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Post 200HRS Life – A Day in the Life of a new Yoga Teacher

Wondering what it’s like to be a newly qualified teacher from the All Yoga Teacher Training? Here’s a day in my life working as a yoga teacher back in London after I graduated in August 2017.

7am – Wake up, breakfast, and my own yoga practice

Once you start to teach, you find that most of the time you used to go to yoga class (for me, the evenings) are now the times you teach. I’ve had to turn myself into a morning yogi, although you get used to that on your YTT! Every morning I either go to a class or self-practice.

9:30am – Back home, emails emails emails

Being a yoga teacher means you are effectively running your own business. This means emails! I tend to have a mix of emails that include information on auditions, private clients booking appointments, updates from the studios I teach at, as well as collaborations from brands. I try to get back to everyone as soon as possible.

11:30am – Head off to teach

I teach a lunchtime class on the other side of London, so I bring my laptop with me so I can work in a cafe somewhere before my evening class which is also on that side of London. Things I always take with me when I teach:

  • my phone (for music)
  • back-up charger for my phone
  • a speaker in case the ones in the studios don’t work (I am not one for quiet yoga!)
  • my business cards

Business cards are super important and I take them everywhere. Almost every class I teach people ask for more information on me so I just hand them my card. This is how I have around 90% of my private clients.

day in life allyoga graduate post 200hr training

1pm – Teach a lunchtime Vinyasa class

Using creative sequencing and some of the modified primary series I learnt on my YTT at All Yoga, I teach an energising fluid lunchtime class.

2:30-4:30pm – Work!

I find a cafe to sit down in and open my laptop. Time to get some admin done. It’s important to note that if you’re thinking about becoming a yoga teacher, admin is going to be something you have to do. This can include website updates, invoicing people, emailing clients, arranging events and all sorts. Even though it’s ‘admin’, it’s all yoga related and so I love it! It’s nothing like doing admin at a 9-5 job, as it’s all your own business.

5pm – Free Pilates

As I teach yoga at a Pilates studio, I get free classes at the studio. I head to a Pilates class in central London before heading over to my class this evening. (Having free classes at studios you teach at is generally a norm, and is so awesome!).

7pm – Teach

Teaching two evening Vinyasa classes at a residence building. They have their own yoga studio in their building, how cool?! Such a great group and a nice community vibe. The more you teach the more you find which studios, classes and situations you like best. For me, community focused classes (like those in workplaces, residence buildings etc.) are my favourite classes as you really get to know your students week in and out.

10pm – Finally back home

Back home and time for a quick and light dinner before settling into bed. Early night as I’m teaching 7am and 8am morning classes tomorrow! My days are technically ‘longer’ than when I worked 9-5 as you spend time waiting around, but I absolutely love my job. I go to sleep deeply fulfilled knowing that I make a direct difference on someone’s day, and for that I am so grateful. I never intended to teach when I did my YTT with All Yoga, and now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! My qualification put me in good stead to get jobs straight back in London, even with little experience teaching outside of the Yoga Teacher Training . Thank you All Yoga!

day in life allyoga graduate post 200hr training

About Hannah Spencer

Hannah Spencer completed her All Yoga YTT in August 2017 and has since been teaching across her home city of London. Yoga is a deeply moving process for her, and it is her intention to share the practice that gives her so much with others. Her classes are infused with music and lightness of heart, with the desire that each student comes to find clarity and calmness.

Connect with her at Instagram, Facebook and Gmail

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