yoga teacher training

Arugam Bay is a beautiful moon-shaped bay with pristine long beaches where you can study with Dr.Alexandra Denkinger, a licensed Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture M.D. ACU, for her 100hr yin yoga therapy, yoga nidra and Reiki teacher training. In this healing course, you will explore the concept of surrendering and releasing while opening up to guidance from beyond. Specifically, you’ll discover how to let go of emotional tension and free any stagnant or blocked energy through yin yoga and yoga nidra.

A comprehensive curriculum, this yoga teacher training goes into details the foundation of yin yoga, yin practicing & teaching, theory, movement mechanics in yin, and daily practices. You will also learn about yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep. Yoga nidra is a powerful meditation technique that can effectively tap into our ‘rest and digest’ nervous system and help reduce stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and more. Here you’ll have a chance to experience the benefits of yoga nidra and as well learn how to practically prepare yoga nidra scripts for various applications.

Throughout this course, you will receive Reiki healing sessions and certification inclusive of all theoretical information, Reiki symbols meaning and application, hands-on experience in how to give Reiki sessions to others and how to perform distant healing.

Your training location Arugam Bay is considered one of the top 10 surf points in the world. Located on the East coast of Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay is a surf haven and wildlife sanctuary that’s perfect for spiritual learning. Each day after yoga, you’re just steps away from the pristine beaches for sunbathing or a stroll through the coconut palm trees.

Your all-inclusive training package includes 12 nights accommodation, guided yoga and meditation daily, intensive study of yin yoga healing method, meridians and Qi flow through the body, yoga nidra and Reiki healing practices, airport shuttle and daily healthy delicious foods.

Location: Arugam Bay
Price: $1490
Style: Yin yoga, yoga nidra, Reiki
Dates: June 2022

3. Sri Shala Inner Guru 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

sri lanka yoga teacher training

Inner Guru yoga teacher training empowers you to share yoga in your unique way. It encourages you to draw upon your life experience and bring forth the essence from your deepest potential.

This 22-day training explores different teaching styles of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga.. Upon completion of this program, you’ll be able to teach intelligent and creative sequences, offer hands on adjustment for energetic alignment, teach all levels using props and modifications to support pregnant students in an open class. It also dive deeply into creating personalized programs and injury prevention. On a daily basis, you will self-inquire, journal, do shadow work and apply self-assessment.

Inner Guru yoga teacher training provides you the time and space to illuminate your confidence and unearth your compassionate voice. Its evolutionary program will guide you to connect with your spiritual self, understand Ayurvedic lifestyles, become familiar with yoga philosophy, and develop self-care tools to protect your energy. This training is truly an ultimate experience to reveal your deepest wisdom.

Sri Shala is located on the Southwest coast of Sri Lanka, tucked away in the jungle and rice paddy fields just 1.5Km inland from the stunning Wijaya Beach. A wooden open ambalama (Singhala word for a place constructed for pilgrims), Sri Shala is one of the best places in Sri Lanka for yoga and meditation.

Your tuition package includes training, manual, certification upon successful completion, room & vegetarian meals.

Location: Unawatuna
Price: $4150
Special Offer: Sign up before Jan 20 to receive $250 discount
Style: Hatha Vinyasa
Dates: March 2022

4. Spanda 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

sri lanka yoga teacher training

Spanda 200hr yoga teacher training is called “The Flow of Elements.” Divided into two parts, the first module is an online training that covers long lectures like yoga history, anatomy and Ayurveda; the second module is the in-person training at a villa in the South coast of Sri Lanka.

Core teachings of Spanda Vinyasa yoga school are rooted in Hatha yoga traditions, classical Yoga Philosophy, Tantric teachings, Ayurveda, modern anatomy & physiology and psychology. Following the traditional teaching of Vinyasa krama, this intensive training covers all basics of yoga teaching including Spanda Vinyasa Method, anatomy, biomechanics, asana alignment, basic adjustments and the art of sequencing. You will discover the five elements and elemental Vinyasa principles, such as how to sequence in accordance to the laws of Nature. Instead of set sequences, you will learn the set structure and various tools to create your own sequences confidently, based on your students and the environment.

Spanda Yoga focuses on teaching yoga through a holistic approach rather than performance art. Upon completion of this program, you will be able to integrate asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra and mantra to create a healing and balanced practice for your students. The training program is limited to a maximum of 14 students.

Hiriketiya bay is located in the Southcoast of Sri Lanka near a town called Dikwella. Blessed with stunning natural beauty, lush jungle and the serene ocean, this bay is known for good surf, great healthy restaurants and chill beaches. Your training home is a beautiful beachside villa with an almost private beach to itself surrounded by palm trees and the jungle. Fully staffed, the residential chef will prepare daily nourishing food while you immerse yourself in yoga and study.

Your inclusive yoga training package includes online training, 14 night accommodation with all three meals, training materials and a digital manual.

Location: Hiriketiya
Price: $2480
Style: Hatha Vinyasa
Dates: Jan, Feb 2022

5. Tribe Yoga 200hr Teacher Training

sri lanka yoga teacher training

Established in 2007, Tribe Yoga training provides you the necessary tools to understand and apply yoga in ways to revitalize your life on all levels. This comprehensive training explores in detail asana, pranayama, meditation, conscious eating, healing, purification techniques, chanting, and philosophy. You’ll find yourself learning about these ancient yogic practices in a relaxed atmosphere that gives you a truly magical transformative journey.

At Tribe Yoga, your training days are long but filled with fun and down-to-earth lectures. Having an expansive faculty at Tribe Yoga, you will learn and receive support from three trainers on a daily basis, learn about the traditions of yoga teachings in a relaxed, down-to-earth manner, and as well have a comprehensive manual to help absorb all the knowledge. Due to the intensive nature of this training, there is very little room for non-attendance. Therefore, students are required to attend at least 95% of the course. If for any reason you’re unable to attend, the trainer may issue you a 100, 150 or 175 hour certification and additional future hours for you to complete your full certification. Note that additional hours of learning are subject to a teaching fee.

Your training home is a luxurious property in Tangalle next to the beach where freshwater meets the sea. The venue is completed with a swimming pool, tropical garden and amazing staff. This quiet area offers a perfect spot for study and relaxation. On your day off, you’ll have the opportunity for kayaking, swimming and exploring the town. Everyday, breakfast smoothies and two delicious vegetarian meals are served. The program does introduce fasting and detox practices, nevertheless it is not compulsory to partake. Students are encouraged to apply conscious eating and decide for themselves whether fasting during training is appropriate for them.

The tuition includes training, certifications, manual, accommodation and meals.

Location: Tangalle
Price: $2700
Style: Hatha Vinyasa
Dates: Feb 2022

About Annie Au

E-RYT 500, Writer

Annie is the lead trainer of the Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training at All Yoga. She is also the creator of the Soulful Yin Yoga Method, the only Yin Yoga teacher training that specializes in the emotional side of yin yoga and Chinese meridians. Annie embarked on her spiritual journey over 10 years ago. Struggled with anxiety most of her adult life, Annie was tired of living life in chronic fear & despair, she searched for ways to reclaim her happiness. In the last decade, Annie traveled around the world leading yoga teacher trainings while exploring her own spiritual path.

From studying Taoism and Chinese meridians, Anne recognizes the intrinsic connection between our body and emotions. If our physical health declines, it directly affects our mood and therefore affects how we make choices in life. This finding has propelled Annie to create a course that helps others to connect with their emotions so that they can cultivate balances in life.

Applying the decade of experiences and knowledge Annie has acquired, her signature Soulful Yin Yoga Method is designed to help others become a master of their own emotions so that they can be in tune with their truest selves.

Annie holds a Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia. She is trained in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and specializes in yoga anatomy. Annie’s approachable teaching method helps students understand their body and practice more intelligently.

Currently, Annie lives in Sri Lanka with her husband and travels to Thailand several times per year leading 200hr Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Trainings.

For free yin yoga, Chinese meridians, and emotional healing tips, follow her on Instagram here.

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