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Yoga Teacher Training Spain: 9 best yoga courses in 2024

From the Costa del Sol’s sun-kissed shores to Andalusia’s tranquil olive groves, Spain offers a tapestry of experiences that tantalise the senses. But beyond its renowned flamenco beats and delectable tapas, Spain has quietly emerged as a haven for yoga lovers seeking to deepen their yoga practice and take their teaching skills to new heights.

For those ready to merge the soulful journey of yoga with the rich tapestry of Spanish culture, here are the top yoga teacher training courses that beautifully encapsulate the magic of Spain. Whether you aspire to teach yoga or just want to improve your own practice, let’s embark on a serene Spanish sojourn, mat in hand. ‍♀️

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1. Green Yoga International – Yoga Teacher Training Spain

yoga teacher training Spain

Green Yoga brings its prestigious yoga teacher training from India to Spain. With a vision rooted in love, connection, and yoga, this 200-hour course is certified by Yoga Alliance, ensuring global recognition. Here, the student’s journey merges the East and West, science with spirituality, and practice with teaching. The curriculum covers a range of styles, from Hatha and Vinyasa to Yin Yoga, and even includes workshops in Ayurveda, Acro Yoga, and Aerial Yoga. The school’s comprehensive program, crafted from years of expertise, is designed to mould yoga practitioners into highly skilled yoga teachers in just 21 days.

Nestled in the eastern part of Mallorca, the Green Yoga Retreat Center is a haven of tranquillity. The centre sprawls across 80,000 sq. meters, boasting a lush landscape adorned with almond and carob trees and inhabited by vibrant birds and various animals. Traditional stone buildings dot the property, providing serene spots for meditation or relaxation. From the pool, one can marvel at breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. With proximity to some of Mallorca’s finest beaches and attractions like Porto Cristo and Coves del Drag, it’s a picturesque location for immersive learning.

Beyond its spectacular setting, the retreat guarantees comfort with its modern amenities. It can accommodate up to 30 students in triple or shared double rooms across 11 well-furnished hotel rooms, many boasting ocean views. Facilities include a salt water swimming pool, a spacious 200 sq. meter yoga shala, a meditation space, and even a temple. Other amenities range from an industrial kitchen and dining areas to spa services, a boutique with top yoga brands, and recreational courts for ping pong and volleyball. Whether it’s the rigorous yoga teacher training or the serene ambiance, Green Yoga International promises an unparalleled experience in Spain.

School: Green Yoga International
Style: Mixed
Hours: 200 hrs
Price: £1986
More Info: Click Here

2. Yoga Weeks – Yoga course in Spain

yoga training spain

In the heart of Barcelona, Yoga Weeks offers an exceptional 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course that spans one month, with classes from Monday to Friday, leaving weekends free to rejuvenate and explore the city. What sets this yoga teacher training apart is its unique hands-on approach: from the very first week, trainees practice teaching in the studio’s public classes, gaining invaluable experience. Beyond traditional yoga asana, Pranayama, and Meditation teachings, this program also incorporates a 2-day Business Yoga Module, arming budding yoga teachers with the tools to turn their passion into a profession.

The comprehensive yoga training package includes 21 days of tuition, an option for 31 days of accommodation in central Barcelona, daily breakfasts served at the teacher training centre, lunches from the eco-conscious vegetarian/vegan café Mescladis, and a plethora of other amenities such as daily snacks, a complete training manual, a month’s pass to the yoga studio, and personalised mentorship. The structure ensures a balanced experience, allowing students to deeply immerse in their yoga practice and pedagogy while granting them the time to absorb the knowledge and let their bodies recover.

Yoga Weeks is not just about yoga – it’s a lifestyle retreat, bridging yoga with cultural and holistic experiences in Barcelona, Ibiza, and Andorra. Whether you opt for the all-inclusive package or choose to find your own accommodation in the city, you’re guaranteed a transformative experience, supported by some of the best national and international yoga instructors in Barcelona. And with the Yoga Alliance certification upon completion, graduates are ready to share their expertise anywhere in the world.

School: Yoga Weeks
Style: Hatha & Vinyasa
Hours: 200 hrs
Price: £2150
More Info: Click Here

3. Gayatri Yoga – Yoga certification course Spain

yoga spain

Since 2011, Gayatri Yoga has been carving out a niche in the realm of yoga teacher training courses in Spain. Operating as a cosy, intimate yoga school, they cap their Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training programs at just 18 participants. This intentional limitation allows for a highly personalized experience, ensuring maximum support for every trainee on their journey to becoming a registered yoga teacher. The focus here isn’t on physical prowess; Gayatri emphasizes that yoga transcends mere postures, delving deeper into mastering the mind through discipline and persistence.

The course curriculum, aligned with the Yoga Alliance, USA standards, provides a balanced blend of 100 hours of techniques, training, and practice alongside 100 hours of theoretical learning. The topics range from traditional Hatha & Vinyasa, alignment-focused approaches, and spiritual teachings to the gentler facets of yoga and the basics of Ayurveda and yoga therapy. Notably, while the physical school environment is women-centric – only allowing female students to reside within its precincts – male students are welcome to the training, provided they opt for private accommodations in the school’s guesthouse.

Gayatri Yoga’s ethos revolves around a commitment to traditional Indian yoga. Their teachings, deeply rooted in the legacies of Swami Satyananda and Swami Sivananda, underscore practices like meditation and pranayama as essential tools for holistic well-being. So, if you’re eyeing a fitness-heavy course, Gayatri gently nudges you to reconsider. They aim to deepen the understanding of Classic Indian Yoga, imparting vinyasa and hatha yoga with profound knowledge and love. Plus, with a self-catering approach, trainees can whip up their own vegetarian meals, catering to individual dietary preferences.

School: Gayatri Yoga
Style: Hatha & Vinyasa
Hours: 200 hrs
Price: £1900
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4. La Casa Shambala – yoga teacher training Spain

yoga certification spain

Tucked away near the Alcornocales natural park, with vistas stretching between the shimmering “Coast of Light” and the lively Seville, La Casa Shambala offers a transformative 18-day yoga teacher training course at the enchanting Shangri-La. Originating from Koh Phangan, Thailand, this yoga school has evolved into a global eco-community-focused retreat, undeterred by global challenges. A dive into this course isn’t just about becoming a certified yoga teacher, though that’s a given, with a Yoga Alliance-accredited curriculum. It’s about embracing traditional Hatha and modern Vinyasa flow, understanding the essence of Ayurveda, and deepening one’s knowledge of yoga anatomy and yogic philosophy. The program is an amalgamation of rigorous academic content, such as anatomy, teachings from classical yogic texts, and business aspects of yoga, and a soulful journey that emphasizes personal growth, spiritual immersion, and community.

Shangri-La itself is an ode to nature and comfort. A farm inspired by the novel “Lost Horizons”, it provides a sanctuary for spiritual exploration and rejuvenation throughout the year. Accommodating a maximum of 18 students, Shangri-La offers a range of rooms from private ensuites to shared spaces, all adorned in calming wooden tones that echo nature’s embrace. Amidst the farm are two shalas – a serene indoor space to practice yoga in peace, and an open-air deck cradled by trees. The venue beautifully integrates tranquil spots in nature for introspection or sharing experiences with fellow travellers. And for those leisurely days, the inviting swimming pool beckons for a refreshing dip.

La Casa Shambala is more than just a yoga teacher training centre, it’s an experience. With its dedicated team of high-quality instructors and a curriculum that blends tradition with modernity, the course equips students to become skilled teachers and takes them on a journey of self-discovery. This holistic approach, combined with a detoxifying retreat experience, vegan and vegetarian meals prepared with love, and a setting that promotes learning and relaxation, makes La Casa Shambala a coveted destination for those seeking deeper understanding and connection in their yoga practice.

School: La Casa Shambala
Style: Hatha & Vinyasa
Hours: 200 hrs
Price: £1122
More Info: Click Here

5. Wild Warrior Yoga – Yoga certification in Spain

yoga teacher training spain

Nestled in the serene heartland of Andalusia, Wild Warrior Yoga offers a comprehensive, Yoga Alliance-approved, 200 hour yoga teacher training program. Stretched over four enriching weeks and limited to intimate groups of just 12, the course is meticulously designed for both budding and seasoned yoga practitioners. With a curriculum spanning modules like Asana Practice, Pranayama, Anatomy, and Yoga Philosophy, students embark on an immersive learning and personal growth journey. The aim? To ensure every graduate leaves feeling confident, well-prepared, and equipped with the skills to teach Ashtanga yoga and foundational yogic practices.

Situated amidst a protected natural park, the course takes place in a secluded Spanish-style villa, providing much-needed tranquillity. Yet just a 20-minute stroll away is the bohemian beachside charm of Los Caños de Meca. This cliff-top town is a hub for surfers, travellers, and those craving authentic tapas or chic coffee corners. While the yoga program offers an intense learning curve, there’s plenty of time for leisure, be it surfing or just soaking in the local vibe. And speaking of soaking, every meal at the centre is a gastronomic delight. Prepared with locally sourced ingredients, the vegetarian fare is both sumptuous and soulful, catering to students’ holistic well-being and progress in yoga.

At its core, Wild Warrior Yoga isn’t just a training institution. Located a stone’s throw from Andalusia’s picturesque coastlines, it’s a haven for those in pursuit of knowledge, peace, and the perfect balance between yoga and leisure. Whether you’re looking to deep dive into teaching yoga or yearn for a sun-soaked retreat echoing serenity, Wild Warrior Yoga stands as a beacon in Spain’s yoga landscape.

School: Wild Warrior Yoga
Style: Ashtanga-Vinyasa
Hours: 200 hrs
Price: £2375
More Info: Click Here

6. BeWell Yoga

yoga teacher training spain

Imagine diving deep into your yoga journey amidst the rugged volcanic beauty of Fuerteventura, with year-round sunshine and an atmosphere that radiates peace. BeWell Yoga, in partnership with a stunning 5-star spa hotel on Corralejo’s private beachfront, offers a luxurious Yoga Teacher Training experience like no other. Their approach is refreshingly modern, as they seamlessly merge in-person sessions with online modules, making the most of post-pandemic digital learning innovations. With over 150 hours available online, including optional Tuesday evening study groups, and 50+ hours delivered in person, BeWell allows students to tailor their study to their unique needs and preferences. And with lead trainer Miriam always available for guidance, students can navigate their learning journey at their own pace, whether they’re early birds or prefer to spread it out over a year.

But BeWell’s offerings aim to be more than just a rigorous Yoga Alliance-accredited yoga teacher training; they’re designed with an understanding that this might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. They encourage students to step out, explore the island, and even indulge in activities like surfing under the radiant sun or hiking volcanic trails. The in-person sessions are intentionally condensed to about 5 hours a day, ensuring a balance between intense learning and leisure. And for those seeking some outdoor zen, optional morning yoga sessions and evening meditations under the sky provide the perfect touch.

As if the alluring landscapes of Fuerteventura weren’t enticing enough, the training takes place in a luxurious resort that boasts lush gardens, multiple dining options, and an expansive spa by Natura Bissé. From enjoying meals with breathtaking sea views to relaxing in the spa’s sauna or indulging in its various treatments, it’s an experience that promises not just yoga education but holistic rejuvenation. In essence, BeWell’s Yoga Teacher Training offers a harmonious blend of professional growth, self-discovery, and unforgettable memories amidst the Canary Island’s enchanting charm.

School: BeWell Yoga
Style: Vinyasa & Yin
Hours: 200 hrs
Price: £3762
More Info: Click Here

7. Nydum – Yoga training in Spain

yoga school spain

Set against the mesmerizing backdrop of Costa Brava, near Girona, Nydum offers a transformative 4-week yoga teacher training in a serene villa. As participants delve into a comprehensive curriculum, approved by Yoga Alliance, they’re surrounded by an environment that beautifully marries tradition with modernity. Not only does the course blend ancient Ashtanga yoga wisdom with contemporary insights, but it’s also delivered by a team of dedicated professionals with years of full-time teaching experience. Here, every need is catered to—from Mediterranean vegetarian meals (gluten-free and vegan options included) to comfortable accommodations in the same villa, ensuring that students can wholeheartedly immerse themselves in the learning experience.

The structured program at Nydum is designed to refine students’ personal practice, ranging from asanas and pranayama to meditation. The six core blocks of the training are thorough, covering anatomy, alignment, yoga philosophy, and teaching methodology. By the end of the course, students are expected to have a consistent Ashtanga self-practice and to confidently instruct a 60-minute yoga class to their peers. The teaching methodology module, in particular, is tailored to help students find their unique voice as a yoga instructor. To add depth to their learning, participants also engage in specialised workshops on subjects like backbends, yin yoga, and Ayurveda.

But Nydum’s appeal isn’t just its comprehensive curriculum; it’s the locale. Nestled atop a hill overlooking the Mediterranean sea, this oasis of peace is just a stone’s throw from one of Costa Brava’s most iconic beaches. For those who wish to wander, the “camí de ronda” offers a scenic hiking trail along the coast. And with its proximity to Girona and Barcelona, Nydum serves as the perfect base to discover the charms of Catalonia. In essence, it’s where intensive yoga training meets idyllic Mediterranean getaways.

School: Nydum
Style: Ashtanga-Vinyasa
Hours: 200 hrs
Price: £2590
More Info: Click Here

8. Frog Lotus Yoga

teacher training spain

Nestled in the heart of Andalusia’s sun-kissed mountains lies the Suryalila Retreat Centre, home to Frog Lotus Yoga’s (FLY) esteemed 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. This immersive program, refined over two decades and accredited by Yoga Alliance, offers an in depth study of Eastern philosophy, Vinyasa Flow, anatomy, and the art of teaching yoga. Graduates emerge not only certified to teach creative Vinyasa classes with precision on alignment and safety but are also equipped to venture into styles like Hatha, prenatal, and restorative yoga. FLY’s legacy, under the guidance of founder Vidya Heisel with over 45 years of teaching prowess, ensures a well-rounded, intensive course, including hands-on teaching practice, rich content, and supportive community access.

The yoga teacher training at Frog Lotus Yoga offers a robust curriculum, seamlessly blending theory with practicality. Participants delve into asanas, sharpening their practice and teaching methods and enriching their understanding of body movement and modification through the anatomy module. But it’s not all about the physical; the program is equally cerebral. Trainees learn yoga and Vedanta philosophy, where they explore the essence of being and the keys to holistic well-being. Complementing this academic rigour are additional resources like articles, talks on resilience and meditation, a comprehensive training manual, and even music. The cherry on top? Graduates enjoy lifetime access to their training content online, with the added perk of attending live refreshers without any extra tuition.

Yet, it’s the venue that provides an unparalleled edge. Set on ancient olive groves, Suryalila Retreat Centre is a sanctuary for learning and rejuvenation. Between intense sessions covering yogic philosophy, history, and teaching methodologies, trainees can indulge in organic vegetarian meals crafted by on-site chefs from garden-fresh produce, relax in eco-saunas, or take a dip in the saltwater pool in their free time. With days structured to balance rigorous learning with relaxation — Tuesdays and Fridays allow for breaks and self-study, and a full day off in the middle — it’s an environment that fosters growth and reflection. In essence, FLY’s yoga teacher training in Spain isn’t just an education; it’s a life changing experience.

School: Frog Lotus Yoga
Style: Vinyasa
Hours: 200 hrs
Price: £2815
More Info: Click Here

9. Hot Yoga Academy – Yoga teacher training Spain

yoga teacher training spain

Embarking on a journey with Hot Yoga Academy means diving deep into the multifaceted world of yoga. Their 300-hour Multi Style & Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, nested under the umbrella of Yogalinda, is designed to elevate teaching skills and personal practices. Over five weeks, participants immerse themselves in various yoga styles, from Vinyasa and Restorative to Hot Yoga and Yoga Nidra. With an intense curriculum encompassing applied anatomy, biomechanics, and a broad spectrum of yoga disciplines, graduates will confidently instruct diverse student populations, tailoring their approach to unique needs, from beginners to those with specific challenges. Integral to this transformative experience is a 7-day Vipassana retreat in Catalunya’s serene landscapes, offering silent contemplation coupled with group discussions, fostering growth and enhancing yoga enterprises.

Practicality and immediate applicability are at the heart of this teacher training in Spain. Trainees are empowered to design sequences for diverse body types, injuries, and ailments, mastering verbal and physical adjustments. The program goes beyond mere yoga techniques. Participants will engage in in-depth business discussions led by Heather Anderson, receiving individualised coaching tailored to their yoga ventures. Expectations are clear: this isn’t a repetition of a 200-hour teacher training course. Trainees are expected to bring their foundational knowledge (having already completed a 200-hour training), ready to delve into specialised teaching for small groups and one-on-one sessions, integrating Ayurvedic principles for a comprehensive teaching experience. Guest experts will further enrich the learning, providing insights on yoga therapy and meditation.

Held in the heart of Barcelona’s Gracia neighbourhood at Jardin de Hara, the training’s lodgings ensure comfort and convenience, situating attendees within a 20-minute walk from the studio. Though the culinary spotlight shines during the Vipassana retreat, where attendees will indulge in vegan, gluten-free, and sattvic cuisine to complement their meditative endeavours, the primary accommodation in Barcelona boasts amenities like kitchens and air conditioning, making the stay comfortable and homely. This program promises not just an education, but a personal transformation, prepping its graduates for the diverse world of advanced yoga teaching.

School: Hot Yoga Academy
Style: Mixed
Hours: 300 hrs (n.b. you must already have a 200-hour training to join this course)
Price: £3886
More Info: Click Here


Spain, with its rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and warm-hearted locals, offers more than just a picturesque backdrop; it provides a transformative setting where the ancient art of yoga seamlessly intertwines with the spirit of Spain. The 9 yoga trainings highlighted capture the essence of this beautiful synergy, inviting practitioners to dive deep into the world of yoga, learn authentically, and emerge as skilled, passionate teachers. Whether you find serenity among Andalusia’s olive groves or inspiration from Barcelona’s dynamic energy, Spain promises a yoga journey that is as profound as it is picturesque.

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