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5 Reasons Why We Do Not Offer Online Teacher Trainings

All of us have been affected in some way by the effects of the current Corona Virus. Whether our travel plans have been interrupted, social events cancelled, or even becoming ill. Its fair to say that our normality or what we would consider a normality has been disrupted. Maybe its even made you question your daily habits or whether to travel in the future. Perhaps you were thinking of joining a Yoga Teacher Training abroad but now are considering taking an Online Yoga Teacher Training?

Well… us at All Yoga are here to tell you 5 Reasons why we only offer immersive Teacher Trainings. Why we want you to join us in Paradise in the future, meet yogis from across the world, to share our Yoga Training Experience in person. Our Yoga Teacher Trainings offer you experiences that Online Teacher Trainings can’t. These tough times will not last forever, and we will be here waiting for you to join us at one of our trainings in beautiful Thailand or Bali. As an alternative we are offering a course in Portugal this September, would that be something for you? Need convincing? Read on…

#1 – The Human Touch

Would you go to a dentist who only received their training via online tutorials with no experience of dealing with real people? Teaching Yoga is the same. Learning to teach Yoga with other students gives you skills that will serve you in your Yoga career, experiences that will make your classes personal, knowledgable and engaging.

Like you we are human. We want nothing more than to share the practice of Yoga, offer you our trainings, but to also learn from our students too. Sharing the 3 week training, building a supportive and trusting relationship over time is so special. Yoga offers us all some time to reconnect to ourselves, our surroundings as humans. So why would we not offer this in our Teacher Trainings? Human contact, conversations, opportunities to learn from one another and to create memories that we will remember and take with us into our teaching? No technology needed. Just you, us, and Yoga.

#2- Live feedback from experience teachers

Get the best tuition, with instant feedback on your yoga practice and teaching. Learn from teachers who have taught all around the world with endless experiences to learn from. Get to know our teachers as people, what advice would they give you in certain situations? Use our teaching team to your advantage. We are all here to learn, but how can you utilise your own skills and put the years of experience of our teachers to use? Watch and be inspired through watching live correct alignment of asanas, transitions, and creative flows. We are all unique, so why not receive personalised and constructive feedback to guide your practice to the next level?

#3 – Learning to teach to an international audience

We firmly believe that to be a good Yoga teacher you must be versatile, a teacher that reads their students’ needs, their experiences and offer a class that challenges yet supports a range of bodies. What better way to develop your teaching practice than to do this with 20 other yoga students from across the world all with different experiences, body types, and physical abilities?

Gaining feedback from an international audience on your teaching, helping you improve and gain skills that will only better you as a yoga teacher if you head back home or even teach internationally yourself with our Internationally recognised 200hr Teacher Training Certificate?

reasons dont offer online teacher training

#4 – Experience Yoga in Paradise

There is something to be said for practicing Yoga overlooking the sea or as the sun goes down. Immersing yourself not only in your Yoga practice but also into island life at either our Bali or Thailand trainings is good for your soul! Taking time out of our busy 9 to 5s or hectic social schedules to just slow down, enjoy a beautiful landscape and practice Yoga will provide you with the ultimate opportunity to take stock and reflect on what’s important. And perhaps even give you that little refresh you’ve been after to head back home with a new perspective.

#5 – Start your Global Yoga Network with us

Our Yoga Teacher Trainings don’t just end at your All Yoga graduation. We continue to support you once your home and stay in touch with you to offer support. We connect our graduates via social media so you can all share what you’re up to, and provide some great ideas to help you on your teaching journey. Imagine having a network of people you can ask for support or ideas from that is global, before you’ve even started your own classes yet? We offer just that at All Yoga. We welcome students from across the world into our All Yoga family, and love nothing more when our students get in touch with us letting us know how they are getting on. A training that provides ongoing mentorship and not to mention our graduate discount to our advanced trainings 😉

So there you have it. 5 Top Reasons why All Yoga only offer immersive Yoga Teacher trainings in Person. Whether you are thinking to join a Yoga Teacher Training soon or in the future, why not get in touch with us to get some more information? Get to know us a little! And who knows, we may meet you at one of our trainings really soon.

About Zoe

Zoë is a freelance Yoga and Dance teacher based in the UK. As a trained Contemporary Dancer and Dance Teacher, Yoga has always played an essential role in Zoë's career.

Since graduating from All Yoga in 2018, Zoë now works as part of the All Yoga Team as a course coordinator while running her own studio, 'Flow Dance & Yoga' offering Yoga and Dance classes in Cornwall in the UK.

Find out more about Zoë:, Instagram or at Facebook.

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