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The 7 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Portugal in 2023

Are you dreaming of becoming a yoga teacher but unsure where to train? Well, we’re here to persuade you that Portugal, with its serene beaches and tranquil countryside, is the perfect setting for this transformational journey.

This article will guide you through seven of the best yoga teacher training programs that Portugal has to offer. Each program is unique, offering not just a deep dive into yoga technique and philosophy, but also fostering personal growth and exploration. From dynamic Vinyasa flows to sensual Tantra sessions, there’s something for every yoga enthusiast in these programs.

Whether you’re an experienced yogi looking to enhance your skills or a novice aspiring to learn from the best, Portugal’s yoga teacher training programs are a beautiful blend of east meets west, traditional meets modern, all set amidst breathtaking landscapes that inspire tranquility and reflection.

So let’s embark on this journey together and explore Portugal’s seven best yoga teacher trainings. Get ready to be enlightened, educated, and utterly inspired.

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  • The 7 best yoga teacher training in Portugal

    1. La Casa Shambala, Yoga Teacher Training Portugal

    yoga teacher training

    La Casa Shambala offers a unique Vinyasa yoga teacher training program in Portugal, known for its comprehensive curriculum, and for the heartfelt intention imbued in every aspect of it. The focus is traditional Hatha yoga, teaching students to harmoniously blend spiritual and modern-day realities. Alongside Hatha philosophy, the course also delves into Vinyasa yoga, highlighting the importance of breath in movement and enabling students to design distinctive Vinyasa flows. Beyond the yogic disciplines, the training offers an in-depth exploration of Ayurveda, covering dietary aspects, doshas, and preventive wellness, paired with an understanding of human anatomy from biological and yogic perspectives. By the end of the course, students will be adept at teaching Hatha, Yin/Restorative, and Vinyasa yoga styles.

    Set in the serene countryside, the high-altitude venue demands warm clothing but offers an interactive and immersive learning experience. The methods encourage reflective self-analysis, supported by a vegetarian diet, all within the cozy confines of a family-owned guesthouse. It’s a place that nurtures personal growth and promotes individual transformation, without imposing any particular doctrine. Their certified and experienced teachers provide a strong foundation for students to deepen their practice and continue their learning journey, regardless of their level of expertise.

    Adding a holistic touch to their offering, La Casa Shambala combines the yoga teacher training course with a detoxifying retreat experience. Born in Thailand, the school expanded globally due to the pandemic, finding a new home in Portugal while retaining its eco-community focus. Upon completion, students will be qualified Yoga Alliance instructors, equipped with knowledge from various yogic texts and ready to launch their yoga careers. The school goes beyond the mat, training its students in multiple facets of yoga, such as pranayama, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, and even the business side of yoga.

    School: La Casa Shambala
    Style: Hatha and Vinyasa
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: £1462
    More Info: Click Here

    2. Durga’s Tiger School

    yoga teacher training

    Durga’s Tiger School offers a unique yoga teacher training program that aims for profound personal transformation. Their approach is based on Tantric philosophy, emphasizing a deep connection to life experiences and the discovery of true nature. This training encompasses Kaula Tantra Yoga, Shamanism, Theatre Arts techniques, and dynamic group work, fostering a profound self-encounter. Students learn not only to share yoga from the heart, but also to work energetically with others, including people, animals, and elements. Their approach values a close and dynamic group environment, emphasizing collective learning and understanding.

    This Portugal Yoga Teacher training has a strong focus on Kaula Tantra Yoga, where asanas, bandhas, pranayama, mudras and mantras are practiced in a slow, flowing manner to build patience and awareness. Each asana is held gently for some time, and students are encouraged to find their own unique expressions of the asanas without competition or pressure for perfect alignment. The training also explores the integration of sexual energy into the yoga practice, emphasizing the energetic exchange between Shiva and Shakti, the two polarities of life. Students also experience additional unique teachings like yogic walking massage, partner yoga, Hatha yoga, applied tantric wisdom, mantra singing, intuitive anatomy and physiology, meditation, shakti dance, arts, and shamanism.

    With the belief that yoga is an integrated discipline, this training also provides the opportunity to delve into other healing arts. These include Ayurvedic Yogic Walking Massage, Partner Yoga, and Hatha Yoga. Furthermore, the course embeds tantric wisdom, mantra singing, intuitive anatomy, and meditation into the curriculum. Additional unique features include the integration of Shakti dance, traditional arts, and a deep connection with nature through Shamanistic practices. All in all, Durga’s Tiger School’s training is not just about yoga, it’s a comprehensive journey into self-discovery and transformation.

    School: Durga’s Tiger School
    Style: Tantra Yoga and Shamanism
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: £2360
    More Info: Click Here

    3. SchoolYoga Institute, Yoga Training in Portugal

    yoga teacher training

    SchoolYoga Institute’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Portugal provides a unique and transformative experience. It’s designed to equip students not just with the tools to teach yoga, but also to foster personal growth and self-discovery. This journey is guided by the wisdom of the East and the Shamanic Medicine Wheel, which organizes the training into four cycles, each with its specific objective: release, understanding, growth, and empowerment. Students are expected to immerse themselves fully in the training and the spiritual community, embracing all aspects of a yogic lifestyle, such as vegetarianism and limiting external distractions.

    Every day is filled with intentional lessons and activities, starting with a sunrise meditation and a 90-minute asana practice. The days are dedicated to exploring yogic theories and healing practices through workshops, classes, and discussions. This includes yoga philosophy, anatomy, meditation, Ayurveda, and the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras. Other healing methods, such as earth medicines and energy healing, are also included. Students will also learn to teach two asana sequences, the Mystical Hatha Flow and the Mystical Vinyasa Flow, and delve into the principles of sequencing, asana alignment, and adjustment.

    The training is more than just a pathway to the 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification. It’s a spiritually driven 21-day immersion program that offers students a chance to connect with themselves and the world around them on a deeper level. Students will be exposed to the traditional Peruvian Shamanic Medicine Wheel and the Art of Teaching, and will have the opportunity to practice advanced pranayama, study yoga anatomy and physiology, explore energetic anatomy, and learn about holistic health modalities. The goal is for students to find alignment in their lives and step into their power as yoga teachers, capable of sharing the transformative potential of yoga with others.

    School: SchoolYoga Institute
    Style: Ayurveda, Hatha and Vinyasa
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: £3381
    More Info: Click Here

    4. Tantric Life Academy, Portugal Yoga Teacher Training

    Portugal teacher training

    Tantric Life Academy in sunny Southern Portugal offers a transformative 200-hour teacher training course that explores Tantra Yoga in depth. For four weeks, trainees will explore diverse aspects of Tantra and Yoga through asana, pranayama, tantric rituals, anatomy, physiology, psychology, philosophy, and meditation. The course is an immersive blend of Eastern traditions and Western scientific approaches designed to help aspiring teachers and those seeking to deepen their personal practice alike. Upon successful completion, trainees will be certified as RYT-200 Yoga Teachers, armed with a deep understanding of Tantra and Yoga and high standards of class facilitation.

    The course schedule is intensive, spanning from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., six days a week. The curriculum covers four main themes: Tantra Yoga basics and foundation, Shakti energy and manifestation, purification and shadow resistance, and Shiva consciousness and transcendence. Throughout the course, trainees will practice teaching through several practicums, ensuring they feel confident and capable as future teachers. Beyond practical applications of Tantra Yoga, the program also offers guidance on establishing and marketing a yoga business, providing ongoing support even after graduation.

    Aside from deepening personal practice and building a solid teaching foundation, Tantric Life Academy aims to cultivate teachers with a holistic understanding of Tantra and yoga. This includes working with creative sexual energies, integrating daily and spiritual life, and embodying the divine Shiva and Shakti energies. Additionally, the Academy offers various discounts to make the training more accessible, with reductions for youth scholarships and paired enrollments, reducing the tuition fee by up to 1200 EUR. In summary, the training program promises a comprehensive and inspiring exploration of Tantra and Yoga, equipping trainees with a wealth of knowledge and practical skills to thrive in their personal practices and teaching careers.

    School: Tantric Life Academy
    Style: Tantra and Kundalini
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: £2751
    More Info: Click Here

    5. True North Vinyasa

    yoga training Portugal

    True North Vinyasa’s Yoga Teacher Training offers an innovative approach to teaching vinyasa yoga, empowering its trainees to discover their unique voice and teaching style. They don’t ask their trainees to follow a set script or sequence. Instead, they provide them with the foundational knowledge to confidently create their own sequences and scripts. The training emphasizes the importance of personal practice, including making choices on and off the mat as the foundation of their teachings. The course covers critical skills such as observing and responding to students, understanding asana structure, providing encouraging assists, and delivering articulate and powerful verbal guidance.

    The program is specially designed for those who appreciate the creativity and freedom of modern vinyasa flow and are ready to dedicate three weeks to intensive personal and professional development. It’s also aimed at individuals inspired by beautiful settings and keen to establish a successful yoga business. Set in the picturesque West of Portugal, the program offers the chance to learn from two principal teachers with a combined 17 years of teaching experience and 30 years of practice, who share their expertise on running a successful studio, organizing popular retreats, and designing unique workshops.

    True North Vinyasa limits their training to 20 students, ensuring a low student-teacher ratio for personalized attention and high-quality training. They believe in continued support and offer unlimited mentorship post-training. They also invite experienced guest faculty for added perspective. The program is designed to help participants advance their personal practice and to educate skilled teachers. It offers a vital skill set for successful teaching and extensive knowledge on building one’s brand and running a successful yoga business.

    School: True North Vinyasa
    Style: Vinyasa
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: £4647
    More Info: Click Here

    6. The Sacred Fig

    yoga course portugal

    The Sacred Fig 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training offers a highly intensive program that aims to shape the next generation of exceptional yoga leaders. They believe that the most potent quality any yoga teacher can have is their unique self, so the program focuses on personal development, building confidence, and speech enhancement. The training is approved by the Yoga Alliance, but extends beyond this certification, being one of the most comprehensive programs available globally. The Sacred Fig course encourages its trainees to question conventional ideas about yoga, stimulating lively discourse and fostering an accelerated learning environment. Trainees are encouraged to discover their “truths” about yoga, their bodies, and their practice, leading to the development of their authentic voice.

    The training is deeply rooted in a sense of connection, acknowledging that our thoughts not only affect us but also the environment and people around us. They don’t claim to provide all the answers; instead, they promote different perspectives and challenge preconceptions about yoga. The curriculum includes 100 hours dedicated to yoga techniques, training, and practice that involves Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Kriya, and Chanting. It also features 30 hours of unique teaching methodology focusing on personal development, confidence building, group dynamics, voice modulation, rhythm, tone, and pace.

    The Sacred Fig’s program also covers 25 hours of Anatomy & Physiology, presenting these concepts in a fun, engaging manner, highlighting the importance of understanding fascia and its role in body shaping. The training provides 30 hours of Yoga Philosophy & Ethics, combining traditional Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita insights with modern-day mindfulness techniques. Finally, the 20 hours of practicum allow trainees to practice teaching in various settings and scenarios, with the added benefit of video feedback and technology for an enhanced learning process. The Sacred Fig’s practicum is seen as a benchmark in yoga education, using innovative teaching techniques that maximize learning potential and speed.

    School: The Sacred Fig
    Style: Mixed
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: $5300
    More Info: Click Here

    7. Bend it like Buddha Yoga

    yoga teacher training

    Bend it like Buddha Yoga offers a unique 200-hour Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga training program in Portugal. This program includes a bonus 8-hour Ayurveda massage course and yoga lifestyle business course. The training ensures a rich learning experience with 8 expert teachers leading the double certification course. Upon completion, students may register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®) and will also be certified in Ayurveda Massage. Additionally, students receive access to the Bend it like Buddha blueprint, an online library with over 150 pieces of content, and post-training resources on launching their yoga lifestyle business.

    The training offers an immersive and practical experience. From day one, students are guided by experienced instructors to develop their teaching skills, practice yoga, and receive insightful feedback. The learning environment is designed to foster self-confidence, with many graduates feeling confident to start teaching immediately after the training. The training is set in a beautiful locale, offering a perfect balance between serene countryside relaxation and the lively atmosphere of beachfront cafes and restaurants. The training schedule includes morning and evening yoga, meditation, daily practice teaching, pranayama, and unique healing activities like Reiki, Tibetan bowl sound healing, and emotional releasing breathwork.

    The Bend it like Buddha training program includes 160 contact hours with the remaining 40 hours allocated for pre-course and post-study, assignments, and pre-reading handouts. Students have lifetime access to an online portal that contains over 150+ content pieces for teaching references. The teachers collectively have 50 years of experience, and they share their valuable insights regarding the yoga business, branding, and social media. After graduation, students are offered 8 weeks of mentorship, business yoga consulting, and an implementation lab to prepare them to start their own yoga businesses.

    School: Bend it like Buddha Yoga
    Style: Ashtanga-Vinyasa and Ayurvedic massage
    Hours: 200 hrs
    Price: £2656
    More Info: Click Here


    In conclusion, Portugal is a treasure trove for those seeking quality yoga teacher training programs. From traditional styles such as Hatha and Vinyasa to the more esoteric musings of Tantra and Shamanism, there’s something to cater to every aspiring yoga teacher’s unique needs and interests. These seven top-notch programs each offer a distinct approach to teaching yoga and enriching personal development, set against the stunning backdrop of Portugal’s serene countryside, sun-kissed beaches, and vibrant cultural scenes. As each program deeply believes in the power of personal development and the unique voice each yoga teacher possesses, students can expect not just an educational experience, but a personal journey of self-discovery and growth. So, whether someone is looking to deepen their own practice, start a new career, or add another layer to their existing teaching, these yoga teacher trainings in Portugal are worth exploring. Embarking on any of these programs will not just certify a person to teach yoga—it will likely change their life in profound and beautiful ways.

    About Charlie

    Charlotte is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Women’s Life Coach, yoga teacher, Thai Yoga Massage therapist, and Researcher. She is passionate about women’s hormonal health, plant-based nutrition, sustainability, movement, mindfulness, and travelling. She offers online coaching through her website, and currently offers massage and yoga classes in Glasgow, Scotland.

    Find out more about her journey at or connect with her on Instagram @drcharlottehay.

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